Saturday, September 27, 2014

Concerts, Recitals and Games... Where do you find time?

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

So it is that time of year again… Fall is upon us and school is just rolling right along. Natalie is in kindergarten and enjoying almost every minute. She is doing so much better than a few weeks ago and I attribute this ALL to her teacher. She was out on maternity leave for the first 2 weeks of school and since has returned and her class has done almost a complete 180* turn. All of my teacher friends told me she was the best and this just proves it!
Since school is now more under way and all of us are more confident in the rituals and routines, it is time to start thinking about the extra-curricular events for Natalie. In the past she has done dance or gymnastics 1 day a week during the evening time but this year I am just struggling to find the time for this. I realize that in order for this to work I will have to MAKE time but just looking at my schedule I do not think it is possible. 

I am feeling like a terrible mother right now because I want her to be in all of these events and activities but I just do not see the time. Not to mention what we would do with little Luke. We ARE IN AWANA at our church which is a large time commitment in and of itself. That means our Wednesday is full and only leaves us 3 more weekdays. And of course Chris has tutoring every Thursday and alternating Wednesdays so that is out of the question really because that means I would have to take Natalie to her event and have Luke tag along with us. This is possible but a real headache on me. So I ask you, where do my mom friends find time for all of this without going insane or being unbelievably tired.

Fortunately, for the time being, dance and gymnastics at the Rec Center do not start for another 3-4 weeks so that gives us some time to think about our options as well as rest up for what might be a crazy busy fall!

God is good… All the time!

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