Thursday, December 4, 2014

We Will Remember

Wednesday, November 26, 2014 
The Best is Yet to Come 

Remember Your Past
God has been so good to my family and I and as this Thanksgiving season approaches us I am reminded of just how much He has done for us. I remember times at OU when I thought I would die alone and never have a family. I was a young and naive 22 year old who thought the world was going to end because all of my friends has a boyfriend and I did not. Then in January of 2005 God sent Chris Davis my way to help me keep control of my 3-6 grade Children's Choir. He was the perfect "bouncer" for this group of boys and girls and his sense of humor really struck gold with me. We started dating in January 2005 and in July of the same year we were engaged to be married. About 7 months later I became Mrs. Kellie Davis and started down this amazing journey called marriage.

During the past 8.5 years Chris and I have had our ups and downs and lived through some amazing trials and tribulations but through it all we have grown closer to each other and more importantly closer to God. We have suffered through the lesson in patience of trying to conceive a child and those were the hardest 13 months of my life. I remember thinking "Why God? Why me? Will I ever be able to have a family?" Chris and I prayed and prayed for God to bless us with a child and eventually after many prayers and many tears in November 2008 we learned we were expecting our 1st child. For those of you that know my pregnancy/ birth story know that 9+ months later, Miss Natalie Grace was born. Thank you Lord for Natalie Grace. I cannot even imagine my life without her.

Shortly after Natalie's birth we learned that Chris would be laid off from his Management  Job in Oklahoma City. When Natalie was 8 weeks old Chris became a stay at home dad. We expected this to last for a mere 3-4 months but it became 15 months far too quickly. We were suddenly faced with the decision of moving to Texas to pursue a teaching job for Chris. During that 15th month we learned that Chris was offered a full-time teaching job in the Houston metro area. We took the plunge and moved to Conroe, TX with 1 full-time job and hoping and praying I could find a job as well. During the summer months of 2011 I searched the Houston metro far and wide for a band job with no luck and eventually decided to look into the elementary music field. Sure enough, in late July I was offered an elementary music job in Spring ISD and so began the new road in my teaching career. Thank you Lord for these jobs and new life opportunities.

Later in 2011 as we were living with my in-laws we discovered that while it took 15 months to conceive Natalie, it didn't take but 2 months to conceive child #2... Ooops. We thought it was an Ooops at the time only because we were living with my in-laws but it turned out to be anything but an Ooops. Through that we received David Luke in June 2012 who has completely turned our lives upside down and I could not have asked for more of blessing. He is exactly what I wanted and so much more. Thank you Lord for "Lukey"... I love him more and more each and every day.

In September 2012 we closed on our new home in Conroe, TX and were blessed beyond measure. We never in our wildest dreams thought we would be able to afford the size and quality of a house that we ended up in. Thank You Jesus for our house that we now call home.

Reflect Your Present
We have been through a lot and it has brought us to where we are now. This year Natalie started Kindergarten and was able to come to school with me. She has also accepted the gift of Jesus Christ and has asked Jesus into her heart. Chris and I both are striving at work and enjoying our jobs and careers. Despite not being in the band room I am still enjoying what I do and I know that right now I am supposed to be the "mom" not the "band director". Luke is growing as fast as ever and developing into an honery little boy.

Rejoice in Your Future 
Through all of the ups and downs we have always managed to land on our feet and we have maintained such a wonderful life. This is not luck but the hand of God at work. We are so blessed and we are continuing to count our blessings and name them one by one but I am continuously thinking about how the BEST IS YET TO COME. Looking back at all the blessings He has given us I cannot even imagine how much better it will be but I know... my future is in His hands. I cannot wait to see what is on the horizon.

On Sunday, November 23rd during the worship service at Mims Baptist Church Pastor Gene Kendrick brought these simple points and reminders to our attention and then had the 120 member choir and orchestra move the congregation to sing a moving rendition of "We Will Remember". This brought tears to my eyes as I remembered my past, reflected my present and rejoiced in my future. Great is thy Faithfulness has always been and will always be my all-time favorite hymn but the words of "We Will Remember" have really hit home this week. The words of this song speak to even the hardest of hearts:

We will remember, we will remember
We will remember the works of Your hands
We will stop and give you praise
For great is Thy faithfulness

You're our creator, our life sustainer
Deliverer, our comfort, our joy
Throughout the ages You've been our shelter
Our peace in the midst of the storm

With signs and wonders You've shown Your power
With precious blood You showed us Your grace
You've been our helper, our liberator
The giver of life with no end

When we walk through life's darkest valleys
We will look back at all You have done
And we will shout, our God is good
And He is the faithful One

Hallelujah, hallelujah
To the one from whom all blessings flow
Hallelujah, hallelujah
To the one whose glory has been shown

I still remember the day You saved me
The day I heard You call out my name
You said You loved me and would never leave me
And I've never been the same

We Will Remember

Thank you Lord! I will STOP and give You praise for GREAT IS YOUR FAITHFULNESS! 

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