Friday, September 13, 2013

Celebrate Good Times... C'mon

September 5, 2013 
You can hear the song, Cant you? 

What a wonderful birthday celebration I have had this year! I have been able to spend quality time with my parents, sister, in-laws and especially my hubby and beautiful kiddos! On August 24th after Natalie’s 4th Birthday party, we were able to go to one of my favorite restaurants “Chuys” for a family dinner in celebration of my 31st birthday. This was very special because it is on a very rare occasion that I get to be with both my immediate family and my in-laws at the same time and it was great to visit and fellowship with them all. My mom also coordinated to have Mrs. Martha make me one of her AMAZING "Martha Cakes" and bring it down this weekend. It was just as I remember... AMAZING!

I don't know what she does but it is the BEST cake EVER! Thank you, Mrs. Martha!

On Monday, September 2nd (Labor Day), I was able to have yet another early birthday celebration with Chris and the kids as we went to the Mall and spent the whole day together! This was special because I do enjoy going to the mall and Chris rarely has time to come with me so it was neat to have him come along. We got to go to the Puppy Store for Natalie and Luke, The Disney Store and even the Apple store for me in search of a new iPad!

In addition to shopping, we were able to eat in the Food Court together and try out some new places, one in particular “French Fry Heaven”. This was a pretty cool place to get fries. I tried the “Festival” French fries which were sweet potato fries with Funnel Cake sauce. It was yummy!

The best lunch ever... A bunch of FRIES!

Of course the main reason for us going to the mall was to go and pick up my Cookie Cake for my 31st birthday! It has been somewhat of a family tradition to get each other Cookie Cakes for our birthdays and even anniversary! This cake was great because it had all VANILLA icing… just the way Natalie and I like it! Thank you Chris for this delicious way of celebrating my birthday!

As always, this was a VERY SPECIAL part of my birthday celebration! Thanks love!

And then of course, ON my birthday (Wednesday), Chris, the kids and I went to Babin’s for my annual birthday dinner. We started this back in 2011 after we had just moved to Houston and found this hidden gem of a seafood restaurant! I just love this place and hope to celebrate my birthday there every year!

Our annual Birthday Dinner at Babin's!

In addition to all the physical celebrations that took place the past 2 weeks with family and friends, I also go to celebrate my birthday with AMAZING gifts! I have said that as I get older I don’t really need gifts but just cards with WORDS of encouragement on them but I still got AWESOME presents! My parents got me a new FANCYSoda Stream” maker. This was something Allison and I happened upon back around Father’s Day for dad and I just fell in love with them. Mom and Dad got me the actual Soda Stream Maker as well as a variety pack of syrups and an extra carbonation dispenser. Natalie and I will make Soda Stream nearly every night! She and I just LOVE it!

My Soda Stream system from Mom and Dad!

In addition to that, they surprised me on Monday by having me go and pick up a Compact Refrigerator for my classroom. This was completely unexpected since they already gave me the Soda Stream a few weekends ago! This fridge is AWESOME! This is NOT an ordinary mini-fridge! It is Huge and can hold a weeks’ worth of food and meals PLUS MORE! Thank you mom and dad!

 Where was this when I was in college? This thing is AWESOME... It can hold 8 of my Weight Watchers meals in the SEPARATE freezer PLUS a weeks worth of fruit and drinks! Thanks again, mom and dad!
Allison gave me some additional liter bottles for my new Soda Stream as well as a few Soda Stream Syrups! We just LOVE the Cream Soda Flavor!
Some of the syrups and bottles from Allison and Chris and the kids too!

Of course, Natalie, Luke and Chris gave me even more Soda Stream Syrups, 1 liter bottles, more carbonation as well as some OU pens for my office and new pillowcases!

I have no idea where he found these down here but I LOVE THEM! Thanks!

All of the stuff Chris and the kids got me for my new Soda Stream maker! Yummy!

I also received money from my in-laws and extended family which I plan on using to buy the new iPad that launches (supposedly) on in early October! I am Really excited about this! I have been wanting one for A WHILE but never got around to it... This time, it will be mine! I just have to wait...Haha, how ironic!

In addition to all of these from my family, my new SCHOOL family surprised me with a wonderful card and fruit for lunch! That was really sweet and after 3 weeks of being at my new school, it finally made me feel "At home!"

My teammates are so nice!

It has been a WONDERFUL birthday celebration time and I cannot believe I am already 31! Where has the time gone? It seems like only yesterday that I was turning 21! I used to think those were “The good ol’ days” but looking back and comparing to what I have now… THEY AREN'T EVEN CLOSE! I am so very blessed and I thank God for His continued blessings and I can’t wait for another 31 years!

My 31st year has been fun and I cannot wait for my 32nd… The best is yet to come!

God is good… All the time! 

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