Sunday, February 12, 2012

Family of Three Again, but not for long... SOON there will be FOUR!

Last weekend I took Natalie to Arp to my mom and dad's house to spend the week with them while I went to TMEA and Chris had several baseball games. Natalie had spent a week with my parents before while Jackie was having surgery and she has been on an extended vacation with them but for whatever reason, this time it felt like much more than a week.

We met my mom and dad at Buffalo today for lunch and Chris and I made sure we were the first ones there. In fact we left so early, we got there about 40 minutes early and went and got some Fried Pies from "The Original Fried Pie Shoppe". We made it to Dickey's BBQ and went to the restroom. We then stood right by the door of Dickey's waiting for Gigi, Poppy and Natalie Grace to arrive. As soon as they did, I began to tear up and cry looking at how much my little girl had grown and changed!

As Gigi and Natalie entered the Dickey's door, Natalie looked at me and Chris and then smiled as big as I have EVER seen her smile and jumped in my arms. She hugged me so VERY VERY tight and without asking her she said "I love you, mommy!" Wow... the tears just kept rolling off my face! Then she asked for daddy and went to him and did the SAME thing! Its the small things in life, really!

All the way home from Buffalo, Natalie was singing and saying "I love you Mommy! I love you Daddy!" When she got home she ran and gave Abbey and Oxford a hug and kiss and then ran to Grandpa and Gigi and gave them hugs. Shortly there after she went potty and then ran upstairs to say hello to all the rest of her babies and friends she had missed all week. Now she is just laying on the couch and singing songs.

It is such a blessing to live so close to both Chris and my parents. This is such an amazing blessing for Natalie as well. She gets to spend 3 days a week with Gigi Jackie at home  and Grandpa at night and then able to go and visit her Gigi Shirley and Poppy for extended times like this past week. I know she doesn't realize it now, but this is something really special and not all children have this opportunity!

Thank you so much to my mom and dad for taking care of her this past week! She loves you and has learned so much in just one week! You guys are amazing and we thank you so much!

As always... GOD IS GOOD... ALL THE TIME!

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