Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Living the Dream- Sea Day #3

All Clammed Up
Saturday, March 18, 2017

We woke up early and staked our claim into the much desired clam-shell in the Serenity Deck and never looked back.

Chris woke up at 7:15AM and quickly got dressed to go and get a large clam-shell lounge chair in the Serenity. He got to the clam-shells at 7:30AM and there were 4 out of 6 open. By the time I got there at 7:45AM they were all taken. TIP- The Carnival Dream only had 6 total clam-shell chairs on this ship so if you truly want one, get there early. We even noticed people sleeping overnight in them. We loved this day and I would do it again in a heart beat... In fact, I WILL do it again in less than 100 days. Around 11AM the Serenity bar opened and we were in our paradise. We enjoyed some cocktails and just sat back and watched the ocean sail by!
Our most prized possession on this day- Again, get there EARLY!

My morning view... it was a GORGEOUS day with seas as smooth as glass. 

The seas were calm and it was GORGEOUS outside! 

We napped and relaxed all morning before wakening and deciding to go and get food for lunch. We were not going to give up our luxurious seat so we took turns going and getting food. I stood in line for Blue Iguana for me and then stood in line for Guy's Burgers for Chris. It was the last sea day and the lines and lido, especially, were packed with passengers. I got all of our food and brought it back up to the Serenity to eat along side Chris.

The Carnival Dream's position at 1:00PM. 

We enjoyed our lunch and then talked a while before taking yet another nap. We woke up to a neighboring Clam-shell shout "dolphins" and sure enough, there were several dolphins jumping on the side of the ship. It was an exhilarating experience that NEVER gets old.

Another money shot... Natalie would have been going CRAZY! 

There were lots of dolphins swimming together. 

After the dolphins we relaxed some more before Chris decided he wanted Mongolian Wok one more time so he ran down to the main Lido buffet area as it was closing at 2:30PM. He was the last person served but the food still tasted just as good.

We spent the rest of the afternoon just napping, talking and enjoying the gorgeous seas, which were as smooth as glass. We stayed in this clam-shell from 7:30AM to 5PM and I would not change a thing.

Our speed at 3PM.

A congratulatory message from Arnold, our stateroom steward, for our anniversary. 

Yep... I really did spend 9 hours in the clam-shell! It was GLORIOUS! 

It was already after 5PM and we knew we had to leave our luxurious comfort and go and not only get ready for dinner but do the worst part of any cruise... PACK to go home! We realized we hadn't completed our tradition game of mini-golf so we tried to go and play before dinner but it was PACKED. TIP- Play mini-golf on embarkation day as it was ALWAYS packed on the Dream class ships. We enjoyed a nice cool breeze instead and then went back to the room and got ready for dinner.
I LOVED sailing on the Dream.

Dinner was quick and easy and we were sad to say goodbye to our excellent waiters and servers, Selvin, Joseph and Alekander. We watched the last "showtime" and sang along with "leaving OUR FunShip. We hope to see you back again!" This song ALWAYS makes me cry as I know this wonderful week of memory making is nearly over.

"You're leaving our FunShip"... So sad! 

We finished dinner and thanked our servers before going back up to the Mini-Golf course to get our game in. The sun was setting and it was a perfect and not crowded atmosphere. TIP- The Carnival Dream is only one of a few in the CCL fleet that has 18 holes instead of 9. We played all 18 holes and reclaimed my title of "Davis Mini-Golf Champ" by 1 stroke. We will see who wins on the Breeze!

Our last sunset is always so sad! 

God paints such a beautiful picture, doesn't He? 

Chris tried really hard to beat me but NOT THIS TIME! 

Time to play... I mean, WIN some golf!

I love all the details on the Carnival Dream's mini-golf course.

We planned on going back to the room to pack but was reminded of the evening's show "FLICK" which was all about movies. We used our "GOLD" ticket and got our free drink and watched a very incredible and mind intriguing show about music and movies. TIP- Once again, this entertainment did not disappoint. In fact, I think this show as the best "night before the cruise is over" show we have ever seen. The definitely did not throw in the towel and call it done. Be sure to check this show out if you are sailing on the Carnival Dream.

Another exhilarating show! 

We finally made back to the room to pack after hours of procrastinating. We got everything packed and cleaned up by 10:30PM and then went out to the Lanai to see if we had made it to the river. The captain had been sailing at 13-15 knots ALL DAY so we were worried we would not get back in time but sure enough at 10:30PM we looked out and saw land and the muddy waters of the Mississippi River and we knew we were 8 hour or less from New Orleans. To this day Chris and I do not know why the captain was sailing so slow that last day but we enjoyed the calm seas and slow sailing.

We made a few texts to our kids and parents and then went to the Lido deck to get one more slice of pizza and one more cup of hot chocolate. We took our food to go and ate it back in the room before falling asleep shortly after 11:30PM.

It was a day full of NOTHING but looking back it was one of the best sea days we have ever had! I am looking forward to being a clam-shell hog on the Breeze... just 100 days!

Tomorrow… It’s back to the Real World!

Thanks for following along,.. I hope you have been able to get some tips, tricks and great info to help you plan your next cruise vacation!

Next Up- Disembarkation and Summary 

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