Saturday, May 21, 2011

Notes from Students

This week we said goodbye to our 8th graders. I usually get a note or card from a few students and I put them in my folder full of memories and thank yous. I got one this year that really went over the top. It was from an 8th grade boy who has really come a long way not only as a musician and student but a person as well.

I began teaching him in 4th grade and he didn't really like music class. He seemed to always be getting into trouble. He decided to join band in 5th grade and really liked it. He continued in 6th and 7th grade even when some of his friends decided to quit and do other things like sports or art. This year he showed leadership and maturity that I have not seen from 8th graders at my school in a long time. If the band was being dis-respectful or loud during a rehearsal, he would say something and they would listen. He also did this at lunch and other times I would see him around the school.

He brought me a hand written letter on Tuesday saying his goodbyes and thanks. This was more than the usual "Thanks Mrs. Davis for helping me learn music or my instrument." This was a heart-felt thank you for helping him become who he was and how I have helped him grow into what he wants to be. He also mentioned how he doesn't know how fun band will be without me next year. He told me I made band fun and enjoyable. He came by 3 separate time on Friday to give me a hug and tell me thank you! Wow... I cant believe I made such an impact on him!

This note really hit me hard. I always take time to reflect each year but I feel I will be doing alot more reflecting this year. I feel that I have actually made a difference in this kids life and helped him become who he wants to be. Isn't that what we are called to do as teachers? I feel like I have made a difference. Wow... it is a GREAT feeling.

Thank you young 8th grade boy for helping me become who I want to be. I wish you luck!

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