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Do You Believe in Magic- Carnival Magic 2015

Summer Cruise 2015
Carnival Magic
A Magical Seven Days 

In June 2015 Chris and I took a Western Caribbean Cruise aboard the Carnival Magic sailing out of Galveston, TX. This beautiful floating resort took us to the following destinations: 

Montego Bay, Jamaica 
Georgetown, Grand Cayman
Cozumel, Mexico 

Chris and I have been on 4 other cruises prior to this one; 2 with Carnival and 2 with Royal Caribbean. This cruise was all about "Having Fun" and playing like a kid!  This will be a multiple entry blog about not only our 7 days at sea but a food blog (Revamped style) from each of our perspectives, an updated Shore Excursion rating blog, a pictorial review of The Carnival Magic and a few more. Thank you SO MUCH to all my followers... without you the blog would not be as popular as it is today!

Our home away from home for the next 7 days! 

Click on a link below to follow along with our cruise! Thanks again for following! 

Sunday, June 14th- Galveston, TX
Monday, June 15th- Sea Day #1
Tuesday, June 16th- Sea Day #2
Wednesday, June 17th- Montego Bay, Jamaica
Thursday, June 18th- Grand Cayman
Friday, June 19th- Cozumel, Mexico
Saturday, June 20th- Sea Day #3

Carnival Magic FOOD

Once again, we owe all of these blessings to our Lord and Savior! He has truly blessed Chris and I, as well as our family! We currently have 3 more cruises booked and 2 more after that on the horizon for the next 2+ years, with and without kids, and we are very excited to set sail once again.

Carnival Triumph- Thanksgiving with the kids and my family- November 2015
Carnival Legend- Alaska 10 year anniversary- June 2016 
Carnival Liberty- Christmas with the Kids- December 2016
Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas- March 2017
Carnival Breeze- Summer 2017

 Thank you so much for following along and until we meet again... 

Keep Calm and CRUISE ON!  

God is good... ALL the time!

Do You Believe in Magic... FOOD!

Is Your Mouth Watering Yet? No? Just Wait...
Carnival Magic, June 14-21, 2015 

While on the Carnival Magic, Chris and I ate... a LOT! This is literally one of our favorite things to do on a cruise, especially now since we are constantly watching what and when we eat. Dining on a cruise ship allows you to try new things that you would not normally cook or even have available to you in your everyday life. Chris and I agree that in our experience Carnival seems to be a step ahead of Royal Caribbean in this category and this sailing proved it! 

For this post I am going to change the way we document our memories of this wonderful food. In the past I have split it into 2 posts and it was all separated in groups called "By way of Chris" or "By way of Kellie". This year I am going to make one LARGE food blog post and it will be broken into venues on the ship. I hope this will help others answer questions or just get a general idea of food offerings on this ship! Once again, thanks for following along! Get ready for your mouth to water... ENJOY! 

Lido Marketplace Buffet (Lunch/ Dinner)- Deck 10
Overall Buffet Food- 3.5 (Better than a typical buffet) 

Burrito Bar- Lido Buffet, Deck 10 (Aft) 
Burrito- 1.5
TERRIBLE.. Blue Iguana (2.0 Upgrades) is SO MUCH BETTER!

Mongolian Wok- Lido Buffet, Deck 10
Shrimp and Chicken Terriaki- 4.0

Beef and Shrimp with Schezwan- 5.0

Shrimp, Chicken and Beef with Schezwan- 5.0

Off the Grill (Guy's Burgers Wannabee)- Lido, Deck 10
Typical Lunch Menu 

Hamburger- 3.5 (Let-down compared to Guy's)

Other fixins from Off the Grill
Chips are homemade and very tasty. The Chili Dogs do not offer shredded cheese which makes for a VERY messy meal! 

Magic Deli- Lido, Deck 10 AFT 

The 11AM- 11PM Daily Menu

Grilled Ham and Cheese- 3.5
(This reminded me of college dorm life)

Reuben- 3.0

Cucino del Captiano- Deck 11, AFT 
Linguine with Bolognese- 3.0

Lasagne- 2.0
(That is SHREDDED beef inside... ummm yuck. That is for BBQ not Italian)

Penne with Pomadoro Sauce- Kellie-4.5, Chris- 5.0

Red Clam Sauce- 4.5

Caesar Salad- 4.5

Homemade Garlic Bread- 4.0

Oceanside BBQ- Lanai, Deck 5
Rolled Tacos and Quesadillas- 4.0
Sliders and Hot Dogs- 4.0

Sandwich Bar- 3.5

Made by Hand Salad Bar- 4.0
(I still miss Royal's Tutti Salad bar offered in the MDR but this was still really good) 

Pizza Pirate- Lido, Deck 5
Pepperoni- Chris-3.0, Kellie- 3.5
(We both agree this was the overall best pizza of any cruise ship we have been on)

Fresh Mushroom and Mozzarella- 3.5

Midnight Mexican Buffet- Lido Buffet, Deck 10 
I would give this buffet a 3.5 but only because I live in Texas and really KNOW TEX-MEX and this ain't it! It was still good though! 

The offerings at this Buffet.

An intriguing offering... Salmon Enchiladas- 2.0

Chocolate Extravaganza Buffet (Last Sea Day)-Lido, Deck 10
This was more for eyes than mouths... 4.0!

The Menu offerings for this buffet! 

SeaDay Brunch- Southern Lights Dining Room, Deck 4
Brunch Menu 

Brunch (lunch side) menu 

Brunch Bread- 2.0 (ROYAL is WAY better)

Omelet- 4.5
Carnival set the bar high in 2013 and they lived up to this standard and then some. 

Blueberry Pancakes- 2.5 

Plain Pancakes- 4.0
(BTW... an "order" of pancakes is FOUR! You Better be hungry) 

Banana Cream Pie- 4.5
One of the best desserts they offered... day or night! YUMMY! 

Steak and Eggs- 4.5

Eggs Benedict- 4.0

Bacon Mac N Cheese- 3.0

Chris's Omelet- 4.0

Pork Chop- 5.0 (Sauce was amazing and stole the show) 

Port Day Breakfast- Southern Lights Dining Room, Deck 4
Belgium Waffles with Strawberries and Cream- 2.0
(The waffles were good but was expecting real strawberries not jam) 

Eggs Benedict- 4.0

Omelet- 3.5 (Not enough ham... Ask for extra because they are stingy with it in the MDR)
Corned Beef Hash- 3.0 (Very Salty)
Pancakes- 4.0

Tea Time- Southern Lights Dining Room- Deck 4
Vanilla Scone and Orange Mocha Cake- 3.5

Cucumber Sandwich- 4.0 and Curried Salmon- 1.0

Blueberry Tart- 5.0+
White Mocha Cake- 5.0
Pistachio Macaroon- 4.0

Dr. Seuss Character Breakfast- Northern Lights Dining Room, Deck 3
The Character Inspired Menu

Truffala Tree Pancakes- 4.0

You Can Think About Yogurt Parfait Schlopp- 3.5

Fox in Sox Steak and Eggs- 4.0
Cheddar Grits- 3.0

Taste Bar- Ocean Plaza, Deck 5 
Cucino del Captiano
Nonna's Meatball- Kellie- 3.5, Chris- 5.0
Flatbread- 3.5

The Prime Steakhouse
Pumpkin Bisque- 1.5
Short Rib Croquet- 4.0

Red Frog Pub
Potato Soup- 3.0
Fried Sweet Potato and Pork- Chris- 4.0, Kellie- 4.5

Blue Iguana Cantina 
Chicken Tortilla Soup- Kellie- 4.5, Chris- 4.0
Roasted Pork- 4.5

Main Dining Room Dinner- Northern Lights Dining Room, Deck 3
Everyday Menu offered every night! 

Night #1 Menu

Bread Basket- Kellie- 2.0, Chris- 4.0
(Again, ROYAL is by far better in this category)

Linguine with Italian Sausage, Bell Peppers and Mushrooms-
Kellie-4.5, Chris-4.0

Cream of Sun Ripened Tomatoes- 4.0

Fried Chicken Tenders- Chris-4.0, Kellie-4.5

Shrimp Cocktail- 2.5 (Royal is better) 

Sweet and Sour Shrimp- Kellie- 4.5, Chris- 3.0

Vanilla Creme Brulee- 5.0+ BEST DESSERT HANDS DOWN
Malten Lava Cake- Kellie- 3.0, Chris- 3.5 (Very bitter and not melting) 

Night #2 MDR Menu (The 1st FORMAL night) 

Stuffed White Mushrooms- Chris- 3.0, Kellie

Alligator Fritters- 5.0
Carnival REALLY hit a home-run on this one! 

Strawberry Bisque- 5.0
Carnival does chilled soups VERY well! 

Kellie's Lobster and Shrimp Plate- 4.5

Grilled Redfish- Kellie- 4.5, Chris- 3.0 (Alone would have been 5+)

Cappuccino- 3.0 (Not worth the extra $2.95 in my opinion)

Chris's Lobster Plate- Lobster- 4.5, Shrimp- 4.0

Prime Rib- 4.5

Dessert Cheese Plate- 2.5

Caramelized Apples in a Puff Pastry- 2.0 

Night #3 MDR Menu 

Smoked Chicken Quesadilla- 3.5

A Study in Sushi- Chris-3.5, Kellie- 3.0

Seafood Penne- Chris- 4.5, Kellie- 5.0 (One of the best dishes of the entire cruise!)

Flat Iron Steak (From Everyday Menu)- 4.5 

Anniversary Cake from the Cruise Director- Chris- 4.0, Kellie- 2.0
(I was disappointed as the icing was whipped and not butter cream) 

Night #4 MDR Menu 

Fried Shrimp- 5.0 (We BOTH wished we would have ordered 2... Delicious) 

Chilled Peach Soup- 5.0+
(Again, Carnival does chilled soups very well, right down to the presentation of pouring it table-side)

Simple Ceasar Salad- 4.5

Seafood Newberg Style- 4.5+
(We are not sure what NEWBERG style means but it was very impressive)

Seafood Ceviche- 5.0
(Easily the best Ceviche I have ever had)

Yukon Gold Potato Soup- 5.0

Brasied Lamb Shank- 4.5

Beef Stroganoff- 5.0
(Even with the beets)

Kellie's Tiramisu- 4.5

Chris Tiramisu- 4.5 (He ordered 3 WHOLE pieces... And Ate them all!) 
Bitter and Blanc- 5.0+
(Carnival advertises they are known for Melting Cake but trust me this STEALS the show! I literally crave it at night! 

Night #5 MDR Menu

Escargots- Kellie- 2.5, Chris- 4.0
(Royal had set the bar high)

Seafood Platter- Kellie- 3.0, Chris- 1.5 (MAJOR disappointment)

Corn Chowder- 3.0

Tiger Shrimp- Kellie- 4.0, Chris- 4.5

Award Winning Braised Basa Filet- 3.0
(I only ordered it because it said award winning... I want to know WHAT AWARD)

Cream of Broccoli- 4.5

Chateaubriand- 5.0 (PERFECTLY cooked and tender)
Baked Alaska- Chris-5.0, Kellie- 3.5

Bing Cherry Soup- 3.5 

Night #6 Menu 

Mushroom Soup- Kellie- 4.5, Chris- 5.0

Vegetable Spring Rolls- Kellie- 3.0, Chris-4.5

Mozzarella and Tomato Salad- 3.5

Lasagna Bolagnase- 4.5
(Green olives on this dish was kinda weird otherwise it would have been a 5.0)

Shrimp Platter- Kellie-3.5, Chris- 4.0

Red Snapper- 3.5 (The fish was good but the accompanying sauce was bad)

Filet Migonette and Short Rib- 4.0
(The filet stole the show in this dish) 

Butter Pecan Ice Cream- 2.0
Lime Sherbert- 2.0
(I wanted Blue Bell quality and was yet again let down)

Apple Pie- 3.0

Pumpkin Pie- 3.0

Night #7 MDR Menu 

Crab Cake- Chris- 4.5, Kellie- 5.0

Frog Legs- Chris- 2.5
(Neither of us were impressed)

Chilled Mango Cream Soup- 4.0

Grilled Chicken Fettuccine- 3.5

Southern Fried Chicken- Chris- 4.5, Kellie- 2.0 

Bacon Mac N Cheese- 3.0

Prime Rib- 4.5

Panko Crusted Shrimp- 4.5
(This was listed as something different than night #6 but certainly seemed like a leftover) 

Cappuccino Pie- 2.0
(Still not as bad as their regular coffee... YIKES) 

Grand Mariner Souffle- 5.0
(Again, Carnival NAILS the presentation and all things souffle)

We had a GLORIOUS time on the Carnival Magic and one of our favorite things was all the delicious food! Once again, a huge thanks to both sets of parents for helping take care of our kids while we sailed the high seas eating our hearts out! Carnival was HIGHLY impressive this cruise with the food and we are anxious to try the "American Table" menus, which are new for Carnival, on the Triumph in November! 

I hope this doesn't leave you feeling too hungry! Thanks again for following! 

God is good... ALL the time!