Sunday, August 21, 2011

Good Luck Honey!!!

Tomorrow, August 22, 2011, my hubby starts his new job and new career. He has been without work for about 20 months total and is so EXCITED to start work. He has chosen teaching and I can already tell he has a passion and calling for this career field. He has been so excited and anxious for about 1 month if not the whole summer and tomorrow is his big day. It seems like he is always telling me a new way he will teach and what he will do in his classroom.
He said he has made lots of friends during the teacher in-service and cannot wait to start working with them. In fact, he told me on Saturday, "I am sad... I don't have morning duty with any of my friends". I could not help but laugh and continue to listen to him.
He is going to be SUCH AN AMAZING TEACHER and I know he will do well. I love you Chris and I cant wait to hear about your first day!
Good Luck!

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  1. What an exciting day for both of you! Wishing y'all much happiness and success in your new positions!