Saturday, September 13, 2014

Beep Beep.. Doubled

September 4, 2014
Happy 32nd Birthday... To ME!

Another year came and went and I am now 365 days older. I am going to be honest, I am beginning to feel older but not in a physical way but more of a "brain fart". I have found myself lately thinking "wait, didn't I already do that?" or "Where are my keys/ phone? Wait a minute, I am holding them". I used to think these types of things were happening because I was the mother of an infant but my "baby" boy is now 2 years old and my oldest is 5. I guess it's true what they say... "It's all down hill from here". 

September 4, 2014
The day started bright and early as my romantic husband brought me breakfast in bed at 5:15 AM. This was one of my old favorites Pillsbury cinnamon rolls. Hot and fresh out the oven and the aroma that was being put off throughout my house was incredible. It was nice to be able to enjoy these and not feel completely guilty for breaking my diet! A girl can have sweets on her birthday, even if they are for breakfast. (I paid for it the following day and week honestly, but it was worth it)!

I also had a great time waking Natalie up as she screamed "Mommy, it's YOUR birthday. Can we open presents?". I had to explain to her that Daddy had already left for work so we would have to wait until after school to open gifts! She so desperately wanted me to open hers first. This was a gift she could not wait for me to open as she talked about it in the car and then told several people at school about how "awesome" her gift was. I have to admit, I was getting intrigued; especially since Chris texted me as she purchased it with him saying it was "interesting". 

As soon as we got to school my team-teacher, "Coach" Tammy Schneider, came in to my room and gave me a Happy Birthday balloon and a large bowl of strawberries and kiwis. These were incredible and so ripe and tasted so sweet as a mid-morning snack before my 1st class showed up at 9:15 AM. Tammy has such a sweet giving heart and I love her so much! 

As I was giving my "Meet Mrs. Davis" speech throughout the day I told my classes it was my birthday and so many of them gave me hugs and even cards by the end of the day! During lunch time I got several hugs and even gifts from some of my older students who were told by Tammy it was my birthday! After my lunch duty was over I returned to my room to find Tammy and the rest of the SPECIALS team with Chick-fil-A lunch waiting for me. This was so nice and unexpected and I am so appreciative! Once again, Tammy is such a great friend and teaching partner! 

Once Natalie and I got home I found the most beautiful arrangement of flowers waiting on my bar from the kids! Gigi Jackie (My MIL) is so thoughtful and these were perfect! 
The flowers Luke picked out for me! 

These were perfect!

We then ate my birthday dinner of sushi which was a perfect way to end the day. After that we opened the rest of the gifts from Natalie and Chris. Chris got me an amazing and gigantic Texas Star to put on the front of our house. I have been wanting one of these since we moved down here and despite having lived in our house for 2 years, I am now officially a TEXAS HOME OWNER because of this star! I will post pictures once it is hung up! Natalie's gift was interesting indeed as it was a large lawn ornament of a beagle at a fire hydrant. She told me it was a smaller "Abbey" that I could look at all the time! Yeah, I have no idea where I will keep it but it was in fact, the most unique gift I have ever gotten and so special since Natalie chose it all by herself. 

Natalie's "Abbey" she got for me! It is in fact INTERESTING!

My Texas Star... Thank you honey! I LOVE it!

August 23, 2014
The previous weekend after Natalie's birthday party my parents and sister took me shopping for a new wardrobe since none of the clothes currently in my closet fit anymore (WooHoo... Thank you Plexus; 80 pounds and 53 inches gone). This was awesome because despite the lack of time we had to shop, I was able to get 5 different outfits within a matter of minutes and all in smaller sizes; much smaller sizes. In fact, the smallest sizes I have ever worn or purchased. I have NEVER been able to wear a size 10! Next, it is SINGLE DIGITS! Just 15 more pounds to go! It was such a wonderful feeling to find things right off the rack and not have to order from the Plus Size catalog! My sister even completed the look of these outfits with fancy jewelry. I have worn these outfits all week and got so many compliments! Thank you mom, dad and Allison for making me look fancy and feel pretty again! 

September 5, 2014
On Friday evening after school Dan and Jackie took us all out to my favorite restaurant Chuy's for yet another birthday celebration! This, too, was special because we very rarely visit this restaurant anymore because of our changed lifestyle so once again, I was splurging and breaking the diet! Let me tell you, it felt good! Well at least while at Chuy's... I paid for it later in the evening! 

We then went back to Dan and Jackie's house to open their gifts and eat Cookie Cake. Little did Chris and I know that Dan and Jackie got cupcakes for us to eat as well! Talk about a sugar overload! Jackie then had me open their gift which she prefaced by saying "This is part 1 of 2... well if you want part 2." Once again, I was intrigued and opened the gift immediately. It was a glass/ crystal bird bath with OU on it! Very unique and special! The 2nd part is a cast iron stand to have it sit on if I choose to put it outside. This is a very fancy glass dish so I am unsure about putting it outside but I am still debating it! It is gorgeous nonetheless! 

I have never seen anything like this! It is gorgeous! Thanks y'all!

The Cookie Cake Chris picked out for me! It was a M&M cookie! Pretty cool.. .and tasty! 

Here is the MASSIVE cupcake Dan and Jackie got me! It was the best cupcake I have EVER had! Thanks y'all!

Overall, it was an EXCELLENT day and sandwich weekends! I am so grateful to my husband, parents, sister, in-laws and kids for helping spoil me with gifts and for sharing this day with me! Y'all are amazing! 

It is crazy to think that I have double my life since my 16th birthday, which was a monumental birthday in and of itself. As a 16 year old I would imagine what my life would be like when I got "older" but I never imagined it to be this good! I truly am BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE! Thank you, Lord for Your continued blessings! 

God is good... ALL the time!  

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