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Home of the Brave(s)

GiGi & Poppy's 6th Annual Baseball Trip 
June 2016

The best trip yet!

*- Written by Natalie Grace (typed by Kellie)
She kept a journal with her throughout the trip that began with 3-5 sentences per day and ended with bullet points but we recapped the trip and she told me ALL about it! Here is her rendition:

Saturday, June 18, 2016- Splash-pad and Astro's Game at Minute Maid Park
I got to sleep with Gigi Shirley and Luke slept with Poppy. We got to eat donuts from the donut shop. We woke up and then we went to the Splash-pad and I was the only one to go there because Luke did not want to go. After the splash pad we got dressed up for the Astro's game. We got in the car and then we drove to the Astro's game in Houston. We got to play on the playground and saw the train go by our seats. The Astro's won. Then we drove to Louisiana to our hotel. We stopped at Buc-ee's and I got fudge and an Icee. Luke got an Icee and gummy bears!

We're all loaded up and ready to go! 

At the Astro's game Luke liked the binoculars. 

Sunday, June 19. 2016- Driving and Lambert's Cafe
We drove to Missouri and ate at Lambert's Cafe. We caught the rolls each time and caught them for GiGi and Poppy too. We ate green beans, cheeseburgers and ROLLS. GiGi and Poppy bought us our own rolls to take home. Then we drove to our hotel in Atlanta and swam in the hotel pool. Our hotel had a balcony, like a cruise ship!  I got to sleep with GiGi all week and Luke slept with Poppy. We wanted a girl bed and a boy bed.

Playing on the playground at Lambert's 

The rolls were SO BIG! 

I caught LOTS of rolls. 

We got a balloon at Lambert's but we had to let it go before we got in the car so Poppy could drive.

Look Mommy, we have a balcony! 

This was my favorite hotel! 

Monday, June 20. 2016- Atlanta Zoo 
We woke up and went to the Zoo. At the zoo we saw the GIANT pandas. They were eating grass and I even got to take a picture with them. It was so FUN! We saw a gorilla, bears and lots of kinds of birds. GiGi bought me and Luke our own stuffed pandas. I even got to touch a snake. Luke did not touch the snake. After the zoo we went to meet GiGi's cousin, Scott and his family. We ate at a Chinese buffet and I had lots of noodles. When we walked in the door of the restaurant you look under a bridge and there was lots of real fish swimming in the water. After dinner we went to the hotel and swam. I like swimming at hotels.

I got to touch a snake. It felt slimy. 

We loved these pandas. 

They were so big! 

Luke got his own large Panda. 

Georgie is my new panda friend. I sleep with her EVERY night! 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016- Kids Museum and World of Coca-Cola 
We went to the Kids Museum and we got to play in a really special kitchen. It had waffle makers, hot pans and a refrigerator with a water filter. We made lunch and dinner for GiGi Poppy! Luke made daddy a steak! The stairs at the museum looked like a piano and when you stepped on them it even made piano noises. We went to the very top of the museum and we were standing on top of the world. We got to play in a playground that was so hard to climb.  Then we went to the World of Coca-Cola. We got our own bottles of Coca-Cola. We watched a 4D movie that we did not like. Then we got to try "like a lot of Coca-Cola". I tried cherry and vanilla coke and they were really good. We got to see how they make the coke bottles and the coke and how they put it inside the bottles. Then we got to see the Coca-Cola bear, that was my favorite part. GiGi bought me a Coca-Cola bear and Luke got a Coca-Cola bear t-shirt. We went back to the hotel and swam in the pool... surprise!

This was my favorite part of the museum. 

Luke made a steak for daddy. 

We made Poppy lunch! 

This was really hard to climb! 

We got to meet the Coca-Cola bear! 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016- CNN Tour 
We woke up and went on a CNN tour. We got to learn about news and how they do the news. It was so cool that one person got to stand up there, but not me. They put a green towel under his chin and it's like he was in the world and then showed us the weather. Then we saw LOTS of TVs and they showed us the news. There was a very long escalator, the longest escalator in the world. We got to ride on it but GiGi had to carry Luke because he does not like escalators. GiGi bought me my own CNN journal. Then we went to the hotel to swim. After we got done we had pizza in our hotel room. We ate cheese pizza. It was good.

We love pizza in our hotel room! 

Thursday, June 23, 2016- Georgia Aquarium and Atlanta Braves game 
We woke up and went to the Georgia Aquarium. We got to see a dolphin show and that's where we got our $20 stuffed dolphins from GiGi  and Poppy. I named mine Liz and mommy and daddy helped Luke name his Chipper (after Chipper Jones, the Braves player). We got to see a sea lion show too. We saw a sea lion that was 500 pounds. We got to talk to a dolphin trainer and now I want to be a dolphin trainer when I grown up. It was so cool and it was my favorite part of the trip. After the Georgia Aquarium we went to the ballgame. We sat high in the stadium and we got to see the whole game. There were lots of people there. This stadium was outdoors and I got hot but it was my favorite stadium that Poppy has taken me to. It had a Coca-Cola bottle and the fireworks came out of it. The fireworks were not loud at all. Poppy bought us cotton candy too. The Braves won. Then we started driving home and went to a new hotel.

Luke and Chipper! 

My dolphin named Liz. 

Poppy bought us some Cotton Candy! 

Luke's hands were so sticky! 

Selfie with Gigi Shirley. 

Friday, June 24, 2016- Driving to Texas
We woke up and went swimming in the hotel pool. GiGi and Poppy helped Luke get in. Then we got breakfast and got in the car to go to GiGi and Poppy's house. We played with the games mommy packed for us and colored in the Buc-ee's books from Auntie Allie. We also played on our iPads. We got to Texas and went to GiGi and Poppy's house. 

Saturday, June 25, 2016- Tyler, TX and VBS prep 
We woke up and I went to help GiGi decorate the church for VBS. This church was VERY decorated. Lots and lots of water decorations. I liked the submarine. We stepped outside and saw lots of trains. Luke stayed with Poppy but they came and checked on us a lot. Then we went to town to eat at Chick-fil-A. We played on the playgrounds and I had chicken nuggets with Chick-fil-A sauce and it was SO good. Then we went to the grocery store and bought stuff for snacks a VBS. 

Sunday, June 26, 2016- Church and VBS 
We woke up in the morning and ate some breakfast and then we went to church. Poppy was preaching and Bro. Tommy was singing. Then we came home and ate lunch and we played a little. Then it was time to leave for VBS. At VBS first we sang our songs then we went to Bible study and learned about Nicodemus (It was really Zacchaeus but that is what she remembered so...) and the tree he climbed. Then we went to music, crafts, missions and then recreation. Then I got to see GiGi when we went to snacks. Mrs. Jenny and Mrs. Emily were my teachers. I like Mrs. Jenny a lot. Luke's teacher was Aunt Mandy (Amanda Clark). Then we went home and went to bed.

Luke loved the decorations. 

Snack time with GiGi. 

Monday, June 27, 2016- Tyler and VBS 
We woke up and went to town to go to the mall. We bought lots of stuff and then we ate at Chick-fil-A in the mall. GiGi got me new lotion and spray too. Then we went with Poppy to the Firetruck museum. We climbed on the firetruck and played a lot. Then we went to a climbing place and it was really fun. Then we came home and played a little before VBS. I made a fruit roll-up and gummy bear sleeping bag with GiGi. We learned about the woman at the well. I got to wear my favorite flip-flops because it was wet day and we got to get wet at games.

I created this all by myself. 

The gummy bears had pillows. They were made of marshmallows. 

Tuesday, June 28. 2016- Arp and VBS 
Poppy went to the churhc and brought us 2 pools to play in. We played in them for a long time but then Poppy had to take them back. Then we made homemade pizzas. I put pushed the dough into the pan then put sauce and cheese on it. We love making pizzas. We heard and saw lots of trains. Then we ate dinner and went to VBS. We learned about a blind man. We got to make Seaweed in a tortilla warp with GiGi in snacks. I got to take a picture with Bro. Tommy after VBS. I like him a lot.

We like having our own pools. 

Gigi Shirley and Luke. 

Look at Luke's face! 

I made a smiley face out of cheese... haha! 

Me and Bro. Tommy!

Wednesday, June 29. 2016- Arp and VBS 
We had to pack our bags because we were going home tomorrow. We played all day with Poppy. Luke and Poppy played baseball and I made videos on my iPad. We ate dinner and then we went to VBS. In Bible study we mixed colored water with black and blue and they did not mix. They laid on top of each other. I do not remember the Bible story but that was really cool. We came home and packed some more. 

Thursday, June 30. 2016- HOME 
We woke up and got our bags in the car to go to Buffalo to see mommy and daddy. We met at Dairy Queen and mommy and daddy drove up. I jumped out and gave them a BIG BIG hug! I missed them so much. Luke ran to mommy and would not let her put him down. I wanted a hug from mommy too! Daddy picked me up and held me for a long time. We told Poppy bye then went to our house. We stopped at Buc-ee's first. When we got home we got our bags out and then went to Gigi Jackie's house to tell her about our trip.

We took a picture with Buc-ee! 

I really missed Oxford! 

This was my favorite trip that Gigi and Poppy have taken me on and I am so glad they took me. Thank you Gigi and Poppy. My favorite part was the Georgia Aquarium and I wish the whole trip could re-start so I could do it again. Thanks Gigi and Poppy... Where are we going next year? I can't wait! 

*- Kellie 

I love that my parents take my kids to baseball stadiums and all over the US. This was the best childhood memories for me and I love that my kids will get to experience this too. Thank you mom and dad for doing this! We have heard about this trip NON-STOP since we got home and I think Natalie is correct in saying this was the best trip ever! They loved it! Thank you so much! 

God is good... ALL the time! 

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