Monday, August 31, 2015


Summer 2015... The BEST YET! 

June 5, 2015- Official Start of Summer Dinner 
We went to one of our favorite restaurants, Guadalajara, to celebrate the beginning of summer.

Its SUMMER! Let's go have some FUN! 

June 6, 2015- Splash Birthday Fun
Time to celebrate Luke's 3rd birthday with family and friends! We had a party for him at our new splash pad in our neighborhood for him and his friends. After the party we came home to open some gifts, including Luke's very own baseball glove, bat, ball and even a baseball uniform! Then we continued an Auntie Allie tradition of taking the kids to Build-a-Bear for their birthday. We ended the night celebrating with both sets of parents and BBQ! It was a GREAT day of celebrating our precious baby boy, Luke!

Pizza and cupcake fun! 

Auntie Allie is so much fun... getting soaked with the kiddos! 

You're awesome ALLIE! 

Luke having fun at the Splash Pad! 

Gift time... Thank you Gigi Jackie and Grandpa for the books! 

Luke's very own baseball glove! He had been asking for one since November. 

This will forever be a favorite picture of mine! 

This kid REALLY knows his baseball! Look at that stance! 

Build-a-Bear time with Auntie Allie! 

Birthday dinner with the grandparents! 

June 8, 2015- South Montgomery County Library 
The 1st official workday of summer had come and we decided to start it off with a BANG... At the library (so it was a quiet bang for sure). The kids loved it and it became a ritual for us all summer!

I am so proud for and happy that Natalie is a READER!

June 9, 2015- Tour of Minute Maid Park
Luke loves baseball so much that we decided we would take him to Minute Maid Park for a behind-the-scenes tour. This was incredible as it was somewhere we have been to numerous times but never seen behind-the-scenes. It was even more special for me as this was a baseball stadium that I saw for the first time with Chris and now being able to tour it for the 1st time with Chris meant so much to me! We had a great time and I recommend this tour to anyone looking for a great time in Houston!

The family that "baseballs" together... STAYS together! 

This is where we usually sit when we go to the games! 

On the field at Minute Maid Park! I love my baseball lovin' family! 

June 12, 2015- Happy 3rd Birthday Luke
What a better way to spend your birthday than with the other monkeys at the Zoo? We asked Luke what he wanted to do and he said he wanted to go to the Zoo so off we went! It was HOT but we had a great time!

Family time at the ZOO! Happy Birthday Luke! 

At the snake house... one of our favorites! 

New Selfie-Stick... Gotta love it! 

Watching the elephants take a bath! 

The Birthday Boy being silly eating lunch at Fuddruckers! 

June 14-21, 2015- Do You Believe in Magic
This was a GLORIOUS week filled with tons of memories and once-in-a-lifetime experiences and Chris and I have put it toward the top of our cruise list! You can check out the entire review and blog post HERE!

On our balcony for the 1st time... Thank you Tropical Storm BILL! 

Fun at WaterWorks... The Carnival Magic Water Park! 

Montego Bay, Jamaica 

Hello from Grand Cayman 

Grand Cayman Kayak selfie!

Sea Trek Helmet Dive in Cozumel, Mexico!

We LOVE cruising! 

June 21-24, 2015- Kid-free "Stay"cation
Mine and Chris's parents usually take care of our kids while we cruise and it just so happened that the kids vacation with Gigi Shirley and Poppy (Kellie's parents) was still going on once we got home from our cruise so we had an additional 3 days by ourselves so we decided to make the most of it and do as many "Non kid-friendly" things as possible! We went to multiple movies, kayaked on Lake Woodlands, checked out TopGolf for the 1st time and even went indoor skydiving!

Kayaking on Lake Woodlands 

One of the many MANY mansions on the lake! This became our favorite one! 

Time for a 10+ mile bike ride! 

We are at 242/1314... CRAZY! 

Time for some TopGolf and Gringos! 

iFly Indoor Skydiving... WE LOVED IT! 

June 17-24, 2015- The Kids Baseball Adventure with Gigi Shirley and Poppy
Our kids traveled over 2,000 miles with my parents for their 4th "Baseball Adventure" with Gigi Shirley and Poppy to Minnesota including a stop in Kansas City for a Royal's game. They got to see the Mall of America, ride all the rides there and see 2 baseball stadiums and games! This sounded like a trip of a lifetime and even though I was on a cruise ship, I wanted to be there too!

June 26, 2015- Slip N Slide
Natalie got a graduation gift from Gigi Shirley of an old fashioned "slip n slide". The kids had a GREAT time trying to figure out how it worked and have fun!

They loved this! Thanks GiGI Shirley and Poppy! 

June 27-28, 2015- Sisters Yankee Baseball Weekend
This is always a true highlight of my summer as my sister, Allison, and I go to our annual Yankee game in Texas. Once again, this year we were in Houston and got to see the Yankees take on the Houston Astros. We took the whole family to the Saturday afternoon game and had a GREAT time! Allison and I made a whole day out of Sunday as we went to Niko Niko's, a Diners Drive-ins and Dives in Houston, and then went to the Sunday afternoon game! It was AWESOME! Thank you Allison for making this weekend so special! Until next year...

Game #1 (for the weekend)... A True Klingsick Tradition! 

We all LOVED this! 

My favorite picture of the summer! 

Time for some GREEK Niko Niko's! 

June 29-July 8, 2015- Potty Training Nightmare
Luke had been potty training since mid-April with Gigi Jackie with no success. He was about 80% at one point and then had an accident and the day-school where he attended forces him to go back to pull-ups at that point. Obviously, this made him regress, which was VERY frustrating. After his school was complete for the year in mid-May we tried again and had a little success but then my grandmother passed and we had to travel to Kansas which was not optimal for potty-training. Then, of course, he went on that 2,000 miles trip with my parents, which was also very hard to potty train. We knew he had to be trained by August for his new Pre-K experience so we had to get him back on track. We went "All in" and had him running around the house completely naked for several days but of course, as soon as I took him out of the house (in clothes) he had an accident. We went the next several days locked up in the house, literally, hoping he would have more success. After about a week we decided to get out and we had some accidents but overall he is at 90-95%. I am hoping by the end of summer he is 100%!

July 7, 2015- Natalie and Mrs. Roper Fun
Poor Natalie was so bored and restless during our 2 weeks of potty training and luckily Mrs, Roper, the Science teacher at our school, invited her over to help take care of her animals and have a day of fun! Natalie got to play with the animals, Mrs. Roper and even her friend Lily! It was awesome! Thank you so much Mrs. Roper for letting her come over and play!

July 8, 2015- Top Golf
After several days of only 1 accident we decided we could take Luke out of the house on a trial basis. We got up early and got to TopGolf before it got hot! Our kids LOVED it and each had a great time. Luke didn't hit the ball hard but he had a GREAT swing! He could really become a golfer. Natalie... on the other hand, did not have a great swing BUT she had fun and that is all that counts!

They both had a LOT of fun! 

Luke literally looks like a natural and pro with his swing! 

July 8, 2015- Painting with a Twist with friends
I LOVE painting, especially in the company of good friends! I am so lucky to have wonderful friends who share the same interests and enjoy the same hobbies as I do. This was a special summer painting called "Happy Hydrangeas" and it turned out beautiful! Thank you Nichole and Melanie for a great time!

I'm ready to paint the Happy Hydrangeas. 

Thank you Nichole for the invite! I had a BLAST! 

July 9, 2015- InSpire Rock Climbing the Kids
Luke and Natalie LOVE climbing all over EVERYTHING so we decided to take them to an indoor rock climbing place that Chris and I frequent. The kids LOVED it... especially Natalie! We were taken back by the lack of interest Luke showed but he is still young and it was pretty difficult!

Their faces are PRICELESS! 

They both did so well! 

GiGi and Grandpa came with us! 

July 11, 2015- Potty Training success and Manicure with Mommy 
Luke has now been completely accident free for nearly a week and we are all SO EXCITED! What a better way to celebrate than at the SPLASH PAD! Natalie had done so well during this whole process and so understanding with the extra attention that I decided she needed a special treat! I took her to get her nails done alongside me! She absolutely LOVED it!

Splash Pad FUN! 

July 13-17, 2015- "Journey off the Map" VBS 
This week consisted of lots of early mornings and wonderful lessons about the journey we are taking in life and how God helps us along the way! Natalie, Luke and I had a GREAT time and cannot wait until next year!

We all really loved this years' VBS! 

July 18-19, 2015- A Weekend with Aunt D'Ann 
Aunt D made her way down from Dallas to spend time with GiGi and Grandpa as well as the four of us! We spent the day together on Saturday and even went to an Astros game with the whole crew! It was a great way to spend a hot July weekend and we loved spending time with Aunt D!

Me and my baseball LOVING boy! 

Love Luke's face! 

Aunt D and Natalie! 

I love my beautiful family! 

July 21, 2015- Fun on the Farm 
Despite it being 94* with a heat index of 100*+ we decided to spend the day at Old MacDonald's Farm in Humble. We spent the day feeding farm animals, riding the acreage train, riding the horses and even playing on the playground! It was HOT... but we all LOVED every minute of it!

Riding the train! 

Family train selfie! 

My 2 little chickens! 

We LOVE Old Mac Donald's Farm! 

Coincidentally, this was the very 1st thing we did when we moved here in 2011! My how our lives have changed in 4 short years! God is good... ALL THE TIME! 

July 22, 2015- Jumping SKY HIGH
The heat was rising and so were we! We tried out a new indoor trampoline park in Spring called Sky Zone. The was a great place inside the AC and our kids loved it! We will be returning soon for sure!

My little cuties! 

Luke loved the "jump boards" as he called them! 

July 25, 2015- Painting with a Twist... and GiGi
Natalie, Gigi Jackie and I went on a Girls Only play date for lunch and Natalie and Jackie's 1st experience with Painting with a Twist. Natalie did an incredible job and I think we are all hooked!

Thank you GiGi Jackie for a wonderful GIRLS DAY! 

July 26-30, 2015- Deep in the Heart of Texas... Family Vacay 
We took the kids to San Antonio to Sea World and also made our way up to New Braunsfel and Austin for our summer vacation. It was a HUGE success and we made lifelong memories. You can find lots of pictures and details HERE!

We remember the Alamo! 


August 6, 2015- The Houston Galleria
After the kids talking ALL summer about their trip to the Mall of America with Gigi Shirley and Poppy, we decided we would take them to the closest thing... The Houston Galleria! It was a day full of fun and exploration. We even got to go to the American Girl store!  

August 8, 2015- Surprise visit from Gigi and Poppy 
We were all so busy this summer that we never made our annual Summer trip to Arp so Gigi and Poppy decided it had been too long since they had seen their babies so they came for a SURPRISE visit and Saturday afternoon with the kids! We spent a relaxing morning at home, went to Bouncing Bears (Where we ALL had fun on the bounce houses), got a snowcone from Bahama Bucks and spent the evening together at a new restaurant Razoos. 

Good Morning GiGi... Natalie reads a book from Grandma Juanita! 

Even Poppy had fun at Bouncing Bears! 

Fun with Gigi!

August 12/14, 2015- So Long Summer... Back to Reality 
The moment Chris and I had been dreading since June 6th had come and it was time to go back to work! BOOOOOOOO... That means that our summer is about to "OFFICIALLY" end! 

August 20, 2015- Meet the Teacher 
BOTH of my babies are in school and it was time to meet the teacher! Natalie and Luke are SO lucky to have some of the best teachers on their campuses and district. I am so blessed and happy to have them learning from such great ladies!

Natalie with Mrs. Davis... her Music Teacher! 

Natalie and her 1st Grade Teacher... Mrs. Spencer! 

Luke and Mrs. Sharpen!

August 21-22, 2015- Natalie's Birthday Weekend with the Girls 
I took Natalie on a surprise trip to Dallas to see Gigi Shirley and Auntie Allie for her birthday! We spent the weekend shopping and eating but more importantly we had a surprise PRIVATE birthday party for Natalie Grace at American Girl Bistro! It was the most unique and awesome birthday experience and worth every penny! The shopping weekend is going to be an annual thing I'm sure! Thanks Auntie Allie and Gigi for an AMAZING weekend! 

Auntie Allie's 2nd Build-a-Bear this summer! We LOVE this tradition! 

Girls Weekend... The Cake Bar in Downtown Dallas! 

Time for American Girl Breakfast Party! 

This was a PRICELESS experience and memory! We ALL loved it! 

Happy Birthday Natalie Grace! 

August 24, 2015- The First Day of School 
This means the fun has to stop... At least for another 177 days! Natalie is in 1st grade and Luke is in a special Pre-K Experience for 3 year olds! I cannot believe they are growing up so fast! 
Where has the time gone? I want my babies back! 

Our summer was AMAZING and I can honestly say it was the best we have ever had! I know I say that ever year in my summer review blogs but this one had it all! We were busy all the time, yet still had a relaxing and much needed break! I cannot believe our summer is over ALREADY! Thank you Lord for an amazing summer... I cannot wait until Summer 2016! The countdown is officially on! 

God is good... ALL the time!