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Stitch Fix #4 Review

Stitch Fix #4 
September 2015

This fix came just in time for me to get ready for the 2015-2016 school year. I was not able to do a lot of shopping over the summer for whatever reason and I had not gotten a lot of “teacher” clothes this year so I was ready for this box to arrive. This box had some AMAZING pieces in it and I liked all of them but once again the price tag for most of them was just too high.

Black Top ($48) 
This was a basic black top but dressed up a bit with burnout style sleeves and a longer short sleeve style. It fit very well and I was in need for a simple black top to wear with skirts and pants. This was an automatic keep!
I love this simple yet classy black top! I much needed item in my closet right now! 

Black Ankle Pants ($76) 
These pants were made of a very comfortable cotton material and were a wide leg fashion like I requested in my note to my stylist. Once again, the short person struggle became apparent as I was not sure if they were capri pants or actual pants. I tried them on several times and I felt like I would not be able to wear heels or any type of raised shoe with them in fear of looking like I had high waters on them. And even with sandals they just fell at a weird location. I did ask my stylist for a “petite” length this time and this was a disappointment because in this particular pair of pants I need them to be longer. This was my 1st true frustration with the service as I really liked the pants. I sent them back!
It is hard to tell but look closely on the right leg (left screen) and you can see the pants are a little short! Maybe they were supposed to be capris but on me they just looked like high-waters! This was so very frustrating! 

Jade Open Cardigan ($54)
This cardigan was open and had a cap like feel to it. Even looking at it on the hanger before trying it on I knew it would be too big and look sloppy. I realize this style is very “in” right now but I just felt like I was wearing a moo-moo. I think if I would have tried it on with a large black belt I would have felt more comfortable. My stylist sent a matching 3 layer necklace as well and the entire ensemble (Pants, black shirt and cardigan/ necklace) would have been a fantastic buy but this piece in particular I was just not sold on it. I sent pictures to great friends who told me that I honestly looked larger than I am. I made a note to my stylist about maybe exchanging for a smaller size (She sent a medium) since it was a draped open cardigan. I like this look but I just felt larger than life, and not in a good way. I sent it back! 
So on the hanger it looks cute and not too big but as I wore it I felt like I had gained the 80 pounds I had lost back! I felt like it looks sloppy! 

3 Layer Jade Necklace ($38)
This necklace was very beautiful but I felt like it would only go with the cardigan they sent me. I looked through my closet and just didn’t see anything that it matched. I think if it was all silver or all black I would have gotten it because I liked the longer length and 3 layers but the jade color made it difficult to match. I sent it back.

The whole outfit with the matching Jade necklace... Cute Cute but not as versatile as I would have liked a jewelry piece to be!

Black and White Maxi ($68)
I liked this dress from the very beginning. It was exactly what I had requested on my Pinterest boards. I really liked the design and print of this dress and it was very versatile but I was not a fan of the fit. It fell right at the stomach line with an elastic band and this just made me feel pregnant! My husband, and fashion friend Jodi, say it did not make me look pregnant but I felt that way so I knew it wasn't for me. I sent it back! 

I did like this dress but just not enough to spend nearly $70! 

Fix #4 was heading in the right direction but I was not able to pull the trigger on all of the items with the high priced items and small discrepancies. I am hoping my 5th Fix coming in October will improve. 

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Stitch Fix #3 Review

Stitch Fix #3 Review 
May 2015

I am now hooked on this awesome service of having my own personal shopper and stylist. My 2nd fix in February was PERFECT and I loved every piece. In fact, I nearly kept all 5 pieces but sent 2 back because I just wasn’t ready to make “that” type of statement. See that blog HERE. This was fix #3 and I was ready for yet another cruise! Those of you that know me, know that cruising is MY THING and Chris and I are completely hooked. This time I asked my stylist for summer maxi dresses and specific pieces I could wear on the ship and at the beach. I was anxious to open my box and see what I got.

Cream Lace Top ($45) 
This was an awesome piece and both Chris and I liked but I just felt like I would only really wear it on the cruise ship. It was dressy and nice but I just felt like I was going “clubbing” and that is fine and dandy on the ship but not necessarily my everyday style. I sent it back after a LONG debate. Once again, looking back I wish I would have kept it! I sent it back!
I really liked this shirt but it just seemed out of my league. 

Could I pull this off? 

Olive Capris from Kut from the Kloth ($78) 
These capris were great and casual for not just wearing on the ship but for everyday life as well. However, I was not crazy about the color and despite the tops they sent me matching I assumed it would be hard to match these pants. I just kept picturing a black top every time I tried to piece together and outfit in my head. The most important reason that I sent these back was because I thought they were priced too high ($78) for common everyday khaki style capri pants. I can buy these at Kohl’s or Macy’s for $35-40 and still have money to spare to buy a shirt before reaching the $78 price tag. I sent them back because the price was too high.
They fit pretty well but the color and price tag combo made these capris hard to swallow! 

Animal Print Cross Tank ($40)
This was an AMAZING top and fit like a glove. It was a cross-body style which was nice because even with my “Less than endowed” top half, I was able to have a perfect fit. This was a summer top that I could wear on the ship, the rest of the summer and even put a cardigan over it for the fall and winter. I loved this top and wore it not only on the ship but also several times throughout the summer. I kept this top and love the style and fit!
I love this shirt! It can be wore in the dead heat of summer and layered in the winter! 

Very versatile. 

Grey Chevron Maxi ($74)
This maxi also fit like glove and really accentuated my weight loss and was incredibly comfortable. I really liked the style of the top half of the dress and it highlighted the neckline very well. It was a little long but it gave me an excuse to get new shoes to wear with it. I ended up wearing this dress as one of my formal dresses on our summer cruise. I love this dress and I ended up keeping it!
I LOVED this dress. The fit and style were absolutely perfect! 

I wore it on my cruise and LOVED it!

Silver Medallion Necklace ($34)
This was a beautiful necklace and I loved how it could be used casually or to dress up an outfit. I went back and forth about this one but in the end I kept it but ending up giving it to my mom. I now wish I would have kept it for myself. You cannot go wrong with a pretty silver necklace… they pretty much go with anything. I kept this piece of jewelry!

This fix was a great one and I enjoyed each of the pieces. The capri pants and the lace top were the only 2 things I sent back and that was because of price tag (pants) and the amount of confidence it would have taken to wear them (Lace top). I could have very well kept them all and got the 25% discount which would have practically paid for one of the items. My stylist is doing a FANTASTIC job at picking out styles for me and once again, I am completely satisfied with my fix! I scheduled Fix #4 for September and I hope to get “teacher wardrobe” pieces. We will see what September and Fix #4 hold! 

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Stitch Fix #2 Review

Stitch Fix #2 Review
March 2015

Fix #1 had come and gone, all of it, and I was ready to see what fix #2 would hold. I got the box and seemed to be even more excited this time to open the box and see what my awesome stylist had chosen for me. I find this whole system to be fascinating and uplifting honestly. There is someone that has never seen me a day in their life but observes what I like from social media and especially Pinterest and then chooses styles and outfits for me. To be honest, she has been SPOT ON with each and every fix.

Royal Tank Top ($34)
This was a lovely tank top featuring American colors and a great fit but I just wasn’t in love with it. It also would have needed a racer back style of bra in order to not look trashy with the bra strap showing (as you can plainly see from the picture) so I decided to send it back.

I did like this tank but the cost and fit I was not crazy about! 

White/ Black Lace Tank Tunic ($48)
This was a perfect tank top for roaming around a cruise ship and a regular spring day in the great city of Houston. My husband and I both liked it a lot and I kept it without even thinking twice. To this day, I wear it frequently. Even in the Fall/ Winter, I can throw a cardigan over it and it still look fresh and simple. The style and fit are exactly what I like. I kept it!
I LOVE this shirt! 

Black Ankle Pants ($78) 
These pants fit well, especially with my recent weight loss, but they still just made me feel like I was in tight pants. Chris and even my mom and sister said they did not look tight but I felt like they were tight. Also, they were at the weird stage of “too short pants” or “too long capris” and I was not comfortable with that. I sent them back.
Too Tight... I sent them back! 

Navy/ Cream Long Sleeve Dress ($68)
I fell in love with this dress and style almost immediately upon putting it on. The longer sleeves made it wearable into the early spring months and in fall/ winter. It was at a perfect length, just above the knees, which was perfect for me. I also found the pockets to be a great accessory. I may not have chosen this style for myself which made me love this process even more. I did keep this piece and wore it the following week on my Bahamas Cruise. I have worn it several times since then and each time I get multiple compliments on it! This was a perfect addition to my closet. I kept it and love it!

I love this dress so much! So comfy and even has pockets! 

Blue Sailor Dress ($64) 
This dress was very cute on the hanger and once I put it on I did feel beautiful in it. The price tag was just perfect for a dress and as my stylist said “It would be perfect to wear to dinner on my cruise”. However, it was a little too short for my comfort, even with my weight loss. My knees have ALWAYS been my worst part of my body and I am very unsure and not confident with them. To this day I have running and jogging for the sole reason of getting rid of my FAT knees. It is slowly but surely working. I sent this one back but honestly, I now wish I would have kept it!   
Looking back... I wish I would have kept this! 

Fix #2 proved to be much better than #1 and I was close to keep it all and getting that 25% discount. I really liked the styles of each of these pieces and each of them looked good on. I am now “Sold” on this whole process and have scheduled a 3rd Fix for late May. I cannot wait to see what comes in my box! 

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Monday, October 12, 2015

Stitch Fix #1 Review

Stitch Fix #1 Review 
January 2015 

I saw a friend of mine, Elisa, from college keep posting about this amazing service that SHOPS FOR YOU! I love to shop so at first I was like “Oh, I can do my own shopping. I do not need anyone’s help”. But then she kept posting SUPER cute stuff! I kept looking at her outfits and thinking “Wow, those are cute. I have not seen that style in Macy’s/ Dillard’s or the mall (The stores I frequent). I may just have to try it”. I did just that and signed up for my 1st fix in January of this year. I got my 1st box and I was SO EXCITED I could hardly contain myself. 

My 1st Stitch Fix! I cannot wait to see what is inside this box! 

I opened it and saw a complete array of adorable styles and each of them were perfect and unique in their own ways. I ended up all of the 5 items back but only a few small details kept me from keeping them all.

Floral Sheer Blouse ($48) 
This blouse was AWESOME and would be perfect for Houston weather that is 60* or higher in the dead of fall/ winter. I loved it but it was a little too big in the middle chest area and it just looked like my chest area should have been about 5 inches lower than where it actually was. I tried it on 2 different day and total of 5 times before deciding I would have to pass. I sent it back and requested a smaller size on my next fix.

It is hard to see in this picture but the chest area was too low cut and large!

Boyfriend Jeans from a Kut from the Kloth ($128)
The price tag immediately sent me into shock as this is NOWHERE near what I usually pay for jeans. I am a bargain shopper and hardly ever pay full price for anything and this was not only high but was high for even full price jeans I would usually buy. I really did like them and I was surprised to see they fit me well but I could not justify spending $128 on regular jeans, meaning not a brand name fancy “butt” style of jeans. I sent them back; solely because of the high price tag. If they were even half the price, I would have kept them for sure.

Navy Cloud Sheer Shirt ($54) 
This shirt looked great before I put it on… then once I put it on I looked like I was 7 months pregnant. This, obviously, is not a look anyone wants but I especially did not like it since I had just lost 70 pounds. This was an immediate “NO” from both me and my husband. I sent it back.

These jeans fit well, considering the style, but $128... yeah that high price tag is just not for me!
This shirt... yeah it was a definite "NO" from the very beginning! 

Navy Cardigan ($68)
This cardigan was adorable on and off the hanger and I really enjoyed it. It fit well and really played the part of fall layering. I paired it with a white tank top and the jeans they sent and it was a really cute outfit. But yet again, I just got sick looking at the $68 price tag. Now some of you might be thinking that is nothing for a top or blouse or even a layering cardigan but for me this was high and I just could not pull the trigger. I ended up sending it back too just because of the high price tag. 
I did like this cardigan but again, the cost was a little out of my league! 

For the life of me I cannot remember what the 5th item was but I know I had to send it back because I ended up losing my $20 style fee for this fix. I didn’t like that but at the same time I was not going to waste more money on items that I was not 100% satisfied.

Overall I was satisfied with my first Stitch Fix experience and scheduled another fix for the end of February as I was headed to a cruise in March. Fix #1 may not have been a HUGE success but it was not a complete turn-off either. We will see what Fix #2 holds. 

Fix me up! 

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