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Give Me Liberty or Give Me Valor- Sea Day #2

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Valor

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
Thursday, December 22, 2016

This day was full of character and Christmas fun from start to finish as we closed out this very special cruise. There was lots of fun, food and even some singing! 

Natalie woke us all up by pushing the button for the scenic window to view the morning sights. It was nearly 8AM and we had to get ready for our Dr. Seuss character breakfast. We all got into our "Thing 1" and "Thing 2" shirts and made our way to the Lincoln Dining room. 

The morning view from our cabin above the Bridge!

Once we got into the dining room, my kids eyes were as wide as the ocean. The tables and decorations were even more detailed than our previous experience on the Triumph in 2015. We sat down and ordered and then took lots of pictures. The kids both ordered the Green Eggs and Ham and neither really ate them. They DID eat my colorful waffles which I expected. Towards the end of the meal the actual characters of Cat in the Hat, Sam I Am, Thing 1 and Thing 2 and even the Grinch arrived to take pictures and sign autographs! Tip- This breakfast costs $5/ per person but is TOTALLY worth it! The food is unique and great plus the experience is PERFECT for kids (and adults) of all ages. Be sure to make your reservations early at Guest Services or at a table on Lido early in the cruise because it DOES sell out!

The table decorations! 

The MASSIVE ice sculpture in the main entrance of the dining room! 

The Green Eggs and Ham (plus a macaroon)

The Tri-berry Waffle!

The waiters singing and dancing for us early in the morning! 

My Thing 1 and Thing 2!
Crazy? Yes! But I wouldn't trade it for the world! 

After breakfast we changed out of our Thing 1/2 shirts and then made our way back down to the theater for the towel folding demonstration. We all made our own towel puppy and elephant and it was a lot of fun. Then we stayed to watch the towel theater which is TOO cute! Kids of all ages would enjoy it and they even get to go on stage to watch! Check your FunTimes for details!

Haha... even Luke tried to fold his towels! 

Natalie folded her elephant (trunk made by a steward) 

As the morning coolness and wind died down we changed into swimwear and went to the Lido deck. The kids continued to go in and out of the pool and hot tub and Chris and I found a few deck chairs in the shade to where we could see them. After about an hour Luke asked for a life jacket (which were offered for FREE at the towel hut) so he could go into the pool. He got the life jacket and tried but got scared so Chris went to change to get into the pool with him. By the time Chris got back to the pool, Luke was already in and out of the pool and done with swimming all together. We all changed and then got ready for our last lunch at sea eating our favorites from the Lido Deck. Natalie and Luke both had Guy's and I had Blue Iguana burrito while Chris created his own Asian lunch at Mongolian Wok and then ate BBQ. We loved lunch on this ship!

She made yet another friend on deck and we was content playing with her!

Luke finally got in the water before Chris made it back to the pool!

Once he got there, Luke felt much better! 

After lunch we were stuffed so we went to the Aft on deck 10 to lay out. Oddly enough, this area was NOT crowded at all. We were able to get all 4 of us a chair to lay out on. This is my favorite area of the ship so we stayed for quite a while. In fact, Natalie and Chris fell asleep. Luke on the other hand kept saying he didn't need to go to the bathroom and by the time we made it to the restroom he had an accident so we had to go and clean up.

Time for a snooze in the aft!

This is my HAPPY PLACE! 

Best view ever!

Groove for St. Jude was going on at the main pool!

Once we made our way back to the aft Chris and Natalie were still asleep but we all went to the Mini-golf on 12 for another round of golf. The wind was HIGH and the golf balls kept rolling all over the place so poor Luke would just pick up the ball and place it in the hole. It made for a funny afternoon. Then the kids wanted to walk around so we went to the jogging track. Luke started running around the track and before we realized he had ran 5 laps, which is over 1/2 mile.

This was classic! One of the holes was under the rock so he could not just drop the ball in there!
He tried for what seemed like 10 minutes to get it in there!
I think Poppy needs to work with him on his golf game! 

All smiles and laughing after over 1/2 mile- I don't know where he got THAT! 

By this time it was mid-afternoon and the kids could not decide what they wanted to do so we all went back to the cabin to look out the window. The kids played with their new toys from Belize and Mexico while I tried to get the packing started. We brought a LOT! We over-pack EVERY cruise but this one being in December meant even more stuff. We were not sure of the weather and etc so packed pretty much for all seasons! Next time we cruise in December I will only pack for Caribbean not for Houston!

We knew we wanted to make the ONLY Tea-Time/ Tea Party so we quickly packed up and made our way to the Aft Washington dining room. Carnival has really toned down this event and has only Lipton tea bags for FREE, all others cost. Tip- We arrived only 10 minutes after it started (It is a come and go, or at least that is how it is advertised) and the good desserts and sandwiches were gone. Plan ahead if this is important to you! Natalie and Luke did not like it as much as last time but they did enjoy the experience. However, we had to make a pit-stop at the Deli shortly afterwards for Luke.

I explained how to be "civilized" and instead she got silly!


Luke was much happier with "real food" as he said! 

We made our way down to the theater for the Holiday Show in which the kids would participate with Camp Ocean. We dropped them off at the front of the stage and found our seats as it was PACKED! This show featured the Valor singers and dancers, Camp Ocean and even the Captain and his staff! It was unique, creative and very special. Natalie even got to sing on stage! It brought tears to eyes, especially as I thought of all of the crew members who would not be spending Christmas with their families! I always think of this but this time I was a little more emotional thinking about missing Christmas! Thank you Carnival crew members and staff for ALWAYS going out of your way! May God bless each of you and your families!

After the show the kids got to sit on Santa's lap and tell them what they wanted for Christmas. They also got to start their own tradition of getting a picture with the cruise director.

Natalie asked Santa to LIVE on a cruise ship! Haha! 

The kids with Lee, the cruise director! 

Merry Christmas from the Carnival Valor!

After the show Chris and I went into our "last day mode" and tried to go to the promenade deck outside on deck 3 to lay out and enjoy the sea breeze but the kids were just too cold so we went back to the room. I finished packing while they all took a nap!

Our last sunset on board! 

The kids wanted to go to the Kids Club dinner and Farewell T-shirt making party so we dropped them off and enjoyed our last dinner on the Carnival Valor. Oddly enough, it was the best meal of the cruise! We enjoyed the farewell singing and dancing from the waiters then enjoyed our first show in the comedy club of the cruise. It was family friendly and hilarious and reminded me how much I enjoy the comedy clubs. Then we went to the main show in the Theater called "Far From Over" which was a tribute to the 1980's. It was spectacular and easily the BEST CARNIVAL show we have ever seen!

She has mastered the "Cruise Casual"!

My boys in their Belize Caribbean shirts! 

We then went to pick up the kids and tried to enjoy "Secret Life of Pets" at the Dive-in Movie. Natalie got her some hot chocolate and we all got popcorn and blankets and settled in but Luke just wanted to run around so we quickly gave up in preparations for the next day's debarkation.

My kids give Camp Ocean a HUGE thumbs up! 

Dive-in movie time!

This was a day full of sun, fun and Holiday thrills and chills but it was all coming to a close. This has been a surprisingly easy, fun and enjoyable cruise and we were sad to see it end. Little did we know that it would end a lot later than we expected! Stay tuned for that... it is CRAZY! 

Keep Calm and CRUISE on! 

Stay tuned for our crazy, hectic and unexpected debarkation! 

God is good... ALL the time! 

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