Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Stinky Socks and a Very Intuitive 6 Year Old

Countdown to #TriumphantThanksgiving
Tuesday, November 10, 2015 

It is mid-November and it is time to start thinking about the holidays and especially Thanksgiving. This year we are taking the kids on their 1st cruise with my parents and sister. However, it is a SURPRISE to the kids. We are sailing out on Thanksgiving day and we all cannot wait.  Chris and I are addicted to cruising (literally, we have 4 more planned/ booked after this one) and my parents are avid cruisers as well but this will be the first cruise for not only the kids but my sister as well. There has been a lot of talk amoungst the adults the past few weeks and months but we have kept Thanksgiving and the whole holiday week pretty low key at our house. 

So this evening at dinner Chris and I were discussing Thanksgiving with Natalie and what we would do on our days off of school. We discussed food preparations for the big meal (Thank you Carnival) and other things but Natalie says she wants to go to the beach.  

Then the rest of the conversation went like this: 
Me- I want to go somewhere warm. 

Chris- I want to go someplace where I don't have cook. 

Natalie- I want to go someplace where I don't have to do homework. 

Me- I want to go someplace where I don't have to clean.

Natalie- I want to go someplace where I can sleep in until it's daytime and not nighttime because I am always tired when you wake me up before the sun comes up. 

Luke- (loudly interrupting with food still in his mouth)
 hey, it's my turn... Stinky socks.
We all laugh at our little "Class Clown" boy!

Natalie- I want to go someplace special that we have never been to. 

Chris- I want to go someplace where I can eat anything I want. 

Natalie- I want to go someplace and sleep like in a hotel. And I can swim in a pool. 

Luke- ...and a hot tub! Oh and stinky socks (seriously, it literally happened this way)

Me- I want to go someplace where I can do whatever I want, whenever I want.  

Chris- I want to go somewhere to get away from my fam... (He didn't get to finish before Natalie interrupted) 

Natalie- I want to go on a cruise! 

So then there was an awkward silence and Chris and I's faces turn bright red... Meanwhile, Natalie is looking back and fourth between Chris and I and you can tell the wheels are turning. Then... 

Luke- Hey, hey STINKY SOCKS

We changed topics real soon but let's just say... I think she has an idea at the very least. This is going to be a LONG 15 days of keeping this crazy exciting secret. 

God is good.. ALL the time! 


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