Thursday, February 28, 2013

My Growing Boy: Month 8

Tuesday, February 12, 2013
Another month has passed by and my little boy is no so little anymore. He is crawling and moving around so much and is becoming a little boy and not a baby! In just a few short months I will be planning a Birthday Party for my little guy! That is so hard to believe.
This month I introduced Meat to Luke and he seemed to like it! He had 2 teeth come in this month (on top) and he was teething alot, the poor little guy just drooled and drooled! I swear he would put anything in his mouth. He would come up to me and try to pull off my sock and eat it (YUCK)! The meats like Chicken and Turkey had large vegetables and even pasta in them so this made him have to chew a little bit to be able to swallow them. At first he would gag but since then he will just chew and then swallow. This chewing also allowed him to try out the little "PUFFS" and he seems to like them (A litte!) I also started giving him juice at about 7.5 months. He didnt really like it at first but this was during a small tummy bug he had so he was thirsty anyways. Since this bug, I give him about 4-6 ounces of 1/2 and 1/2 (Water and apple juice) in a SIPPY CUP and he seems to really like it! He still gets the majority of his nutricion from Nutramigen but we are hoping to be able to switch back to regular formula SOON!

Here he is trying to find a way to get down...
During the middle part of January, Luke had a little bit of a stomach bug and was not sleeping as well but overall he is still sleeping his usual 10 hours each night. He is also getting more use to his naptime routine at MDO and is sleeping about 1.5-2 hours twice daily. Since becoming more mobile he is figuring out how to get out of his swaddle blanket and is starting to move around in his crib (at least rolling around alot). I figure here pretty soon he will be able to completly get out of his swaddle blanket and pull up on his crib. I have already lowered his crib but I have a feeling I will be moving it to the lowest level here pretty soon!
I am raising the next "Lukey (Johnny) Football"
Of course this Heisman Winner will be playing at OU or LSU not nasty A&M!

He loves playtime with his football!
So... umm... I am supposed to do what with this?
On January 15th he pulled up in his crib and since then he has been pulling up everywhere. He even uses the bare wall to try to stand up. He has taken a few steps along the couch while holding on but I am not going to classify these few steps as "Cruising" just yet. I think with Luke once he "cruises" he will be walking within  month (OR LESS)! He is going to be my active child I am afraid... Natalie is active but not like this! He wants to get into EVERYTHING! He has started to pull up on Natalie's shopping cart and is even trying to walk along with it as it rolls along the carpet!

My BIG boy... 8 months old!
In late January we took hgim and Natalie to the Houston Zoo and Luke LOVED it! He would just look around and try to take it all in. He did so well eating and sleeping even while "out and about" and I think he really enjoyed it! The monekys were VERY active early in the morning and were talking to us as we walked by. Natalie and Daddy started to immitate them and Luke would just laugh and laugh. It was SO cute... But by the time I got my phone out to video it... he had stopped (Figures right?)
Just monkeying around at the Houston Zoo
01-26-13: I am so blessed!
He has already completed 2/3 of a full year of life and I cannot believe how fast it is happening. I know that these next 4 months will fly by so fast (Especially since it is spring) and before you know it he will be 1 year old!


God is Good... All the time!

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