Thursday, June 7, 2012

Prenatal Visit #13

Wednesday, June 6, 2012
"He is going to make me work for it!"

Today I went in for my 38 week OB appointment. Since I will be having a C-Section on the 1st day of my 39th week, this was my last official OB appointment for this pregnancy. This was a very short appointment as they were just checking the typical stats and then checking for dilation and effacement.

Chris came along with me to this appointment since he was off work and it was nice to have him there. It started by me stepping on the scale and checking my weight. Oh my... This was AWFUL! I nearly broke down in tears. I have now passed the 40 pound mark and I still have 6 days to go!!!!  I remember at week 30 I had only gained about 17 and I felt great about it but it seems as if as soon as Dr. Markos told me I did NOT have Gestational Diabetes, I began to eat like a crazy woman. What a sad, sad day! I know I will have to be weighed the morning of the surgery so I am curious to see what the final mark will be.

My blood pressure was high again, for me, at 130/81. Typically my numbers have always been in the "Perfect" area of 120/80 (ish) but the past 2 check-ups I have had the top number be in the 130s. Dr. Markos told me to check it every night at home and watch it but he said unless it was "continuing to creep" there was nothing to worry about.

My nurse used the "Doppler" to check for Luke's heartbeat and he did not want to sit still. He moved around more this time than ever before. Eventually she found a steady beat and it was in the 160s. I think he was woke up from a nap because from that point on, he was movin' and shakin' throughout the rest of the appointment and even into the evening!

Dr. Markos came in and checked for dilation and effacement and just as I predicted, I was at 0 dilation, 0 effacement and Luke is still "Riding sky high" as Dr. Markos put it! Luke did, however, get into the typical head down position instead of horizontal like last week so that is good. I asked Dr. Markos if him being so high would make a difference and he said no. His response was "Well, he is just going to make me work for it!" Either way, high or dropped, I have to be cut open to get him out so that does not matter.

Dr. Markos gave me my "Orders" and told me to go down to the admissions level and make a "pre-op" appointment on Monday. Here they will check for my blood type and do ALOT of other stuff to prep for Tuesday. It felt really weird today going and making a "Pre-op" appointment. It is like it is actually happening! I have known this all along but ever since we hit that "Less than a week" mark on this past Tuesday, it has really hit home. I am going to have a SON! Wow... it is just a really weird and cool feeling at the same time.

Just 5 more days to go...


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