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North by Northwest- Baseball Bucket-list

* Disclaimer- Chris and I traveled to the Pacific Northwest and a cruise to Alaska in June 2016 as a 10 year anniversary trip. This will be a multiple entry blog that will highlight our activities, our reflections and of course pictures of these gorgeous locations! I have highlighted the tips and tricks of each post in red. I hope this helps in planning trips to Vancouver, Seattle or Alaska! Thanks again for following along! 

June 28, 2016
Seattle, WA 

The pre-cruise trip to Seattle and the actual Alaskan cruise had both come to an end and all of the excitement and anxiousness went with it... well at least for Chris. But not for me... the real reason I came to Seattle happens today! I grew up touring and attending games in countless Major League Baseball stadiums around the US and Canada. You see, my dad had a dream to see a baseball game in each of the 32 major baseball stadiums before he died. My sister and I were just lucky enough to get to go along for the ride. During my child and teenage years I was able to see games in 26 different MLB stadiums but I was still lacking 7 stadiums, all on the west coast. And low and behold... Safeco Field in Seattle was a stadium I needed for my baseball bucket-list. Chris promised me before we even got engaged he would take me to the remaining, at that time, 8 stadiums. He took me to RFK stadium in Washington DC the year the Nationals transferred to DC back in 2007 but since we cruise all the time this bucket-list took a back seat! Not anymore... Today was MY DAY!

As we planned the Alaskan cruise we figured the Mariners would be in town the week before we left... NOPE! They were out of town for 12 days! But I would not leave Seattle without seeing a game in Safeco Field so we added an extra day AT THE END of our trip just for me!

What I came to Seattle for... Safeco Field!

We disembarked the ship from our Alaska cruise (with the easiest and smoothest debarkation EVER), checked in to our hotel and even checked in for our return flight home before heading down to Safeco Field for a private tour of the stadium. We stayed at the Comfort Inn and Suites at SeaTac airport on the south side of Seattle. It was a standard Comfort Inn and Suites and seemed very clean. They offered a free shuttle to the airport where the Link Light Rail was to get to downtown. We originally booked this hotel for our pre-cruise trip as well but I was very happy we re-booked and stayed in Lynnwood. The hotel was nice enough but the crazy commute and trying to catch a shuttle everyday would have gotten old. 

This room was very large for a standard king size and was freshly painted and remodeled. 

We made our way to the Light Rail at the airport and rode it all the way to the Stadium stop where we walked down to the Mariners Team Store at the start of the tour! This tour was very insightful and incredibly interesting. We were able to go onto the field (on a game day mind you), into the press-box and even the dug out as part of the tour. This tour was packed with over 50 people but it still was an amazing experience and I would recommend for any baseball or even a basic sports fan! It cost $12 per person which is a steal compared to other tours around the city! 

Our very first stop on the tour was the field since it was game day!
What a way to start a tour! 

We loved it! 

In the visitors dugout! 


I could not be happier unless I was at Yankee Stadium! 

The Diamond Club (looks just like Houston's) 

Now I am SHORT but wow... Against Randy Johnson (My favorite Mariner) I look like a midget! 

The play area on the upper concourse!
This was meant for juniors to run the bases... Luke would LOVE this! 

A view of the field from the upper concourse! 

In the press box... The best seat in the house! 

The Owner's Suite menu for the game! 

We spent the rest of the afternoon hitting up our favorite vendors inside Pike Place Market and of course, our last Starbucks in Seattle. 
BBQ baked potato from Pike Place BBQ... I hate to admit it (being from Texas) but this was the best BBQ potato I have EVER had! 

Peace Pike Place... it's been real! 

We made our way back to Safeco via the Link Light Rail by 5PM and we were inside the stadium at 5:15PM. We walked all around the main concourse to see the stadium as well as "The Pen" area near center field. We then made our way to our seats in the upper concourse. We never expected the sun to be on our seats so we actually moved for the 1st 4 innings to avoid a sunburn then moved back to our seats. The Mariners played a great game and we got to see potential All-Stars Robinson Cano and Nelson Cruz hit homers! 

You rarely see a street performer play a SOPRANO sax... In fact, I thought this was my high school band director Mr. Standridge who plays sax and was in Seattle at the time! (It wasn't but this guy was good) 

A view of the field from "The Pen" 


We made it to our seats... play ball! 

Any stadium that offers deep fried OREOs in a winner in my book!
And let me just say... they were heavenly! 

The Garlic Fries that Safeco is known for... They were delicious! 

A traditional baseball stadium hotdog! 

I LOVED this stadium and the outside baseball stadium it provided. I liked that the architects created an outdoor stadium with a retractable "umbrella" and not an actual roof. Baseball is meant to be played OUTSIDE not inside on the 5 other indoor stadiums just cannot compare to Safeco! I will say that the concessions are VERY EXPENSIVE and no outside food or drink is allowed inside the stadium. In fact, the security guard literally dumped out almost everything in my purse to look for beverages. Bottled water was $5 and sodas were $6/10. The food was regularly priced but just be ready and have lots of cash on you if you plan on drinking and eating at this stadium. This made me really appreciate Minute Maid and their open food/ drink policy (especially with needy kids). 

I'm FINALLY here... Now only 6 games/ stadiums to go! 

Thank you Chris for taking me to this stadium and reducing my bucket-list number to 6. I only lack the California stadiums and Arizona! I WILL GET TO THEM... but that means less cruising so, we shall see when! 


Thank you Jesus, once again, for this opportunity and chance to be able to experience this day! Thanks again to my parents and in-laws who helped take care of our kids during this 14 day excursion! We owe you guys big time! The next day we would leave the Pacific Northwest and it's gorgeous scenery and temperatures to go back to the outrageous heat of Texas.

It's been the trip of a lifetime! And all I can say is... 

God is good... All the time! 

Missed a day?

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