Thursday, June 25, 2015

Do You Believe in Magic... Sea Day #1

We have had our FILL with Tropical Storm "BILL
Monday, June 15, 2015 

Despite not being able to sleep most of the night due to the massive amount of swaying of the ship, I was up and at 'em by the regular 6AM. Chris had already left to go jogging by this time and completed 4 miles on the jogging track. I on the other hand was only able to make it around the track 1 lap before I had to stop because I was not able to stay on my feet. We didn't realize it at the time but we were facing tropical storm "BILL" and it's 50+ MPH winds! It was pretty intense but will make for some GREAT memories! I finished my 2 miles on the treadmill in the gym. Then Chris and I went to play our traditional game of mini-golf. Chris won this time by 1 stroke as we played match-play. I will have a rematch on the Carnival Triumph in November... you're going down Chris Davis.

This picture does not even begin to describe the crazy seas.
Notice all of the empty deck chairs! Everyone was inside! The Pool was even closed!

Chris playing (and winning) at Mini- Golf. 

A video of the waves, winds and choppy seas!

Another video of the crazy day at sea we had on Monday!

The Main Pool will give you a real idea of how crazy it really was! 

After showering and preparing for the day we went to the Seaday Brunch in the Main Dining Room. This was just as we remembered it on the Conquest in 2013 as it offered both breakfast and lunch, even dessert! During the entire meal the plates and tables were swaying and the drinks were spilling over randomly. Even the wait staff, who spend their lives on moving vessels, were feeling the waves and having trouble standing and walking.

Sea Day Brunch is AWESOME and you should check it out while on Carnival ships!
They serve from 8:30AM to 1:00PM!

This was taking around 10AM and the seas were especially choppy!
Notice all the waves in the background!

 Upon completion of our breakfast we went to guest services to try to plead our case to open the balcony. They were nice but were almost laughing at me as they were not allowed to open these Cove Balcony rooms since they were only 15-20 feet above the water line. A Cove Balcony is actually in the hull of the ship, this is why they are so close to the water level. The potential for wave surges were too high to warrant opening the balconies. I was very nice but wanted the record to show that I paid for a balcony room and now have missed a FULL DAY of using it! We were compensated 1 free drink each but I still feel as if this was not enough.

This is the sign that was posted at Guest Services. We were traveling just on the outside of the center of the storm. The wave surges were 12-15 feet! 

A more detailed picture of the storm and our course!

We went to the Captain's Intro, where we were introduced to the Captain and his officers followed by a Fun Aboard and Fun Ashore show that highlighted all of the activities offered both on board and on land. If you are new to cruising or new to the itinerary you are sailing I highly advice you to go to this show on the 1st Sea Day. It is offered on all Carnival ships and is worth the 45 minutes. Since our itinerary had changed and the times in port had changed, all of the shore excursions had to be rescheduled for all 4,700 people on board. This was a nightmare and a hassle but Carnival handled it very well. It was confusing but when it was all said and done, they took care of it and of us! I was impressed!

This was the info we were given for Shore Excursions. You had to find your excursion and starting time and then look for your new time. It was somewhat confusing but once again I was impressed with how Carnival handled it! 

We did in fact have an excursion that was booked with a private company, not with Carnival, so we had to deal with the hassle of calling and emailing them and try to reschedule. It was pain and took over an hour at Guest Services but we were able to get it cancelled and then book a new excursion through Carnival for Cozumel. 

We went to Cucina del Capitano for the complementary lunch pasta bar. This came highly recommended from Cruise Critic and we were anxious to try it out. The food was delicious and I would go there every day it was offered if I sailed on the Magic again. If you sail on the Magic (The Dream offers it too) be sure to check it out on Sea Day lunches! We spent the next few hours enjoying the aft hot-tubs and meeting some amazing fellow cruisers from Texas. The sun was not shining but Chris still managed to get a sunburn.

The beautiful entrance to Cucina del Captiano.

The sun finally made an appearance and you could literally hear the whole ship whoop and holler with excitement. We knew the sun meant even more of a burn so we went back to the room to get ready for dinner. As we entered our cabin we saw some deck workers in our balcony ready to open the massive and heavy steel doors. Within minutes our balcony was open and we felt like our vacation had FINALLY started. We got ready for dinner and spent nearly an hour in the shade of our balcony watching the waves roll by. Both of our mindsets had changed and were ready to have the time of our lives.

These chairs have been calling my name since Sunday at noon!
It is FINALLY time to enjoy them! 

The view we had from our balcony!

Balcony time had finally started! Thank you LORD! 

1st official balcony selfie! So incredibly excited! 

It was formal night and we were going to make the most of it... even if it meant Chris wearing jeans and tennis shoes, which he did! We went down to the Ocean Plaza to meet James, the cruise director (Not a fan... at all), and the Captain. This is the second ship in a row wherein we were the first to take a picture with the Captain. Most cruise ships do this or some type of Meet and Greet with the Captain on the 1st formal night and it is such a great feeling to meet the captain and take a picture with him! Take 10-15 minutes and get a picture... you will not regret it! This will be a memory we will always have as everyone is all dressed up and there's Chris in jeans and a polo shirt! We will never forget... Love memories like this!

Formal Night #1... Ready to go!  I am so lucky and grateful that I packed this dress in my own suitcase and not the garment bag! 

Chris and I on formal night from our balcony!

Chris and I with James, the Cruise Director!

Chris and I with the Captain of the Carnival Magic!

Dinner in the Main Dining Room was outstanding and the menu featured Filet Migon and Lobster tails. We wanted to make up for lost time so after dinner we spent over and hour on the balcony before going to the 70s music trivia in the Ocean Plaza. We did not do well on this trivia but wanted to keep this theme for the night so we headed to the Vibe Nightclub for 70s and 80s night! It was awesome to dance and have fun listening to classic 70s and 80s songs. However, I think we enjoyed the people watching more!
The 1st time Chris and I have been "clubbing"! 70s and 80s night was a LOT of fun! 

We were tired from a lack of the sleep the night before so we called it a night early at 11:30PM. The day started off with some "waves", literally and figuratively speaking, but it ended well and we knew our vacation was going to be AWESOME! 

Next up... Sea Day #2!

God is good... ALL the time! 

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