Friday, August 22, 2014

Food Wars- Cruise Style

The Top Sixteen (Because we couldn't choose just 10) Cruise Foods 

Royal Caribbean vs Carnival 

These are foods that you typically only see in really fancy 5 STAR restaurants, that we cannot afford, or on a cruise. These are lavish recipes full of extravagant ingredients and even better presentation. We have taken our favorite top ten sixteen foods from our previous 3 cruises and have ranked them in no particular order. If you ever take a cruise be sure to try out these recipes.

Baked Alaska- Royal Caribbean 
Carnival's Baked Alaska was nothing more than
Neapolitan Ice Cream between a Twinkies!
Royal Caribbean's Baked Alaska looks better and was better! 

Creme Brulee- Royal Caribbean 
Carnival's Vanilla Creme Brulee was good
but was nothing compared to Royal's
Royal's BBB Creme Brulee' had Baileys and Bananas and
was the best I have ever eaten. 

Eggs Benedict- Carnival 
It should be noted that this was a complete blowout. Carnival's was magnificent and Royal's was inedible
Carnival's Eggs Benedict were INCREDIBLE!
Royal's Eggs Benedict, as mentioned above, were barely edible. Terrible!

Grand Mariner Souffle- Carnival
Carnival's Grand Mariner Souffle' was fantastic with hints of orange and vanilla.
Cooked to perfection for a delightful texture. 
Royal's Grand Mariner Souffle was lacking in flavor and texture. 

Filet Migon'- Tie 
Caveaut: If you include Chops Grille restaurant aboard Royal Caribbean then Royal Caribbean would win in this category. Since Chops is an addition fee restaurant, we did not include this. 
Carnival had the option of Filet Migon for breakfast too
Carnival's MDR Filet was magnificent as well! 
Royal's Filet Migon' was cooked perfectly and the
asparagus was a great added touch

Prime Rib- Tie 
Carnival's Prime Rib was perfection!
Royal's Prime Rib was juicy and tender!

Lobster- Royal Caribbean
Carnival's Lobster seemed simple in comparison to Royal Caribbean's Lobster
Royal's Lobster were cooked for royalty and tasted like it. 

Rack of Lamb- Royal Caribbean 
Carnival's Lamb Shank was good but perhaps overcooked. 
Royal's Rack of Lamb had a much better taste and texture!

Chilled Soups- Royal Caribbean 
Carnival's Strawberry Bisque was delightful but pale in comparison
to Royal and all of their chilled soup offerings!
Royal's Banana Rum Soup... Perfection!

Royal's Watermelon and Raspberry Chilled Soup was amazing!

Escargot- Tie 
Carnival's Escargot was perfect and not too runny.
The bread was a nice added touch as well! 
Royal's Escargot were bigger and juicier than Carnival's!

Tiramisu- Carnival
It should be noted that this was a complete blowout. Carnival's was magnificent and Royal's was inedible. 
Carnival's Tiramisu was to DIE FOR! Unbelievably good!
Royal's Tiramisu was the biggest disappointment of the MDR menu. 

Seafood Selections- Royal Caribbean
Carnival's Red Snapper was the best seafood
I had ever had... Until Royal Caribbean. But it still was excellent!

Carnival's Oysters Rockerfeller were amazing! Best oysters I have had to date!
Royal Caribbean did NOT offer oysters.

Royal's Silver Corvina was caught fresh and tasted amazing!
Royal's Searred Scallops with Chorizo were fantastic!
I only wish they were a larger portion! 

Duck- Royal Caribbean
Carnival's Smoked Duck and Candied yams was "OK" at best. 
Royal's Duck was delicious!

Melting Cake- Carnival
Carnival's Melting Lava cake is world reknown and I can see why!
Wow... it is AMAZING! 

Royal's was labeled as "Warm Liquid Center" but it was barely
warm and the center was more of a mass than a liquid. 

Classics- Carnival
Carnival's Old Fashioned Apple Pie.... Sometimes you just need comfort food
instead of all the fancy stuff! Carnival did this very well!
Royal's Pork Chops were average.

Pasta- Carnival
Carnival's Linguini with Sausage, Peppers and Onions
was an elegant pasta dish that was seasoned to perfection
Royal's Rigatoni Pomodoro was simple like most of Royal's pasta selections. 

We LOVE cruising and all of these foods and each cruise line has their own outstanding repertoire and specialties. If they could combine forces it would be one heck of a "foodie" cruise. In reality, I cannot wait to try NCL and Princess to throw them into this mix! Maybe one day... SOON! 

God is good... ALL the time! 

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