Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Growing Boy: Month 2

Sunday, August 12, 2012

My oh my; how things can change in one month! During Luke's secon month of life he has changed do much and is continue to grow and develop at an amazing speed and rate... It's hard for me to keep up!

This month we started really pushing the bottle and it is a good thing we did. We had tried to get him to drink expressed breast milk from a bottle during his fourth week of life but he would have none of that. So this month we made it a priority to work with him daily to take at least one feeding from a bottle. In fact I had three separate occasions where I would not be home with him due to team meetings and professional development commitments for work and Luke would HAVE to take a bottle so we really focused on this task.

During one of these all-day meetings Luke did not take a bottle from Chris or Jackie and went over SEVEN hours without a real meal. I felt so very guilt when I got home but also very worried. I am not going back to work until October and he will be 4 1/2 months old then but... I DO HAVE TO GO BACK TO WORK! After that whole ordeal I decided to call his pediatrician and get her opinion. She basically told me I had a "mama's boy" and I needed to stop nursing him completely and only bottle feed with expressed breast milk. During his 9th week of life I did this an it REALLY helped him learn to take and bottle and he is doing MUCH better. Of course, it's still a good thing I don't have to go back to work until October but e is getting better.

Besides bottle feeding I still nurse him anywhere between every three to four hours depending on his demeanor of the day and his appetite. He basically has 5 good mealtimes during the day at the same 3, 6, 9, 12 hours and often times stretches those as needed.

This month e has really stretched out his sleeping habits (which is MUCH appreciated by mommy)! For the most part during this month he would go 6-7 hours between feedings and sleep 5.5 to 6 hours at a time. He had a frequent wake time at 3:30am most night when he would wake and need to be nursed but 90% of the time he would go almost immediately back to sleep.

On four separate times during this last month he slept for over 7 hours an went 8.5+ hours between feedings. In fact he would do this about once a week during this last month. now of course anytime he would do this and have a WONDERFUL night, the following night would be TERRIBLE and he would wake up every two to three hours. Just my luck huh?

He takes 3 naps each day ranging from 1.5 to 3.5 hours each. He usually takes a short nap in the morning while I am getting ready. This one is usually the shortest of his naps and it lasts about 1 hour to 1.5 hours. This is because I have to go out and do errands or in the case of the coming months, I will be taking Natalie to MDO. His longest nap happens after lunch and it is sully in his swing (I know, I know... Babywise says to put him in the crib but he just won't have it). Thankfully this nap is at the same time as Natalie and it lays well over 2.5 hours and sometimes even 3.5. It has been great to be able to get house work and school stuff done during this time span. Oftentimes he will take another nap after the 3-4pm feeding and it too is fairly short. I am really working on getting him to take ALL I these in his crib but he really likes the swing and he WILL cry or soothe himself to sleep in the swing so it is still along he same lines as Babywise, just not in the crib. Hopefully this will change in the coming months.

This month we have really hit the playtime and the developmental aspect of our new little man hard. There is so much more that they can do once they hit that one month mark. He is really beginning to hold his head up on his own and he rarely has any trouble with it. He likes to sit facing forward most of the time and he supports his own head very well. We have tried to do "Tummy Time" with him each morning but he, like Natalie did at this age and most of the time, does not like it at all. He will usually sit there on his tummy for about 3-5 minutes and use his arms to lift his head and shoulders up off the floor but then he SCREAMS LIKE A GIRL! Poor little guys hates it. I usually only have him do this for 5 minutes or so because I don't want him to hate it and cry as soon as he gets on his tummy. I remember with natale that she too hated it hit it did get better as the weeks pasted. Hopefully when I write the month 3 post I will be able to say he has improved.

This month has been incredible and I am really adjusting I having 2 kids. In fact Chris has been out a lot more for school trainings several times and I ave been able to keep both kids and even taken them both out to do errands a lot and I am still ALIVE!! There are times where I can even remember what it was like with just one. I am just so very blessed!!!

My handsome boy at 2 months!!!


God is good... All the time!

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