Wednesday, October 23, 2013

2013 Well-checks

September 2013
Natalie- 4 years
Luke- 15 months 
This was one for the "Record Books" 

As the beginning of the school year creep-ed up on us we realized that Natalie had not had her 4 year old Well-check and Luke was due for a 15 month check up and shots. Our pediatrician was pregnant and expecting a baby and unfortunately went into early labor at only 35 weeks. With this being said we had to reschedule these appointments 3 times and ended up with a "Stand-In" doctor for our appointments. This didn't really bother me but I wish I would have been able to ask MY doctor a few things. 

After a long 30 minute waiting period in the waiting room we were finally called back where Luke immediately starting screaming and began his "White Coat Syndrome" fits! I swear he knows what is coming and what will happen in that little room! As he was screaming and throwing his fit, Natalie was taken out to check her ears and eyes with the nurse. It was a sad moment as a mom to watch your FOUR year old get her ears and eyes checked. It's hard to believe that she is already 4 years old! She stood 15 back from the eye chart and read it perfectly... better than me in fact! That is great news since poor eye vision is in my family! 

Luke on the other hand was still just a screaming away. He finally settled down after the nurse left but he was still shaking and not comfortable. After yet another 30 minute+ wait for the doctor to come in we were able to see Dr. McKay. She starting trying to look at Luke but again he would have none of that. She decided to start with Natalie. As she began to look at Natalie's stomach she noticed a rash and asked if she had sensitive skin. My response was no but the doctor cut me off before I could finish and said "That is Scarlet Fever, ma'am". There I was with my 15 month old hitting and screaming to get out and dumbfounded with the news of scarlet fever with Natalie. I didn't even know what it was... I think I had a minor heart attack right there in the room. The doctor went on to check Natalie out and said it was "Strep throat with a rash... otherwise known as Scarlet Fever". She told me to not tell my mother or mother-in-law it was Scarlet Fever because they would freak out. She said that back in their time this sickness was very serious! In the mean time this 31 year old was thinking "Back in THEIR time... What about TODAY?" 

The funny thing about the conversation about Scarlet Fever with the doctor is that I did the opposite of what she told me to do. I specifically told not only my Mom and Mother-in-law she had SCARLET fever but I also told my 75 year old grandma! All 3 of them and even my dad freaked out a little. I should have listened to the doctor! 

Eventually, we were able to get Luke to settle down and give him his shots but poor Natalie, who never acted sick really, could not get hers because she was sick and going on antibiotics! We had to quarantine the entire house and send the boys over to Dan and Jackie's house that evening and I stayed home from school the following day with Natalie. She still never really acted sick but eventually got rid of both the strep throat and the rash. 

Luke on the other hand, came down with a nasty stomach virus and fever about 3 days later. This was followed by Chris having the virus and then nearly a week later, I was sick too! This nasty thing made it's way through our entire house but Jackie NEVER got it, which like she said was a MIRACLE! 

We had to take Natalie back the 1st week in October to get her actual 4 year old shots which she hated and cried and cried. But now, thank goodness, we are all caught up and hope to not have to go back to the NASTY GERM-INFESTED Dr.'s Office for a LONG TIME! 

Well-Check Statistics

Height- 3" 4.5" (66%)
This height seems massive to me and seems like it should be in the 80%ish!
Weight- 38 pounds (72%)
Blood Pressure- 107/68
Eyes- 20/20 vision! 
Ears- Perfect 

(I have to admit his statistics make me laugh a little)

Height- 30.75 (36%)
Weight- 25 pounds (79%)
Head Circumference- 19.02 (48.3%)
Like his daddy he has a BIG head!  

Despite the craziness at the Dr.'s Office this go-around, I am still completely blessed with my two little bundles of joy! Thank You, Lord for allowing ME to be their Mommy! It is hard to believe they are 4 and 15 months! Where has the time gone? I love you Natalie and Luke! 

God is good... All the time! 

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