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Do You Believe in Magic... Sea Day #2

The Real Fun FINALLY Begins
Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Our view from our balcony this morning!
The seas are much less choppy!

The sun was out and we were feeling refreshed after a decent night's sleep and smoother seas. We were ready for a FULL day of adventures on the high seas as we explored this MASSIVE beautiful ship. As usual, Chris was up early and ran 4 miles on the jogging track and lifted weights in the gym before I could get out there and run my 2 miles on the jogging track. Today's run was SO MUCH EASIER than yesterday's as the seas were much less choppy and rough.

We will see you soon WaterWorks!

Did 2.2 miles on the high seas! I am feeling good! 

It was still pretty windy but WAY BETTER than yesterday!

Chris and I showered and got ready and went to investigate the Lido Breakfast buffet. While it looked good enough to eat, we opted to get the full service breakfast in the Main Dining Room. The food was very good despite the service being slower than usual but I still think the experience is much better than that of the buffet. Enjoy your vacation and get full service breakfast at the MDR on a cruise... In my opinion the food is better and much less rushed feeling. 

We beat the crowds... It looked good enough but we LOVE the full-service option of the Main Dining Room! Do be advised that the lines are LONG around 8:00-9:30AM!

We knew the afternoon was going to be loaded with activities and after Chris getting a sunburn from overcast the day before we knew we need lots of sunscreen so we went back to the room to get lathered up. We headed towards the WaterWorks water park before the crowds... or so we thought. Despite it only being 9:45AM there was still a line of nearly 20-30 people kids. We decided to stay in the line because we really wanted to have fun and live like a kid! This water park, WaterWorks, had 2 large water slides, 2 small racing slides for the toddlers, and a very large splash pad area. It was amazing and so much fun... especially for being on a cruise ship. Cut loose and have fun... like a kid! Sliding down a water slide in the middle of ocean in a thrill that EVERYONE should experience at least once in their lifetime!

Chris and I on our way to the water slides! 

A view of the middle and aft of the ship from the top of the water slides! 

Chris going down the TWISTER water slide. 

Here are the height requirements for kids to go down either of the water slides. 

We had a GREAT time at WaterWorks and I highly recommend it to ANYONE cruising on the Magic!

Me riding down the TWISTER water slide... This was about my 4th time to go down this one! 

Here is an overview of the WaterWorks Water Park. It pretty much outlines all it has to offer! I apologize about the lack of steadiness...It was still pretty windy! Enjoy! 
WaterWorks Introduction

After having fun with the kids we decided to go and hang out with the adults on the Serenity Deck. We were lucky enough to get a large comfortable hammock and laid there for over an hour before realizing we were hungry and wanted to get lunch.

A view of the Serenity Deck from the stairs up to the water slides.

Time for some SERENITY deck! 

We opted to avoid the Lido buffet as this seemed to be where all 4,700 people congregated continuously. On the Lanai deck there was an Oceanside BBQ offered which was much less crowded and offered a delicious and LIVE BBQ on the open decks. If you sail on the Magic I would recommend trying this lunch option on Deck 5 instead of the insanely busy Lido buffet. The food will be better, the lines will be shorter and the experience is more unique! Try it out... You will not regret it!
The Oceanside BBQ offerings! It was delicious!
Avoid the lines and check this out for Sea Day lunches! 

A look behind the scenes of the Oceanside BBQ... Lots of workers getting ready for us!
Carnival really knows how to do service! 

After lunch as we were walking around the ship Chris noticed he was missing his Sail and Sign card so we immediately went to Guest Services to get him a new one. Another perk of FTTF is our own priority line at Guest Services, which meant we could bypass the otherwise long line of 5-10 people at any given moment. They discontinued his previous card and set him up a new folio number and we were ready to go back out and have some fun! We decided to go back to our balcony and enjoy the sun and the beauty of the open seas, especially since we had missed it the previous days. The time of day was perfect for sitting on the balcony as the lifeboats above us provided us with nice shade to prevent burning! 

We enjoyed the balcony for quite some time before headed down to the Spotlight Lounge for the Love and Marriage show. This is a great show because you get to hear stories from real couples on the boat. We knew there were people getting married on the boat as they board just right before we did but we didn't realize how many people were married on board and were honeymooners. There were 4 couples who got married on board and over 10 couples who were honeymooning, of course not all of them were in attendance at this show as some of them were still in their cabins! This show was not as funny and comical as that we have seen on Royal Caribbean and even other Carnival cruises but since there is no way of knowing what is going to happen and it depends on the other guests response it can vary from cruise to cruise. None the less, we had fun watching the other couples relive some of their funny stories!

The sun is out and so are the crowds! I swear all 4,700 guests were on a deck chair!

This is what you will expect on the Carnival Magic (or any large ship for that matter) on any given day... Especially a sunny day! Be forewarned and get there early if you want a deck chair! 

The next thing on our afternoon agenda was Tea Time, which proved to be one of the biggest surprises and one of our favorite things to do on Sea Days. We were greeted by the Main Dining Room staff and given hot water and tea varieties. Then we were served delicious cakes, scones, macaroons and even fresh strawberries and cream. This was very high class, especially for Carnival, and we thoroughly enjoyed it! This is something that is not to be missed while on the Magic! 

Since I do not care for tea we went to the on board coffee shop and got my usual iced Vanilla Latte and let me just say... It was not Starbucks! I remember how well I enjoyed the actual Starbucks on board the Royal Caribbean Navigator and I was very much let down! Then Chris decided to join the singing ranks and participate in karaoke. He sang "Wonderwall" by Oasis and did a fantastic job!

Chris singing "Wonderwall" during Karaoke time!

Now it was time to clean up and go to another wonderful dinner in the Main Dining Room. Chris went to play fuse ball while I got ready and went undefeated against his opponents, he dominated his opponents never allowing more than 2 goals in any match... But he was impressed with himself and had fun and that is all that counts. We had been arriving for dinner around 5:30PM despite the dining room opening at 5:45PM. Carnival was consistent with being on time and in most cases early which I very much appreciate. Since Chris got caught up in his game he was late getting ready and we did not make it to dinner until nearly 6PM where we found a line of about 40-50 people deep. We were still seated and ordering with 15 minutes and this was also consistent with Carnival. Overall the service proved to be consistent and in some cases better than that we have experienced in the past with both Carnival and Royal Caribbean. During our dessert time we were brought a cake to congratulate our anniversary and additional cruise with Carnival. The waiters sang to us and Chris and were put on the kissing spotlight. It was loads of fun and a great memory!

Our waiter was so fast that I missed taking a picture of the entire cake!
I love you Chris Davis and cannot wait to spend our next anniversary sailing with you!
Then we headed to the Comedy Club for some comedy by "Cowboy Comedian" Jon Weddling. This was a "PG" show and family friendly and there was standing room only! We only missed a few minutes but we were left in the back. His show was hilarious and we both enjoyed it! Since the comedy club had both "PG" and Adult shows they required us to completely clear the venue at the end of each show to ensure no kids remained in the audience. While they cleared and cleaned the venue we went to take comedic pictures of us dressing up like Pirates. Poor Chris didn't have any formal clothes so this would be the one picture we would buy this cruise! 

We went back for the adult comedy show in the Comedy Club and I was highly offended by amount of cursing and topic discussion. There were 2 more shows that evening but we both agreed this style of comedy was not for us. A word to the wise for those who are going to the Comedy Club... The adult shows are pretty bad so be prepared. The "PG" are more highly attended because they are earlier and have added people in the addition of kids, so be sure to get there early if you want a seat. Also, don't look at the line to get into the Comedy Club and think "Oh wow... never-mind". Despite the length of line you will more than likely be able to get in and find a seat. The venue holds over 350 guests and is quite large. We enjoyed the Comedy Club but be forewarned of these tips before you go! 

Comedy Club time! We did have some laughs but again, know it can be vulgar! 

We explored the ship a little bit more that evening before going to bed for the night since we would be in port tomorrow at Jamaica! It was a great day of exploring the ship and having FUN! 

Next up... Jamaica and Horseback Riding in the Ocean! 

God is good... ALL the time! 

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