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Stitch Fix #5 Review

Stitch Fix #5 Review 
October 2015

It’s time for Fix #5 and I am excited. I knew I would want a fix in mid-November as I would be going on another cruise over Thanksgiving Break with my kids and family but I couldn’t help myself… I decided to throw in an extra fix in October. Fix #4 kind of left a bad taste in my mouth for whatever reason (You can read about that fix HERE) and I just wanted a “re-do” so to speak. So I scheduled one for early October to see if there were some great FALL items in this fix. This fix was also a small disappointment as yet again, the minor issues (mostly sizing) made it difficult to keep most of them.

Noelle Lightweight Chevron Stripe Cardigan ($48)
My stylist really listened (THANK YOU) and sent me a size small in this standard high-low style cardigan. I had asked for a small since the Jade Draped Open cardigan in a medium from Fix #4 was way too big. This fit nearly perfect and I loved the overall look of this cardigan. Plus, it was lightweight and I felt like I could wear in Houston in the fall/ winter without burning up from the added weight and heat. The arms were a little tight and I realized only a tank top would work with it. I tried many styles of under layering shirts like long sleeve and short sleeve but each of them would bunch up underneath the cardigan because the cardigan itself was too small in the arms. Despite asking for a small in this particular cardigan a medium would have been better. I feel bad because I did specifically ask for a small but I should have been more specific…

1.       Open/ Draped Cardigans- Small BUT
2.       Regular/ Form fitting Cardigans- Medium/ Large.
In addition, this one kept laying funny on the left hand side of my chest, as if it was made wrong or something. I tried everything to get it to lay down properly but it just kept bothering me. I sent it back with a frown because I really liked the style.

See how it laid on the left shoulder kinda weird?
I just was not comfortable so why spend the money? 

Marson Wide Leg Denim Trouser ($78)
These jeans were so comfortable and I really liked the style. They were black and I would have preferred denim or blue color but I did like the style very much. Once again, my short person genes came into play as these were WAY too long. I was stepping on the last 3-4 inches every time I would walk and even with wedges or heels they were just not going to work. The price point was much better and the wide leg style is EXACTLY what I want… I just need a petite. I sent them back!

I really did like this pants... A LOT! But need at least 2 inches shorter. 

A whole ensemble look with the cardigan and the jeans!
I loved the look but just couldn't pull trigger. 

Kira Printed Maxi Skirt ($58)
This skirt was perfect and I loved everything about it. It fit great and once I rolled the waist over a few times it was even short enough for me. I was able to wear it with a casual blouse and a cute jean vest for a more "hip" look and then i was able to wear a dressier blouse and wear it that way too. It was a great find and buy. Honestly, it was still pricey for me but I went ahead and kept it!

I LOVE this one!

A complete look with the skirt, a solid tank and my fancy jean vest!
I kept this one and I am glad I did... It is AWESOME! 

Grove Lace Panel Knit Top ($48)
This shirt was very cute and I really liked the look of it on the hanger but once I got it on I felt like it just did not fit the way I wanted it to. It was sort of tight in the arms and the main thing I did not like about it was the length. It just seemed too short for me. I felt like I would ALWAYS have to wear a long cami underneath it. That and the high price tag made me pass on this one. I sent it back. 

A larger size and I would have kept this one too!
Love the lace detail. 

Leighton Metal Bauble Necklace ($34)This was a simple yet elegant silver Bauble necklace that could be worn with so many things from dressy to casual. I really liked it and now wish I would have kept it. I returned it solely because I kept the silver one from a previous fix. Again, I now wish I would have kept it! 

I really liked this necklace... Should have kept it!

Fix #5 was a good fix and despite only keeping 1 item I still enjoyed this fix. I went ahead and placed a fix to be shipped the 3rd week of November. I am headed on yet another cruise with my kids and I am interested to see what items my stylist will send for that. I also would like to see more open cardigans (following the guidelines I described above) as well as layering shirts for the crazy fickle Houston weather. I am pleased with this service but I think I will take a hard look at it after this next fix. I really would like to see more budget friendly items in this fix and the rest of my fixes going forward. 

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God is good... All the time! 

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