Monday, September 26, 2011

Retail Therapy

This past weekend my sister Allison came to town and we were able to spend some quality time together as sisters and friends. We went to Galveston on Friday night since Allison had not been to the beach with my little beach baby Natalie. We spent about 2 hours on the beach just playing in the sand and running with the waves. On Saturday, Allison and I went out and did what her and I do best... we went shopping. Her and I have got to get our shopping "fix" in when we see each other. For me shopping is where I go to de-stress if you will. I find that walking up and down the mall isles really allows me to get that much needed "me time". Allison and I love to go and look at stuff that we would not usually look at when together. This time was no different.

We went to Market Street in The Woodlands which is like a very "ritzy" outdoor shopping venue. There we went to several upscale stores and shops and basically determined we were not skinny enough or rich enough for them. We found one store that specialized in Pajamas and they sold their sets for $110 each!!! We were both thinking "Now c'mon, really... they are just PJs." We began to feel like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. They owners would look at us and basically laugh. We saw Ferrari's, Porche, and even a Lamborghini. Nonetheless, we survived that part of our shopping without any damage to our bank accounts.

On Saturday night we went to Chuys and had a great dinner together before we came home and watched OU and LSU win. (Of course this is always a tradition with the Davis Family as well) On Sunday, Allison got to go to church with us at Mims Baptist Church and then come home to a wonderful lunch where we put her on the spot about her thoughts on the church service (She approved so all is well!!!) Before she left we spent a few hours just talking and catching up. It was such a wonderful weekend!

It is always fun to just get away from the hustle and bustle of the week and just walk down a street or sit around the living room and fellowship with someone you love and I could not have asked for anyone better to do this very same thing with this past weekend. Allison Klingsick, thank you so much for coming to visit! We had a blast and cannot wait til next time!

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