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Summer 2014... Short but Sensational

June- August 2014
Our Summers Just Keep Getting Better and Better 

School is back in session and The Davis Family summer of 2014 has come to a grinding halt. Once again, this has been an eventful summer break full of family fun and new experiences. At this time last year, I thought we had experienced the "Best Summer Ever" but 2014 proved to be even better! Here is our summer in review: 

June 12th 

Happy Birthday Luke 

While this was only the 2nd official day of summer, it was our baby boy's 2nd birthday! We had a great day of presents, playtime and even a cupcake! It's hard to believe my little guy is already TWO! Where has the time gone? 

Happy Birthday little man... SLOW DOWN! 

June 14th
Luke's Birthday Party 

This was a day filled with family and fun! Chris's parents, my parents, my sister, Grandma Pat and even Uncle Mike had traveled into town to help celebrate Luke's milestone day. We had a baseball themed party full of baseball gifts, baseball attire and even a baseball cookie cake!

Luke LOVED his baseball cookie cake

A house divided- Baseball style! 

Grandma Pat and I at Luke's birthday party! 

June 15th -18th 
"Aunt Sissy" Has Arrived

After waiting to hold my newborn niece for over 2 months, I finally got the chance when we traveled out to Lubbock to see Chris's brother John and his wife Leeanna... And Baby Madisyn, of course. This trip was full of new experiences and family time but most importantly cuddle time with Madisyn! 

Two months is WAY TOO LONG to wait to hold such a sweet baby!

I love you Baby Madisyn! 

My 1st campfire experience... S'MORES! 

June 18th -23rd 
Back to our Roots... With a Minor Glitch 

After we spent time with John, Leeanna and Madisyn we ventured north to Norman, OK where Chris and I first met, got married and spent the first 6 years together. We stayed with one of Chris's best friends and his family in Norman but within hours of arriving in Oklahoma our car broke down and we had to experience a true lesson in patience (More on this experience... ). Although it was not what we expected, we had fun and had a great time with friends. Thanks Jeff and Wendy for hosting us! I would have been COMPLETELY insane if it weren't for y'all! 

Chris and I in front of our very first house in Shawnee! 

So many memories! 

Chris and I in front of Bethel Baptist Church in Norman, OK where we met and were married! 

Natalie and Daddy at Andy Alligator's Fun Park in Norman. 

The minor "glitch" we had to travel around in all week! 

June 26th- 28th 

My parents came in from Arp to join us for our very first "stay-cation". We stayed in and around Houston and had a great time. We went to an Astro's game, Galveston Beach and Traders Village Amusement Park. The kids and us had a blast experiencing these places with Gigi Shirley and Poppy and we hope to make this an ANNUAL thing!  

A Klingsick family tradition- baseball! 

Natalie is our "water baby"... She LOVES the ocean! 

I am raising her up right... LOVING rides from day one! 

June 29th 
TWO Decades 
I traveled to my dad's church, AEBC, in Arp, TX for his 20th anniversary of being the pastor there. My dad had no idea my sister and I were coming and it was truly a special day and moment for all 4 of us! 

Congrats dad on such an amazing career at AEBC!

I cannot believe it has been 20 years! 

My dad... My HERO

July 4th 
Freedom Rings 

This was just another typical July Fourth except for the fact that Natalie faced her fears of Fireworks and Firecrackers by lighting and holding some sparklers we purchased for her. She has been DEATHLY afraid of these since as long as we can remember and she decided she was ready to get over this fear and did just that on this evening! I am so proud of her! 

My little girl is growing up so fast! Facing her fears of fireworks all by herself! 

Way to go Nattie Grace! 

July 5th 
Girls Only Shopping Spree 
Natalie and I traveled to northwest Houston to the Houston Premium Outlet Mall to shop til we drop! We didn't find as many bargains as I had hoped but had a wonderful time nonetheless!

My little shop-a-holic!

July 11th 
The Houston Zoo with all our "monkey" friends from church 

We spent the morning and afternoon with 5 other families from our Sunday School class at church at the Houston Zoo. This was extra special because we visit the zoo frequently but rarely with friends! Natalie and Luke (and mommy and daddy too) had a BLAST! 

Natalie and Cynthia the monkeys!

July 14th- 18th
Agency D3 

Vacation Bible School week and this was one for the record books. I was teaching Preschool Music and Natalie AND Luke got to come and experience music time WITH me! I also led the Preschool Worship time and had one of the most amazing worship experiences of MY LIFE leading these 2-5 year olds in praising Our Lord! Discover... Decide... Defend! 

Natalie and Luke ready for VBS worship rally. 

My little secret agents and I are ready to Discover, Decide and Defend! 

July 18th- 20th 
Davis Family Time 
"Aunt Sissy" appeared again as John, Leeanna and Baby Madisyn came to visit all the way from Lubbock. The weekend was even more special when D'Ann, Chris's sister, came in to town as well! It was a wonderful weekend of family fun and fellowship. 

I have decided I LOVE being an aunt!

July 22nd 
Luke's First Theater Experience 

Chris, my two "minions" and I went to watch Despicable Me 2 for Summer Fun Days at the Movie Theater. This was Luke's 1st time at the movies and he did remarkably well! 

All I have to say is THANK YOU FOR POPCORN! 

This was our saving grace! 

July 25th 
Another New Experience... On the Lake
We visited my teaching partner and good friend, Tammy's, barn and lakehouse where Natalie got to bottle-feed a baby goat and the kids and I got to go fishing for the first time! We may not have caught anything but it was a GREAT experience! Thank you Coach for keeping us entertained! We will see you again soon! 

Natalie feeding "Brown Baby" via a bottle! 

This was so cool and I am so grateful to Tammy for letting Natalie do this! 

I'm nearly 32 years old and I have never been fishing... Crossed it off my bucket list! 

July 26th
Bouncin' Bears 

Our little bears were "a-bouncing and a-rolling" all over the place at this fun INDOOR inflatable amusement park! Even Chris and I got to feel like a kid again as we bounced all around the inflatables! 

My little bear just bouncing all around. 

July 28th 
Chuck E Cheese 

As we approached one of the last weeks of the summer, we asked the kids what they wanted to do for fun and both of them said "Chuck E Cheese". This is one of their favorite places and with 150 tokens to use in the arcade even Chris and I got to be a kid again this time! 

August 1st 
Hi Sam Houston 

As we traveled north to Buffalo, TX to drop the kids off with my parents we made a pit-stop in Huntsville at the Sam Houston Memorial. We travel past this massive monument every time we travel to Arp or Dallas and Natalie has always wanted to stop and see it so we made time this day.

Inside the cabin at the monument site! 

"Wow... this guy is HUGE!"- Natalie

August 3rd- 10th 
Caribbean Cruise #3 
Chris and I fed our "cruise addiction" with our 3rd Caribbean cruise. We traveled on Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and had a BLAST! So much fun that we already have Cruise #4 booked... March 7, 2015! I Cannot wait!

We LOVE Cruising!

August 14th 
"Let's go to the Mall" 
I asked Natalie what she would like to do on our last day before I had to go back to work and she said "Let's go to the mall". She loves going into the Disney Store, riding the carousel and playing with the puppies! I gave her a choice of 2 and she (with the help of Luke) chose the puppy store! Of course, when we got there they chose a beagle to hold! This little one was feisty and a biter!

Natalie loved this little mini-Abbey! 

Even Luke could not keep up with this feisty one!

August 23rd 
Welcome to the COOLEST Party Ever
This is the day we chose to celebrate Natalie's 5th birthday with family and friends. My mom, dad and sister came into town and Gigi Jackie and Grandpa were there too. Natalie had about 6 friends come to her FROZEN party. We decorated the house from top to bottom with FROZEN stuff and even played the part with FROZEN attire. After the party we went to the mall for Natalie and Auntie Allie to do the "Annual Build-a-Bear Trip". Natalie was so excited she could hardly contain her self! It was a great day celebrating my Nattie Grace!

Even Elsa and Anna made an appearance! 

We went all out and decorated everything! 

August 25th 
Happy 1st Day of School and Birthday Natalie
This was my, Chris and Natalie's 1st day of school. My little angel was starting Kindergarten. I shed a few tears to say the least! I think I had 10-20 kids at school ask me if I was OK in the morning! Of course, I am OK but my baby is no longer a baby! It was a great day and it is all down hill from here (literally).

Happy Birthday Miss Natalie!

1st Day of Kindergarten... Class of 2027! 

1st Day of School 2014-2015!

We absolutely LOVE being teachers and being able to spend 2 months alongside our kids during the summer! This summer has proved to be the best one yet and honestly we cannot wait until Summer of 2015... just 172 teaching days left (not that we are counting or anything)! Thank You, Lord for yet again another AMAZING summer with our kids! 

God is good... ALL THE TIME! 

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