Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Journey to Better Health

February 2014
"Over 120 pounds GONE... For GOOD"

Chris and I have both been over-weight the majority of our lives but all of it came to a screeching halt when Chris attended a Health and Wellness program at his school in early October. Our eyes were opened and we took action... With Plexus! 

Chris’ story
In Mid-October when I was at my heaviest of all time, I attended a Health Fair at my School District where I was told I was “Morbidly Obese” and a “Stroke waiting to happen”. My blood pressure was at a scary high of 160/102 and my cholesterol was high enough the nurse suggested I begin a medication. I was also border-line diabetic. A friend of ours from Oklahoma and Plexus Ambassador, Kay Hawkins, had been posting about Plexus on Facebook and sent my wife and I information about it but I was very hesitant because of the cost and I thought it was just another “diet-fad”. Boy was I wrong. Since starting in November I have lost over 80 pounds, reduced my blood pressure to a normal 115/73, lowered my cholesterol and have started jogging a mile a day again. I LOVE to eat and my wife and I are real “Foodies”. We love to cook and eat out and try new foods. Even though we are losing weight and using Plexus, we are still able to do the things we love. We still go out and celebrate each other and our accomplishments as well as cook amazing meals at home. Plexus is anything but another “diet-fad” and it has literally changed my life. As of February, Kellie and I are able to make enough to pay for our own products as well as make a pretty decent profit. We are both hoping to get “Gem” status soon and with results as good as ours, we are on our way! Thank you Plexus! 

Chris's Before Pictures- November 3, 2013

Kellie’s Story
I have struggled with my weight all of my life. I can remember being in junior high and being one of the larger girls in my class. In high school and college I was always worried and obsessed with my weight to the point of even having an eating disorder. Once I got married I wasn't as obsessed about my weight as much but this made me just gain more weight. In 2010 I lost 65 pounds but shortly afterwards got pregnant with our 2nd child. This pregnancy led to a gain of about 50 pounds and even after the birth of Luke I was still gaining. It wasn't until I looked through pictures from a cruise Chris and I took in August of 2013 that my eyes were opened to just how heavy I really was. Starting in September a good friend of ours and Plexus Ambassador, Kay Hawkins, had given us so much information about Plexus and even sent us a 7 day trial pack for each of us. On day 3 of the trial pack, I was hooked and knew this is what I needed. I was not hungry and craving junk food and cupcakes, I didn't have the almost daily headaches anymore and I just felt AMAZING! We began our official Plexus journey on November 4th and since then I have lost 45 pounds and am now back down to my Pre-Baby weight. I have not felt this good inside and OUT in as long as I can remember! 

Kellie's Before Pictures- November 3, 2013 

The DURING Pictures: 
We have to remember... "Slow and Steady Wins the race" 

Thanksgiving 2013- Approximately 25 pounds lost combined 
(Within the 1st month!)

December 2013- Kellie had lost close to 20 pounds at this point.

December 2013- I feel SO MUCH better!

January 2014- Chris looks like a new person and dropped over 60 pounds!

January 28, 2013- 65 pounds GONE for good! 

January 31, 2013- Combined we had lost 100+ pounds! 

February 24, 2013- Over 120 Pounds gone and still going strong! 

This product and company has changed our lives forever! We have gotten our lives back thanks to Plexus and we want to share it with EVERYONE we know! 

What are YOU waiting for? Want to change YOUR life too? You can with Plexus! 

Thank you Lord for these amazing results! 

God is good... All the Time! 

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