Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Growing Boy: Month 10

Friday, April 12, 2013
It is hard to believe that in 2 short months I will have a 1 YEAR old! It seems as if only yesterday I was holding my tiny little baby boy for the first time. God has blessed me so much these past 10 months and I cannot wait to see how He will continue to bless my family and I the following 10 years and then some!
As always, Mr. Luke has been on the move and in to trouble this past month! That is just going to be his personality, I'm sure! This month he took his first steps on his own and has been crawling to the stairs to try to climb up! He loves crawling over there and then screaming until you come and see what's going on then smiling and grinning with excitement like "Haha... look mom, I made you look!" He is such a little stinker!
This particular month, more than previous months, he has looked more at the food we and especially Natalie are eating and crying til we give him some. He loves our crackers and breads. I just recently tried to give him deli meat and tiny bites of hot dogs! He loved both of those and would just grin and grin eating "Big People" food! Either way, he is still eating us out of house and home. I have to send 2+ containers of baby food to school each day and in the evenings he will eat 3 containers of food at dinner and then a LARGE bowl of rice cereal before we put him to bed! I have to wonder if he is still only in the 30% for weight! I am sure he has gained some ground there because he is eating and eating and EATING!
He still LOVES his swing to sleep in and we have been having a hard time trying to get him to nap in his crib! He is improving nightly with sleeping in his crib during the night but he doesn't want ANYTHING to do with it during the day! In fact, the past week I have been able to put him down while he is still awake or half-asleep and he will cry maybe 10 seconds and then go to sleep on his own. This is the exact OPPOSITE of what Natalie used to do. Haha... we had to Ferberize her! I am hoping he wont force us to do that with him! He still naps 2-3 times a day but again, they are in the swing. I am hoping between us and MDO we can get him to start sleeping in his crib for all his naps!
Since he has taken steps on his own now, he wants more and more to follow Natalie and chase her around. He loves her SO much and wants to be with her ALL THE TIME! Natalie will be doing a puzzle with Chris or I and Luke will come over and just destroy it. Natalie of course then cries and Luke just looks at her and laughs... But then he starts to cry too! Chris and I each take a child and within minutes they are ok but it is amazing how much Luke wants to be with and be LIKE Natalie! I cannot wait to see what this sibling relationship will be like when they are bigger!
I am so very blessed and I thank God for His blessings each and every day! I have always dreamed of having a little boy and girl but NEVER in my wildest dreams did I expect these perfect angels! I am so very lucky! Two months from now we will be celebrating Luke's first year of life and looking back at how far he has come in the past year! I think we need to slow down a little bit PLEASE!
God is good... ALL THE TIME!

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