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Liberty- The Royal Treatment:The Liberty of the Seas 2018

Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas
Western Caribbean 
June 2018

In June 2018 Chris and I took a 7 day Western Caribbean cruise aboard the Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas sailing out of Galveston, TX. This gorgeous floating hotel took us to the following destinations:

Coxen Hole, Roatan, Honduras
Costa Maya, Mexico
Cozumel, Mexico
The Liberty of the Seas... Our home away from home for the next 7 days! 

I have been on 13 other cruises prior to this one and Chris has been on 12 ; 9 with Carnival, 2 with Royal Caribbean and 1 with Princess and Norwegian respectively.  This will be our first time to sailing on Royal Caribbean in nearly 4 years. This blog will include an overall review of the Liberty of the Seas, daily entries of our 7 days aboard, a "Foodies" blog highlighting all of the food options available on the LOTS, a post linking all of the Cruise Compass as well as an extensive photo review of the ship. Thank you SO MUCH to all my followers... without you the blog would not be as popular as it is today! 

Galveston- Rain Drops Keep Falling on my Head
Sea Day #1- Here Comes the Sun
Sea Day #2- You Win Some, You Lose Some
Roatan- BIg Ship, Empty Decks
Costa Maya- Mayan Healing and Margaritas
Cozumel- Hello Mr. Carlos
Sea Day #3- Officers, Gentlemen and Security
Disembarkation- Quick and Painless

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Once again, we owe all of these blessings to our Lord and Savior! He has truly blessed Chris and I, as well as our family! We currently have 2 more cruises booked and a few more after that on the horizon for the next 2+ years, with and without kids, and we are very excited to set sail once again.

Norwegian Breakaway (with the kids)- 2018
Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas- March 2019 

 Thank you so much for following along and until we meet again... 

Keep Calm and CRUISE ON!  

Liberty- The Royal Treatment The Foodie Blog

Food Meant for ROYALTY
Liberty of the Seas- June 2018

We are true foodies and love trying new things while on a cruise ship as well as enjoying our favorites. The Liberty of the Seas offered a variety of dining options including numerous specialty restaurants. This made for an amazing dining experience throughout the cruise. In addition, the Liberty offered My Time dining in the Main Dining Room which allowed us to choose our dining time. 

I am going to highlight all of the Lido/ Complementary deck offerings, the Main Dining Rooms and the 3 Specialty Dining venues we experienced. Even on a 7 night sailing, it would be hard to experience them all. 

Chris and I cruise frequently and enjoy "rating" each menu item from 1-5 with 2.5 being what you would expect from a restaurant on land. We consider a 4.0 to be about standard for most cruise food! I realize that food is VERY subjective but we enjoy reviewing these menu items to help us remember what we do like for future voyages. 

1- awful and would be fast-food level quality (McDonald's or Taco Bell)
2- decent on land offering 
2.5- par for land meals (Chili's and Red Lobster) 
3- Upscale land restaurant quality 
4.0- standard for cruise industry food 
5.0- One of the best foods (of the corresponding category) we have ever had

Windjammer/ Jade- Deck 11 Aft
This cruise ship buffet was not the best we have ever experienced but it was not the worst either. However, Royal Caribbean did a great job of having a variety of options and types of cuisine. This included American, Mexican and Asian specialties almost daily. Tip- During breakfast hours, there is additional food stations at the very back. This includes a made-to-order omelet station. This station is unique in the fact that you can leave your order while you get the rest of your breakfast items and return when the omelet is ready. 

Cafe Promenade- Deck 5 Promenade Aft

This is a Royal Caribbean specialty that offers 24/7 eating. They have breakfast specialties as well as sandwiches, salads and other  lite offerings. TIP- This venue can get crowded on port days when people get back from excursions as well as late night snacks. 

Shrimp Salad & Greek Salad SandwichI was not sure what to expect but they were delicious.
Shrimp Salad Sandwich- 4.0
Greek Salad Sandwich- 3.5

Sorrento's Pizza- Deck 5 Promenade Forward

This veue became one of my favorites on the ship. It offered Pizza and Italian specialty salads and desserts. The hours varied by day but were typically 2PM to 2AM. TIP- This was a perfect option for a late night snack after a show in the main theater. 

These pizza were hot and FRESH!
TIP- You can specially order a whole pizza, but it will take 15-20 minutes to prepare.

Orange Creme Brulee and Chocolate Bread Pudding

The Veggie Pizza became my favorite! 
Veggie Pizza- 4.0

Cupcake Cupboard- Deck 5 Promenade Aft 
This is a great little shop that offers large and mini cupcakes throughout the cruise. They also offer cupcake decorating classes on sea days. TIP- The large cupcakes are $3 and the mini cupcakes are $1.75. 

These were good but I would not purchase them again. They were way too rich! 

Rembrandt Main Dining Room- Deck 3-5 Aft

I absolutely LOVE the multi-level dining rooms on Royal Caribbean. 

The Royal Caribbean Main Dining Room is a spectacular 3 level dining room that offered Breakfast, lunch and dinner, including My Time Dining.  TIP- The MDR My Time Dining was available from 5:15 to 9:30PM. It would get very busy at certain times so I would recommend making reservations if you do not want to wait in line. For breakfast they offered a set menu of breakfast items like classic breakfast platters and made-to-order omelets. I LOVE the Royal Caribbean Brassier 30 lunch that offers a "Tutti Salad Bar" where the chefs will build you salad in front of you! This is only offered on sea days from 11:30AM to 1PM. 

MDR Sea Day Lunch

Sea Day 1 Lunch Menu 

The Tutti Salad Bar! I love this so much!
Tutti Salad Bar- 3.5

Lamb Pita 
Chris- 2.5 (Not worth ordering... EVER)

Singapore Noodles
Chris- 3.0
Kellie- 4.5 WOW

White Chocolate and Orange Flan
Chris- 3.0
Kellie- 3.5

MDR Sea Day #2 Lunch
Sea Day 2 Lunch menu

Tomato Risotto
Chris- 3.5
Kellie- 4.5 (just as good as I remember and it got better with EVERY bite)

Barramundi Fish 
Chris- 2.0
Kellie- 3.0 (the sauce was very potent)

Caramelized Banana 
Kellie- 4.5 (Lunch desserts seem to always be better than dinner desserts to me)

Cherry Crepes
Chris- 3.0

Apple Parcel 
Chris - 2.5 (nothing special)

 MDR Night #1

The bread basket... NO savory bites! 

Spicy Pork Chop
Chris- 4.0

Prime Rib
Chris- 4.0

Creme of Mushroom Soup
Chris- 4.0
Kellie- 4.5

Kellie- 2.0 (This was luke warm and not crispy)

Horseradish Crusted Salmon
Kellie- 4.5

Kellie- 4.5

Creme Brulee
Chris- 4.0
Kellie- 4.5

MDR Night #2 (Formal Night)

MDR Night #2 menu 

Lobster Bisque
Chris- 2.5
Kellie- 2.0 (So disappointing as this was my favorite before. There was hardly any lobster in here and it tasted and looked like it had been watered down)

Seafood Puff Pastry 
Kellie- 2.5 (most of the seafood was overcooked)

Roasted Beef Tenderloin
Chris- 4.5
Kellie- 4.5 (Excellent and I could cut it with the fork)

Seafood Linguine 
Kellie- 4.0 (Fresh and flavorful)
Chris- 3.0

Chris- 4.0

Creme Brulee 
Kellie- 4.0

Carrot Cake 
Chris- 3.0

MDR Night #3
(We ate in Chops Grille on this night) 
MDR Night #3 menu

MDR Night #4 (We were in Giovanni's) 
MDR Night #4 menu 

MDR Night #5 (We were in Sabor)
MDR Night #5 menu

MDR Night #6 (Formal Night- LOBSTER NIGHT)
Night #6 menu 

Tomato Soup 
Kellie- 3.5 (I would have liked it a little creamier)

Shrimp Cocktail 
Chris- 2.0

Onion Tart
Kellie- 4.0 (Great texture)

Prime Rib
Chris- 5.0

Seafood Platter 
Chris- 4.0
Kellie- 4.5 (the lobster was HUGE and perfect)

Cheese Ravioli 
Kellie- 4.0 (This was good but way to rich. It almost made me sick)

Strawberry Bisque 
Kellie- 4.0 (I love ordering this for a dessert. It is so good)

Baked Alaska 
Chris- 3.0

MDR Night #7
Night #7 menu 

Well hello Savory Bites... You DO exist!
Thank you Satish for making this happen! 

Asian Style Pork Tacos
Chris- 2.5
Kellie- 2.0 (Weird puffy taco, almost like a pillow. The texture was off but flavor was good)

French Onion Soup 
Kellie- 4.5 (EXCELLENT)

Garlic Tiger Shrimp 
Kellie- 4.5 (excellent and was cut by head waiter)

The head waiter even came and cut my shrimp for me! Thank you Sir! 

Chicken Parmigiana
Chris- 4.5

Chris- 3.5

Chris- 4.0
Kellie- 4.0 (an easy dish but they NAILED it)

Tres Leche 
Chris- 4.0
Kellie- 4.0 (The peach sauce was a little weird)

Liberty of the Seas SPECIALTY Restaurants

Chops Grille
Chops is the Specialty Steakhouse onboard the Liberty of the Seas. We first ate at this venue with the Food and Beverage Director, Warren, on the Navigator of the Seas in 2014. He turned us onto the amazing flavors in this restaurant and the unbelievable Caymus wine. TIP- This venue is $39 per person for dinner and can be used as part of a dinner package as well as the "First Night Done Right" ($20) option. You will need to book online ahead of time in the Cruise Manager or make reservations as soon as you get on board as a lot of the popular dining times get full fast. 

Chops Grille Main menu 

Chops Grille Dessert menu 

The bread basket options. 
We were sad that Chops has done away with the pretzel bread! We LOVED that bread so much! 

Crab Cake 
Chris- 4.0
Kellie- 4.5

Goat Cheese Souffle Salad 
Chris- 5.0+
Kellie- 5.0+ WOW... Just WOW

Lobster Bisque 
Kellie- 4.0 (This was better than the MDR but not as good as I hoped for)

Mushroom Soup 
Chris- 5.0

Petite Filet Mignon
Kellie- 4.5

Ribeye Steak
Chris- 4.5

Creamed Spinach 
Chris- 2.0
Kellie- 2.0 (We remember it being AMAZING and this was FAR from that)

Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes 
Chris- 4.0
Kellie- 4.0

Truffle Fries 
Chris- 4.0
Kellie- 2.5 (Wow... SO not impressed)

Cheesy Tots 
Chris- 3.0
Kellie- 3.5

Happy Anniversary Chocolate Cake 
Chris- 4.0
Kellie- 2.5

Chris- 4.5
Kellie- 3.0 (WOW... Couldn't even eat 2 bites. It was so rich)

Ice Cream Sundae 
Chris- 4.0
Kellie- 4.0

Giovanni's Table

Giovanni's is the Italian Specialty onboard the Liberty of the Seas.  TIP- This venue is $35 per person for dinner and can be used as part of a dinner package as well as the "First Night Done Right" ($20) option. We also noticed it was available as a COMBO meal deal with Sabor if purchased for the 1st and 2nd night ONLY. This was offered in the Galveston terminal and on board the 1st day.  

Giovanni's Table menu 
The bread and antipasto options.
The olive oil dipping sauce was AMAZING! 

The fresh olives for the bread!

Steamed Mussels 
Chris- 4.5
Kellie- 5.0 (These were the biggest mussels I have ever seen)

Caprese Salad 
Chris- 3.0
Kellie- 4.0

Chris- 4.0
Kellie- 4.0

Mushroom Ravioli 
Kellie- 5.0+ 

Beef Ragu Pasta 

Truffle Risotto 
Chris- 5.0+
Kellie- 5.0+

Giovanni's does not offer a dessert menu... instead, a dessert tray!

Kellie- 4.0

Chris- 3.5
Kellie- 3.5 (kinda disappointed)


Sabor is an upscale Mexican restaurant onboard the Liberty of the Seas. We also thought it "we have a TON of Tex-Mex places near us so why pay for it on a ship". But let me tell you... this was a mistake. IT WAS AMAZING! You NEED to go and eat here! The tastes and flavors are hard to beat on Tex-Mex land restaurants.  TIP- This venue is $35 per person for dinner and can be used as part of a dinner package as well as the "First Night Done Right" ($20) option. We also noticed it was available as a COMBO meal deal with Giovanni's if purchased for the 1st and 2nd night ONLY. This was offered in the Galveston terminal and on board the 1st day.  
Chips and Salsa with fresh guacamole
Chris- 4.5
Kellie- 5.0 (WOW, the guac was AMAZING)

Presidente Margarita 

They may not make the guacamole tableside anymore but the top shelf drinks are still made right in front of you. This "Grand Sabor" was stout!

The Grand Sabor- 5.0

Cheers to us!

Bacon Wrapped Jalapenos 
Chris- 4.0
Kellie- 3.5

Queso Fondue 
Chris- 4.5
Kellie- 4.5 (This was a pleasant surprise)

Chris- 4.5
Kellie- 4.5

Jalapeno Shrimp 
Kellie- 5.0 (WOW... Just wow)

Chicken Tacos 
Chris- 4.5
Kellie- 4.0 (I wish we would have ordered our own... These were FABULOUS)

Chicken Empanadas 
Chris- 4.0

Dessert Sample Platter (This was brought to us as THE dessert) 
Flan, Creme Brulee, Chocolate cannoli, churros. It was all fantastic!

Sabor was unexpected surprise. We were HIGHLY impressed and when we return in March 2019, this will DEFINITELY be on our list to do again! 
Galley Tour Brunch
This was a galley tour with a bottomless brunch offered on the last sea day. We enjoyed the tour of the galley and the food featured the 3 specialty restaurants. This brunch offered it's own menu and delicious items. TIP- This is $35 per person but can be added as part of your 3-5 night dining package. 

The Galley Brunch Menu

Appetizers featuring Sabor guacamole and Giovanni's antipasto. 

Chef's Filet Mignon
Kellie- 4.5
The Filet Mignon was amazing!

Seafood Spaghetti 
Chris- 4.0
Kellie- 4.5

Bacon Wrapped Chicken 
Chris- 3.5

We like to choose our favorites from the trip! 

Favorite Appetizer- Giovanni's Truffle Risotto 
Favorite Entree- Filet Mignon in Chops (Although all the filets were OUTSTANDING)
Favorite Dessert- Creme Brulee 
Biggest Surprise- Mushroom Ravioli in Giovanni's 
Biggest Disappointment- Lobster Bisque

Favorite Appetizer- Tuffle Risotto from Giovanni's 
Favorite Entree- MDR Prime Rib 
Favorite Dessert- Chops Cheesecake
Biggest Surprise- Chops Goat Cheese Souffle Salad 
Biggest Disappointment- Shrimp Cocktail 

We love cruising and EATING on cruises. We use this blog as means for us to know what to order on future cruises and it is fun to look through and get our mouth watering while we are dieting! 

Thanks for following along! 

Until we meet again... Keep calm and CRUISE ON!