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Food... an After-Thought- Carnival Legend

If It Ain't Broke... Don't Fix It
Carnival's "Old" MenuCarnival LegendJune 21-28, 2016

Chris and I are not only cruise addicts but let’s be honest, we are FOOD ADDICTS TOO! And when it comes to cruising this is one of the things we look forward to the most. Since we have sailed on Carnival many times this food was not new to us and we were not trying to "taste everything". In fact, we reviewed our previous blogs and knew what we liked and what we did not. There was still some "taste testing" but not near as much as previous cruises.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016
Lunch- Lido Buffet
Kellie- 2.0 (BAD... even for Carnival)  
Chris- 2.5 

Dinner- MDR

Night #1 Menu

Carnival's Nightly Breadbasket- 1.0
AND it got worse each night! 

Kiss on the Lips- Where has this been?
I've never ordered it before and  I loved this!

Cream of Sun Ripened Tomatoes- 5.0
Easily the best tomato soup I have ever had... a MUST try!

Linguine with Italian Sausage
Kellie- 4.5 
Chris- 4.0 Very good

Fried Chicken Tenders- 4.5 (Perfect breading and sauce) 

Sweet and Sour Shrimp
Kellie- 4.5 (Excellent and perfectly seasoned)
Chris- 4.0 (delicious)

Tender Braised Beef- 4.5 (tender and pleasant surprise) 

Night #1 Dessert Menu

Creme Brulee
Kellie- 4.5 Still not as good as Royal Caribbean BBB
Chris- 4.0

Black Forest Gateau- 4.0

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Breakfast- SeaDay Brunch (MDR)
The SeaDay brunch bread basket- 3.5

Eggs Benedict- 4.0 (very Good) 

Cheddar Grits- 4.0

 Kellie Customized Omelet- 4.0

Kellie Frosted Flake French Toast- 2.0
Yuck... This is not my thing! It tasted Stale!

Chris Blueberry Pancakes- 4.5 (exactly what I want in a Blueberry pancake) 

Banana Cream Pie
Kellie- 5.0 (Best dessert on the ship but like the butterscotch ice cream better)  
Chris- 4.5 (PB ice cream was an excellent addition) 

Lunch- Bonsai Sushi
"Boat for 2" combo ($17)- 4.0
Edmame was fantastic

The Japanese soup was very good and more flavorful than what we get at home.

The Boat for 2

4 different kinds of sushi.

This sushi was incredible!

Dinner- MDR 
Night #2 (first formal) Menu

Chris Spaghetti Carbonara- 4.0 (would have been better with a red sauce

Spicy Alligator Fritters
Kellie- 4.0
Chris- 4.0 (the sauce made the dish) 

Baked Stuff White Mushrooms- 4.5

Broiled Main Lobster Tail and Black Tiger Shrimp
Kellie- 4.5
Chris- 4.5

Prime Rib- 5.0 

Night #2 Dessert Menu

Strawberry Bisque- 4.5

Chris International Cheese Plate- .5 (usually one of my favorites but it was AWFUL this time) 

Happy Anniversary Cake (Thanks Carnival)
Kellie- 2.5 too chocolaty
Chris- 3.0

Thursday, June 23. 2016

Breakfast- MDR
Omelet- 3.5
Waffles- 3.0

Lunch- Room Service
* we were taking pictures of the glaciers not the food... SORRY! 
Tuna Sandwich- 2.0
Grilled Cheese- 1.5
BLT- 4.5 (Need to order from RS more often)
Turkey Sandwich- 3.5

Dinner- MDR 
Night #3 Menu

Nightly Wine Menu

This was the wine we ordered with our $25 gift certificate for our anniversary and it was REALLY good! Thanks Carnival

Smoked Chicken Quesadilla- 3.5
This was burnt but otherwise it was perfect!

Shrimp Cocktail- 2.0

A Study in Sushi- 4.0
This was not near as good as Bonsai the day before

Penne Mariscos
Kellie- 4.5+

Chris- 4.0

Traditional Meatloaf- 3.5
There was NOTHING traditional about this

Southern Fried Chicken- 4.0

Jerk Pork Loin- 4.0

We skipped dessert this night! 

Friday, June 24, 2016
Breakfast- Lido Omelet Station 
Customized Omelet
Kellie- 4.0
Chris- 3.5

Lunch- Off the Grill 
Kellie- 2.0
Chris- 3.0

Fries- 2.0

Dinner- MDR 

Night #4 Menu 

Spring Rolls- 4.0

Bowtie  Pasta and Turkey- 4.0

Fried Shrimp
Kellie- 4.5 This was an appetizer and should be a main entree.
Chris- 4.0

Chilled Peach Soup
Kellie 4.5- 
I have not found a chilled soup that Carnival does not do well.

Seafood Newburg
Kellie- 4.5 WOW this is ALWAYS good!
Chris- 3.5 

Beef Straganoff- 4.5

Night #4 Dessert Menu

Bitter and Blanc- 5.0
This needs to be on the American Table menus... It is SO GOOD!

Tiramisu- Carnival never disappoints on this dessert!
Kellie- 4.0
Chris- 4.0

Coconut Cake- 4.0

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Dinner- MDR
Night #5 Menu

Spring Rolls
Chris- 3.5

Lasagna Bolagnase
Kellie- 4.0 This was not as good as I remember
Chris- 3.5

Filet Migon and Short Ribs
Chris- 4.5 It was REALLY REALLY good! 

Fried Shrimp
Chris- 4.0

Night #5 Dessert Menu 

Chocolate, Raspberry and Vanilla Cream Cake
Kellie- 3.5 (Good and loved the Raspberry Ice Cream)

Old Fashioned Apple Pie
Chris- 3.0

Sunday, June 26, 2016
Dinner- MDR
Night #6 (2nd formal) Menu

Kellie- 4.0 Not as good as I remember and VERY greasy. 

Cream of Broccoli- 4.0

Seafood Platter
Chris- 1.0 You call this a PLATTER? 

Penne Siciliana- 4.0

Grilled Jumbo Tiger Shrimp
Kellie- 4.0

Chris- 3.5 (Not really fried) 

Chateaubriand- 5.0 (Best dish of the cruise) 

Night #6 Dessert Menu

Baked Alaska
Kellie- 2.0
Chris- 3.0 melons were not needed 

Chilled Bing Cherry Soup- 2.0 This was not as good and chunky! 

Monday, June 27, 2016

SeaDay Brunch- MDR

Salmon- 2.5 

Pork Chop- 3.0 A step down from usual 

Banana Cream Pie- 4.5

Double Chocolate Brownie- 4.5

Dinner- MDR
Night #7 Menu

Crab Cake- 5.0
Kellie- 5.0 WOW this was so good I ordered ANOTHER!
Chris- 3.5

Kiss on the Lips- 5.0
FREE from Carnival for being a Gold member!

Mango Cream- 3.0

Prime Rib- 5.0

Panko Crusted Shrimp
Kellie- 3.5
Chris- 4.0

Cappuccino Pie
Kellie- 3.0 It was still frozen 

Grand Mariner Souffle'- 3.0 Not as good as usual 

These menus were very good and we prefer them to the new American Table menus but on this cruise food was just no our focus. We did still manage to choose our favorites:

Favorite Appetizer- Crab Cake/ Alligator Fritter/ Tomato Soup
Favorite Entree- Seafood Newburg 
Favorite Dessert- Bitter and Blanc 
Biggest Surprise- Spring Rolls
Biggest Disappointment- Desserts in general

Favorite Appetizer- Fried Chicken Tenders 
Favorite Entree- Chateaubriand
Favorite Dessert- Banana Cream Pie 
Biggest Surprise- Beef Straganoff
Biggest Disappointment- Cheese Plate 

We love cruising and EATING on cruises. We use this blog as means for us to know what to order and it is fun to look through and get our mouth watering while we are dieting! 

Thanks for following along! 

Until we meet again... Keep calm and CRUISE ON! 

God is good... All the time! 


  1. Just found your blog-- you are amazing for creating these pages. We sail same cruise in 11 days so you have me really excited. Thanks for the food photos and rating system, it has been hard to find recent Alaska cruise posts. No onto more pages of your cruise journey!Suzy-
    on CruiseCritic: buffettfan 225
    Feeling Blessed.

  2. Thank you Suzy for following along! I REALLY enjoying blogging about our cruises! We have 6 other blogs about our past cruises too!

    I will look you up on cruisecritic!

    I know you will have a GREAT time! Thanks again!

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  4. Wow! This post is so timely for us, as we will be on the Legend on August 16th. Cruise is a gift from our daughters for our 40th wedding anniversary. Will be first time doing YTD. Thank you so much for posting the menus - it is giving us ample time to "discuss" whether we want to go to the MDR, or the Lido buffet. Didn't know we could get omelets back at the pizza place, so that is great to know in advance as well. Now my biggest issue is trying to figure out what to pack. I know everyone says to wear layers, but with it being August, even in Alaska, not sure I need to bring much cold weather clothing. We live on Lake Michigan, so mid 60's is not cold for us. Definitely will have hooded fleece jackets, but between your posts & pictures, looks like I would be ok with short sleeves & capris, with a light sweater for most of the time on board. Any other suggestions you might have would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again, and I'll be re-reading your posts many times in the next couple of weeks. Peggy S.

    1. Thanks for following along! I LOVE blogging... almost as much as I do cruising... ALMOST! Haha!

      Ok my main suggestion would be to pack a LIGHT rain jacket! This is the ONLY thing I wore, even to the glacier, which was the coldest point of our trip. Other than that I wore a lot of yoga pants, jeans, capris and even some shorts. I packed 2-4 hoodies for each of us and that was just dead space. Also, I would not pack any anyway because even if it is cold you can purchase all kinds of colder weather gear on board at decent prices and then once you get to Alaska at the very 1st stop in Skagway are multiple stores with lots of hoodie options. We got hubby a rain jacket there for less than $30 which made my Columbia $80 jacket look bad. Plus they offered $14.99-19.99 hoodies and sweatshirts. We were NEVER cold on the ship itself indoors or outdoors. Now mind you, we did not go to the waterslide area but we were more than comfortable!

      The MDR really is the way to go for better food... Now service, that is another story! But the food really is better than the buffet!

      I hope this helps! If you have any other questions do not hesitate to ask! Congrats on 40 years! That is awesome! And what a great way to celebrate!

      Thanks again for following along!