Saturday, August 13, 2011

Life is Hard... But God is Good

I recently attended a "Ladies Night Out" event at Mims Baptist Church with my Sunday School class and was so enlightened by Christian Radio DJ Susan O'Donnell. She said she was a Christian Comedian and made me laugh several times. She used this light-hearted-ness to help share her very moving testimony and shed light on how blessed we really are and how no matter how deep your "pit" is... God is right there and is in control. As I sat there listening to her share her testimony and how she got out of this "pit" in her life, I began to reminisce the last 2 years of my life and how I have thus far come out of what seemed like a never-ending "pit".
I have shared many times about Chris and the how him getting laid off in 2009 changed our lives forever but this was yet again brought to the forefront of my mind during this ministry event on Friday. There were times where I too got on my knees and begged God to help me get out of this "pit" and hole. I cried and cried wondering how we were ever going to get by and how we were even going to have a roof over our heads sometimes. As Chris would go to interview after interview and come home and nothing turned out, I would question God and his power. Of course, I knew this was wrong but just as all of us do, I began to wonder "Why are you letting this happen to me?"
This trial went on for about 9 months and I just couldn't seem to pull myself out of this "pit". Chris and I were really struggling financially and emotionally and I wondered how "WE" would survive. About June of last year, I decided I had a long enough pity party and for whatever reason, I heard God speaking to me. He said, "Kellie, I AM in Control and I will provide for all of your needs." Somehow over the next year God DID provide for us and we were able to survive financially and emotionally and now our marriage is stronger than ever. It was about this time that Chris decided it was time to look to another career path. He continued to go on interview and nothing came about but I trusted God and let him take the burden.
In January of 2011, Chris took the plunge to become a teacher and began taking online courses to get a teaching certificate in Texas. By March of 2011, he was in Houston interviewing and completing the necessary tests to get his certificate. The following 3 months after these interviews was in and of itself another "pit" but here I sit in Houston this evening creating this memory. On May 27th, Chris was offered a teaching Job in Aldine ISD and accepted. This was my last day of school at Grove and I literally had 4 hours to tell all of my students and fellow teachers I was leaving. The following month of June was another test of Faith for me as I was looking for a job but on June 30th, I was offered a job in Spring ISD and accepted.
These "pits" in my life have helped me grow not only as a Christian but as a wife and a mother as well. There was never a time in these past 2 years that God wasn't there beside me the whole time trying to help me get out of this "pit". Speaker Susan O'Donnell sang a song entitled "Life is Hard... But God is Good" that really spoke to me about how no matter how deep your "pit" is, God is in Control and he will take care of you. I am so grateful he has and is taking care of me.
God can take care of you too, if you let him.

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