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Breezing Through Summer- SeaDay #2

Trophy Time
Friday, July 21, 2017
There is nothing I like more than a good day at sea and this day did not disappoint! It was filled with new and exciting experiences aboard this "mega ship" as well as the moment I have been anticipating for the past 10 cruises... my OWN 24K gold piece of SHIP on a stick!

Once again, it was pitch black in the room and I looked at my phone and it was after 9AM! We were all tired from our LATE evening the night before but the cruiser in me just couldn't let us miss the fun festivities to be had on board so I woke everyone up around 9:15AM (ALL 3 of them were NOT happy). We all got up and dressed and went straight to the Thrill Theater on deck 4 midship.

The Thrill Theater is a small 24 person 3D and 4D theater that shows 3-4 short films for a total of 20-30 minutes at a time. It is an additional fee but it is minimal and they offer an unlimited pass for the week. Single tickets were $5.50/ per person and the unlimited pass was $12.95/ per person. This was an amazing activity and to be on a cruise ship just baffles me. Back in 2006 when Chris and I sailed on our first cruise we were impressed there was a waterslide and now these large cruise companies are building water PARKS, ropes courses, rock walls, surfing machines and even go-karts ON SHIPS! This is just amazing how the cruise industry has changed in just 10 years. My advice would be to check this out early and if your family likes it then purchase the unlimited pass.

A view of the Thrill Theater waiting area.

The Thrill Theater aboard the Carnival Breeze!

The info and showtimes for our particular voyage. We were told by Carnival staff that the show times and movie options change about every month or if the itinerary warrants changing times (due to longer time in port or reverse seaday/ port day).

The movie options for our voyage!

Natalie, Chris and I loved the experience but Luke just couldn't handle the movement of the seats and especially the water and wind spraying in your face so he sat in a stationary chair nearby! We watched the "Rides for everyone" and we all enjoyed it very much!

All my "things"!

They really liked the Thrill Theater... Well, Natalie did!

After the Thrill Theater we explored the rest of deck 4 for the 1st time of the cruise where we found the Warehouse Arcade. This was the absolute BIGGEST arcade I have ever seen on a ship with well over 50 games. It was VERY crowded on this sea day so we decided we would come back!

Greetings from Deck 4!

This arcade had some of the BEST games I have ever seen! It was HUGE!

Hey look, our muster station!

We then ventured to the Sports Square so Natalie could do the ropes course yet again and Luke could play golf. Like the arcade, this area of the ship was VERY crowded. So much so that we didn't even have a seat!

Due to weather, this was Natalie's last time to do the ropes course!
She ROCKED it!

Thing 2 enjoyed the crowded SportsSquare!

We were all hungry since we missed breakfast so we hit up the SeaDogs hot dog cart when they opened at 11AM. Tip- This is a FREE eatery on Deck 12 in the Sport Square but only open from 11AM-1PM on SeaDays and for whatever reason this was the ONLY seaday it was open on our voyage. They serve all beef, chicken and apple, sausage and polish hot dogs with ALL of the fixins. In fact, they were some of the best "dogs" we have ever had!

SeaDogs in SportsSquare!

The Carnival staff did a great job with this small venue! This guy was fast and to the point!

These were both great but the all-beef was one of the best I have ever had!
Luke liked the hot dogs!

In the heat of the day it was very hot and we were all getting dehydrated so we went to the Lido for some drinks before heading down to Ocean Plaza for some trivia. We got there in time for the Country Music Trivia... don't worry, that is NOT the trophy I won! In fact, we only scored 6/20 (for me that is still impressive... ask my sister!)

A walk along Deck 12!

A walk along a cruise ship is never complete without going to the aft!

Still the best picture of the entire cruise!

After the end of the Country Music Trivia we went and got in line for Guy's Pig and Anchor BBQ on the Lanai deck 5. Chris and I had it on Sea Day 1 and previously on the Dream but the kids had not and they wanted to try it! It was hot as we waited in line but shortly after noon they started serving and the line moved fast. Tip- My ONLY complaint with the Pig and Anchor is the lack of drinks available. We noticed this on the Dream too but forgot on this sailing. I sent Natalie back to the room directly above us to get waters but after 15 minutes of no return I went looking for her. Of course, on a ship this size naturally our paths crossed and 20 minutes later I was back to cold BBQ. Do yourself a favor and bring bottled water or a YETI cup of some kind if you plan on eating here! I ended up going back to Lido for a Guy's Burger instead! Nothing worse than cold BBQ!

After lunch we made our way to the Limelight Lounge for the Dr. Seuss Parade. All of us were in our Dr. Seuss attire and ready for a great event! Tip- I say this in EVERY cruise blog but be sure to book your Dr. Seuss Breakfast tickets EARLY! Due to all of our special needs assistance I missed reserving ours and it was sold out so this was our ONLY Dr. Seuss event. (I didn't even follow my own advice! That's how hectic this different this cruise really was). The kids were upset at first but forgot about it quickly!

He was so excited for the parade he didn't eat much lunch!

Thing 1 with her Horton sign!

Despite the heavy sign, Luke did a GREAT job carrying it across the ship to the theater!

Thing 1 and Thing 2!

This CD staff did not do trivia or questions to get a Dr. Seuss sign to carry. Instead it was just a free for all. Luckily I have speedy kids and they were BOTH able to get a large sign to carry in the parade. We all marched down the promenade to the Ovation Theater for Dr. Seuss Story time! Schwartz, the cruise director, did a great job during the story time and our kids LOVED. Although, Luke left mid-story to run down to us and ask if we would be going to the candy store... HAHA!

Schwartz did a great job hosting this Story Time event!

Dr. Seuss Parade... We love this tradition!

Dr. Seuss is on the loose!

I left the story time early to attend FRIENDS trivia in Ocean Plaza. I worked alone and FINALLY got my very own trophy scoring a PERFECT 22/22! I had attended previous FRIENDS trivia on other ships but never won. The questions were similar but NOT THE SAME! There were also 2 other singles who won but we ALL got our own 24K gold piece of SHIP on a stick (Trophy). My cruise was made... I could NOT have been happier! After 11 cruises I finally got my very own trophy! Chris has 6 of his own so I have some making up to do!

It's MINE... All mine! I did it... after 11 cruises, I earned this baby all on my own!

I could NOT be happier!

Shortly after we all got in our swimsuits and went to the WaterWorks. Naturally the kids got sprayed with sunscreen and then ran off on their own. Chris and I decided we would venture into the serenity hot-tubs for a little bit while they played. After about 30 minutes Natalie came frantically looking for Luke so I left to find him. Sure enough, he was back in line for the Twister waterslide, of which he rode 4 times that afternoon.We then ventured to the aft for the pool and hot tubs where we spent the rest of our afternoon.

We left the hot tub after 5PM and all got ready for dinner. We tried to get the kids all dressed nice and take more family pictures but poor Luke was having NONE of it! After 25 minutes of trying to get him in his jeans and polo shirt, we gave up and they went to the kids club in athletic clothes. Chris and I got dressed up and went to dinner in the MDR and met our regular waitress, LaLa, for our dinner service. It was unreasonably slow and this meal took well over 2 hours. You could tell LaLa was "off" and she apologized multiple times for the delay! We didn't care too much and enjoyed each other instead of getting uptight! (Again, on a cruise, I am a TOTALLY different person as "uptight" is usually my middle name!)

The kids idea of "formal"...

And my idea! I tried to get a picture of Chris and I together but forgot!

After dinner we went and got the wine we brought on board (Tip- Each adult can bring on 1 bottle of 750 ml wine in their carry-on) and took it to the theater for our favorite CCL Playlist production, FLICK! We first saw this on the Dream in March 2017 and were HIGHLY impressed. This performance of FLICK was really good and once again we enjoyed it!

By the time the show was over it was time to get the kids from Camp Ocean so we went and got them and then went to the candy store. By the end of the night the kids had spent all of their allotted $10 and Chris had spent $14. I, on the other hand, only spent $3! We took our candy to the Lanai and relaxed in the brisk wind of the open ocean while the kids played chess. We took a walk around the Lanai and found the Cruise Director's cabin. It was even larger than I thought but so cool to see.

Window #1

Window #2

A view of Schwartz's cabin... You can even see his headshot hanging on the wall!

This was a once in a lifetime opportunity... The curtain was open!

At the end of the evening we made our way back to our cabin at an "early" time of 11:30PM where we played "Grandma's Underwear", a new game Luke learned from the Kids Club until past midnight.

It was a great day spent at sea but we were not done yet! Our last day aboard the Carnival Breeze was coming up and there was still things to do and be seen! Stay tuned for our last sea day! Thanks again for following along! I appreciate your support!

God is good... ALL the time!

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