Sunday, July 31, 2011

Today in History

July 31, 2005 was a very exciting day in my life. On this day six years ago, I was happily dating a young man named Chris Davis. We had met at Bethel Baptist Church in Norman, OK where he helped me in 3-6th grade Children's Choir. We had been dating for about 6 months and had pretty much knew we were soul mates and destined to be "Man and Wife". We had talked about marriage a little and I had declined at least 2 band directing positions so I could be near him knowing this was the real thing. I woke up on his day like every other Sunday morning. I got up and read my Bible, got ready for Church and went to church. I also helped in 4th grade Sunday School at Bethel Baptist Church and Chris had decided he would come and help me teach SS when the new SS year started in August. On this particular morning I was leading the worship songs and having a great time with the kids and out of nowhere came Chris. I didn't think anything about it really and just thought he was coming to get a hint of what 4th Grade Sunday School would be like. I finished the song we were singing and by the time it was over, the rest of the Singles Class where Chris was a member was also standing at the back of the room. Chris came forward and said he had an announcement. Again, I didn't think too much of this and thought he was going to introduce himself to the kids as their new teacher and helped. Instead,he said "Kellie, you are the love of my life and I truly enjoy your company". He then in front of the Bethel Baptist Church Singles Class, the 3-6th Grade classes and all the teachers plus a few others who knew about the event, he got down on one knee and said "Kellie Klingsick, will you marry me?" He put the ring on my finger and I was still a little shocked. I jumped and said "Of course I will".

I gave him hugs and kisses and hugged everyone. By the time the Singles class had left the room, the rumor was out and people who I barely knew were congratulating me. I had to call my parents ASAP. This was not an easy task since my dad is a Baptist pastor and was already "on duty". I called his church and told the Deacon, Bro. Ted, it was an emergency and to go and GET MY DAD. Bro. Ted did just what I asked and my dad came running... Fortunately it was NOT the news my dad was expecting. My family and Chris' family were very happy of the news. Bethel Baptist Church and Arp Emmanuel Baptist Church (My dad's church) both made announcements at the end of the service about our proposal and engagement. And... to this day, my mom ALWAYS has her cell phone on her just in case.

Now don't get me wrong... EVERYONE remembers their wedding proposal but ours is truly unique. How often do people get engaged in Sunday School? Children's' Sunday School for that matter! I often look back on this day and think, if this is the way we started our life together, we will have a great foundation to build upon. Since that day in history, Chris and I have grown not only closer together as husband and wife but also closer to God and the church. Unfortunately we are no longer members of Bethel Baptist Church in Norman, OK but it will FOREVER be in my heart. Chris and I have served in many other churches in our time together and I know we will continue to do so and train our children likewise. This is a perfect picture of the scripture "Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will NOT depart from it". This is the verse I base my parenting on and I look forward to the day that my children share similar stories with me.
The past six years have been a blessing to me and I thank God every day for bringing Chris into my life. As much as Chris and I have been through in these six years, the past two in particular, I still know he is my soul mate and I am just as happy as I was on this day in history. Chris Davis, I thank you for allowing me to be your wife and I love you VERY much! I cant wait for another 6+ years. You are amazing and sometimes I cant believe God chose me to be your wife. I am so lucky!
On this day in history, Chris and Kellie got engaged. The rest, as they say, is HISTORY!

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