Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Ghosts of Thanksgivings Past: 2005 and 2006

November 2012

Chris and I have been together for nearly 8 years and 7 Thanksgivings. This past Thanksgiving went VERY well but we have had some that did not quiet turn out as well...
Thanksgiving 2005
The Klingsicks
Norman, OK
This was the 1st thanksgiving that Chris and I were together and we held this in Norman at my apartment on Brandywine Dr. This was the 1st year that we "split" up the holidays with our families and we were with my parents and Allison (The Klingsicks). Chris had a very good friend, Chris Calvert, who lived in Norman and was not going to be able to travel back to Alabama to spend Thanksgiving with his family so we asked him to join ours.
My apartment was VERY small and there was not a lot of room in the kitchen let alone the sitting area. I remember the women all staying in the kitchen most of the time and the men in the living room, which was attached to the kitchen basically. In fact, my dad spent most of the day on the floor.
The meal was nothing special or out of the ordinary and in fact it was at this holiday that my dad fixed his last "Pink Cherry Fruit Salad" (At least at our holidays!). This was a salad that my dad had fixed at nearly ALL holiday meals for as long as I can remember. I didn't really care for it due to its texture but Chris didn't want it because it was a SALAD. He has a theory that salads are NOT NEEDED at ANY meal but especially not at a holiday meal. He informed my dad of a Simpson's episode (Of which my dad and my whole family DETEST!) where Homer sings a song "You don't win friends with salad". Calvert knew this songs as well so for the rest of the day the two boys were singing this song and giving my dad a hard time. By the end of the day my mom and sister had joined in singing as well just for the fun of it! Needlesstosay, there was LOTS of leftover salad! To this day, we do NOT have any type of salad at a holiday meal when with the Klingsicks!
Thanksgiving 2006
The Davis'
Abernathy, TX
This was our first holiday as a married couple and it was spent at "The Farm" in Lubbock with Chris' family (The Davis'). This particular Thanksgiving was not very memorable in that nothing crazy happened but it was the 30th anniversary of Chris' parents Dan and Jackie on November 20th. This was special to me since Chris and I had just got married! It was also at this holiday that we met Leeanna who was John's new girlfriend at the time. She is now a part of the Davis family as John's wife and that is what made that holiday special! So glad to have you along for the laughs Leeanna!
 Just another Thanksgiving for Chris and Kellie!
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday on the calendar and looking back makes me realize why! We have had some very memorable Thanksgivings! I will NEVER forget some of them!
God is good... ALL THE TIME!

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