Saturday, August 18, 2012

House Hunters: Davis Style- Part 5

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Today Chris and I decided to go out for yet another adventure of house-hunting. We knew that if we didn't find our house before he went back to school it would be very difficult to house hunt during the school year. We called the realtor and unfortunately she was going to be out of town but she set us up with her assistant to go look at four more houses. All of these houses were on the southern part of Conroe except for one which was in Willis.

The first two houses we looked at were in Legend's Run in Spring but was still in the Conroe school district. We looked at houses in this neighborhood before and we liked the subdivision as well as its location but we just still were not sold yet. The first house we went into was a very good size of 3000 ft.² but the layout was very odd with a private room above the master in it needed massive repairs. Were not talking about basic fixer-upper type of repairs...we are talking about hole in the wall type of damage. The paint on the wall was of terrible colors every room had a different color and they were on bright red or bright orange or hot pink. They were not only hideous colors but they were so loud it would've taken 2 to 3 coats of paint to paint over them. I immediately knew this was not the house I told the realtor "let's leave".

The second house was in the same housing edition but it too had major problems. In fact only walked into the house we saw that there were two stairs missing and the stairs themselves did not have carpet on them. We then walked into the kitchen and noticed that there were Granite counter tops except for they were not firmly attached to the actual counters. We went towards the master bedroom and found that it was locked and we couldn't even look into it. I told the realtor "I have seen enough". Chris said he wanted to make the most of it so he went upstairs to look at the remaining parts of the house but I knew this wasn't it.

The third house we looked at was actually in the same housing edition that my in-laws live in right now so it's only four blocks away from where we're currently living. This was a house that was built in 2009 and is approximately 3200 ft.². We looked at this particular floor plan with the builder of this housing edition earlier in the month when we thought we were going to build from scratch. We really liked the floor plan and we were just going to look at this house basically to see if it the floor plan would be functional for us. It's really hard to envision living in a home that's empty so we wanted to see what this particular floor plan looks like when somebody lived in it. We had no idea walking in that this was going to be the future "Casa de Davis".

The owners were there mowing the lawn and after walking through the entire house we both knew that we really wanted it so we stopped to ask the owners a few questions. The owners answered most of our questions about square-footage, approximate cost of electricity every month and other things that we wanted to know but they also said that they were willing to leave the high-end furniture with the house if the price was right. Chris and I both looked at each other with excitement because we knew that not only did we not have a lot of furniture but our current couch is broken. Now this furniture is not just basic furniture... this is high -end, high-quality furniture. We're talking leather, nail head trim matching ottoman style. This stuff in all reality is way too nice to own with two kids but at the same time so beautiful and luxurious that we both got excited at the possibility of owning the style of furniture. When we got into the car after leaving the house we both stopped and said a prayer because we both knew that this was a house that we wanted. We immediately started talking about how much we wanted to offer and what the next step was. Of course we still had one more house to go and see,even though both of us knew that it was pretty much going to be a waste of time, we decided to go ahead and look at it since the realtor had made an appointment.

When we got to this last house we were in for a total shock. This house is a 2400 ft.² home that had five bedrooms but it too was very under kept. It had what they call the real estate business "stained concrete floors". These were absolutely hideous. It looked like the owners had pulled up all the carpet and all the hardwood and basically threw a bunch of paint on their floor. The realtor informed us that in the high-end homes these were very popular and very classy but in all reality it was just tacky. We then went upstairs to see the very small five bedrooms all of which had numerous pet stains. Now don't get me two dogs have had their share of accidents in the houses we have lived in but this my friends was disgusting. Some of stains looked as if their dog had gone and peed on the carpet and they never even took the time to clean it up. There were feces and urine every where. infected Natalie came up the stairs and said "mommy it stinks up here ". Again I knew this wasn't it ... especially since we pretty much determined house number three was going to be our future home.

We drove away from this last house and immediately called our actual realtor who was on a business trip and told her that we wanted to make an offer on the house in Montgomery Creek Ranch subdivision. During the short 15 minute drive from Willis to our house we learned that there was also another offer on the house that we wanted to own. This is very discouraging to us and in fact I almost cried because I really knew in my heart of hearts that this was the house that we were supposed to live in.

The rest of the afternoon was very stressful for both Chris and I and we felt like we are walking on eggshells all day just waiting for somebody to call us back and tell us "yay or nay" on the house. Around 8:45 PM that night our realtor called and said that the sellers sent us a counter offer. After reviewing their counter we decided to go ahead and give them a second offer for the asking price so we could secure that house. It was a steal of a house considering the owners had put approximately $20,000 worth of upgrades into it from the original builder's price in 2009. It was well worth the asking price and Chris and I would've paid up to $15,000 more for this house because it was in such great condition with tons of upgrades. About an hour later we discovered that they had accepted our second offer for the asking price and the paperwork had already begun. Around 10 PM Chris and I went ahead and signed the documents that were needed to put the contract on our home.

It was an amazing day full of ups and downs but through it all Chris and I remembered that God is in control. Anytime I would get nervous thinking about losing the house Chris would tell me "God is in control". Chris really was my rock and support through this day and without him I would never have made it. Thank you honey for being so practical and so supportive through this very stressful day. I love you!

God has given us so many blessings since we've moved to Houston but this house is at the very peak of these blessings and we cannot wait to move into it as a family of four. It is been a long 15 months since we've moved to Houston and been living with the in-laws but in just 45 short days we will be able to live in our own home. We didn't know when we moved here in June 2011 that we would have to wait 15 months to get into our house but we also didn't know that we would be a family of four when we did!

As I sit here typing this blog all I can think about is the amazing him "Count your blessings".

Count your blessings
name them one by one
Count your blessings
see what God has done
Count your blessings
name them one by one
Count your many blessings
see what God has done

Thank you Lord for this and the many blessings you have given me and my family. You are an amazing God and I am forever amazed at how much You love me. Thank you, Lord!

God is good… All the time!

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