Monday, September 12, 2011

"Watch Football"

So every year at this time I gear myself up for Football season. I really do like football and I always have but since marrying Chris, I have taken on a little bit more football than I would prefer. You see Chris LOVES college football and basically watches it ALL DAY on Saturdays during Football Season. Of course he also watches college football on Thursday, Friday, and even Wednesday nights. He has a fantasy college team (several in fact) and he will keep a tally of his fantasy team score and all while watching the games. He will wake up on Saturday morning in time to watch "College Gameday" and stay up until the last game is over and with the possible addition of OU to the "Pac-whatever" I am sure we BOTH will be staying up later as the upcoming seasons approach.

Of course, how could I forget Pro Football. He has several fantasy teams for NFL as well and these games take up Sunday and Mondays. And I am left with Tuesdays (IF I AM LUCKY). Now a few years ago I would have said this made me mad and I felt like a "football widow" as a friend of mine used to call it. Now-a-days, I count it as a time to spend to myself on Saturdays. I enjoy laundry and shopping and whatever else I need to get done.

All of this is to tell you that last night after Natalie's bath, she kept saying "ball", "ball". I would ask her where her ball was and try to get her to tell me exactly what she wanted. She would not give me a clear answer. She began to fuss and cry and pointed to the living room and said "ball". Again, I thought maybe she wanted to play fetch with the dogs or something. Yeah no... She dragged me into the living room and said "Watch Ball". There sat daddy and Natalie Grace watching football together. It really was too cute.

I love you Chris and I am glad Natalie likes to watch football with you!


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