Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Near Perfect Bill of Health

December 16, 2014 

So I went into the new district Wellness Clinic this morning for my Health Risk Assessment follow-up appointment. I already had my blood drawn for the what seems like "gazillion" tests that they take the week before Thanksgiving break. This was merely a "discussion follow-up" with the doctor for him to go over all my blood and lab work and basically tell me if I am "at risk" for any health issue. To be honest, I did not know what to expect at this visit but what I got was not even imaginable in my WILDEST dreams! 

I had the very first appointment of the day at 7am because I had heard that they run far behind on a daily basis with these types of visits. I guess too many people ask lots of questions. The nurse took my weight, height, blood pressure and pulse before the doctor came in with the paper work from the lab results. My blood pressure was almost perfect at 118/80 and pulse was normal at 95 bpm. The weight was 1.2 pounds higher than 3 weeks ago but I was happy with that number since I knew I had not been faithful to my diet the past 3 weeks (honestly, this is an understatement... I have been TERRIBLE the past 3 weeks so thanks to Plexus, once again, I am only up 1.2 pounds)! 

The doctor came in and explained all the tests and told me that all of my vitals were great and everything, literally EVERYTHING, was in the "normal/good" range and in some cases, they were "exceptionally good". My cholesterol was especially good and he seemed very impressed with that. He explained the red blood counts, white blood counts and you name it. At the very end he continues with "However, you could stand to lose a few pounds". The rest of our conversation went like this: 

Me- Well actually, sir, I have lost over 80 pounds since this time last year so I am happy with those 80 pounds lost. 

Doctor- Well that is good but you are still (brief pause for him to look up chart) 23 pounds overweight and will be classified as "over-weight" until those 23 pounds come off. AND it looks like you gained some weight since your blood draw. 

Me- (With jaw on the floor mind you) Well, sir, like I mentioned before I am happy with the weight I am at now and will continue to work towards my goal weight in January. Plus, it is the holidays and I am glad it was only 1.2 pounds gained. 

Doctor- Almost rudely interrupting, yes but that is a gain and you need to go in the opposite direction (laughing as he said that). Would you like for one of our wellness dietitians to call you about your diet program? 

Me- No sir, I lost those 80 by myself and I am confident that I can lose these 23 pounds so I will not be (making the quotes in the air) "23 pounds over-weight". 

Doctor- Ok ma'am. It is just my job to tell people of their health issues. 

Me- (cutting him off with an attitude I'm sure) Well you do it well, sir! 

I'm just glad the nurse took my blood pressure BEFORE this conversation because afterwards would have surely been high since I wanted to punch the guy in the face! The follow-up then ended and I made my way out the door. The funny part had only begun as Natalie then was asking why the doctor kept saying "23". It was like that number would haunt me for the rest of the day! 

I am so excited about my clean and near perfect bill of health. I was not expecting such a good report from this follow-up. I didn't know what to expect but not this good. I knew Plexus was helping me with my weight loss but despite reading all the fantastic testimonies of lowered blood pressure, cholesterol and so much more, this was the first time it became apparent in MY life. I think I was dancing on CLOUD 9! And despite the rudeness of the doctor, I was excited about being ONLY 23 pounds away from my target/goal weight! Just a year ago I was 103 pounds away! Thank you Plexus... I know I say it all the time but THANK YOU FOR CHANGING MY LIFE!  

80 pounds down and ONLY 23 to go! 

God is good... ALL THE TIME! 

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