Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Prenatal Visit #5

Monday, February 6, 2012
"It's still a BOY"
Today I went in for my mid-point check and ultrasound with Dr. Markos. I had to go by myself due to Chris having to be at baseball practice but it all went fine. I first began with the 20 week (I was actually 21 weeks) ultrasound to check the development of my little angel. The US tech was so nice and pointed out SO MANY THINGS! She showed me his brain and other parts of his anatomy such as his kidneys, lungs, heart and other vital organs. With Natalie we had a scare at the mid-point ultrasound with her heart chambers not being visible and so I double and triple checked with the tech to find all four chambers and she found all four and even showed me all four specifically. His heart rate was 137 and strong! It was fascinating to she his heart beat as I watched him move around inside of me. Most of the organ pictures are common to see at the 20 week ultrasound but this tech also showed me the umbilical cord, the bladder and elbow.

She also did a double check for me of the sex of the baby... IT IS STILL A BOY! I got a little worried about 10 minutes before going into the room thinking "Oh no, I have already bought so many things in blue and gotten so excited... what if it is a girl?" Nope... he is still a "HE". In fact, we did not get any good still pictures of him EXCEPT FOR THE GENDER PICTURE!

He was not laying on his back like most babies do for an ultrasound. He was actually laying on his stomach so most of the pictures we did get are not very good or descriptive. As mentioned about the best picture is of the gender identification. We also got a great picture of his spine which we didn't really see well with Natalie. She tried and tried to get a good picture of his face but he was not cooperating. I don't think he liked all of the poking she was doing! At several times through this appointment, she would start laughing and say "Did you feel that? Wow... he is getting mad". I guess he just did not want to be bothered.
He is measuring about 1 week ahead of schedule but Dr. Markos did not change the exact due date since it was not at least 2 weeks ahead of time. On every measurement the tech took except one, he was exactly 1 week early. When she took a measurement of the femur (leg) she said he was measuring nearly 25 weeks. I was a little dumbfounded as to why and her response was simple..."Oh that just means he will be long and tall". I will take that! He is weighing in at 1 pound exactly and all looks fabulous.

I didn't have a long appointment with Dr. Markos at all. In fact, the doctor part of this visit was only about 10 minutes from start to finish. I gained 4.5 pounds this month but the doctor said since last month I didn't gain any, it was OK and encouraged to gain 4 or more this time around. I was a little discouraged with that much of a gain but I can just see the scale rising and since I had lost all of that weight just months before finding out I was pregnant, I just dread having to diet and get it all off again. My blood pressure was fine at 120/78 and everything looked great. I go back in 1 month for a 25 check-up!

I just look at the pictures that I do have of my little Luke and even though I didn't really get any that were traditional looking or definite, it is still apparent that HE IS IN THERE and ALIVE AND WELL! It makes me cry to think that there are people and even worse doctors out there that will see these pictures and know this little person is growing and developing inside someone and then kill it. How can people do this and still hold their heads high? I am just dumbfounded! God's Holy Word states:

"Truly children are a gift from the Lord; the fruit of the womb is a reward" (Psalm 127:3).
We must pray for these people who take not only this scripture and cancel it out of their minds but do the same with the precious life inside of them.

I am so incredibly grateful to The Lord for His continued blessings to me and my family and for my precious little Luke! I cannot wait for him to get here (Actually, I know that the short 19 weeks that remain before he does arrive, are NOT ENOUGH time) and I will love him more than anything. Luke is a gift from God and I thank God for him!

As always... God is Good... ALL THE TIME!

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