Thursday, February 6, 2014

Welcome Back

Wednesday, February 5, 2014 
"It's been a while"

Hello, my name is Kellie Davis and I am a Christian, wife, mother, teacher and blogger! It has been well over 2 months since I last blogged and it feels good to be back! 

A lot has happened in that last 2+ months. We have had numerous family outings, holidays, trips and so much more. Not to mention my kids have grown SO MUCH! I guess the old saying is true "Time flies when you are having fun". 

Thanksgiving 2013 
This was a holiday spent with the "Klingsick" side of the family (MY parents). This turned out to a very adventurous week. It began with lots and lots of cleaning and grocery shopping. My parents had just returned from a Caribbean cruise just a week before and had a difficult time re-adjusting to the somewhat frigid temps of Texas instead of the gorgeous Caribbean weather of 80*. They each had a small cough and cold but luckily no-one else got sick. My mom, however, had to go to the minor emergency room on Friday afternoon for a major ear infection. She was miserable and wanted to have fun but just wasn't up to it! But despite this hiccup the holiday went off without a hitch. 

We had an amazing feast including our annual "Deep Fried Turkey" (Chris Davis style of course... lots of cajun seasonings) with all the traditional fixins. We also had our Annual Bake Off Challenge that Allison, Chris and I competed in. This year's challenge was PIE. Allison ended up winning this year with an Apple Crumb Pie. I was told that if mine would have set up correctly mine would have won but instead it was just White Chocolate Soup!
Allison with her WINNING Apple Crumb Pie. It was tasty!

Me with my White Silk Pie... It was very good but the texture was off!
More like soup!

Chris and his Sweet Potato Pie.
A Southern Favorite and EVERYONE loved it!

I LOVE my beautiful family!

Christmas 2013 

Christmas 2013 at AEBC

Our annual Santa visit

This was the holiday to spend with the "Davis" side of the family (Chris' Parents). We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at Dan and Jackie's but we decided we would travel to Arp to be with my family the weekend before. This was a wonderful trip of hanging out at my parents house and just being together. Usually when we go to Arp we go in to Tyler at some point, which while it is fun, it can also be a hassle sometimes with taking multiple cars and making multiple trips. This trip we just stayed and relaxed. The kids got an ENORMOUS amount of toys from my mom and dad as well as sister. It was such a joy to see their faces as they opened each gift up! 

On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day we spent time with Chris' family including his brother John and his wife Leeanna as well as Chris' sister D'Ann. This was a wonderful time as usual with eating and gift opening and so much more. 

Of course we had to do our annual "Happy Birthday Jesus" celebration with singing and cake! I LOVE this tradition. Luke even got in on it this year! Jesus really is the REASON for the SEASON and I will continued to have this tradition every year!  
Natalie with the "Happy Birthday Jesus" cupcake! 

The rest of our Christmas vacation was spent cleaning and organizing parts of the house that have not been touched in well over a year as well as spending time just the 4 of us doing activities such as the carousel at the mall and the park! 

Bouncing Bears in Cypress. 

Natalie getting her new Build-a-Bear dog stuffed.
Emily is her name and we just LOVE her! 

January 2014 
Happy New Year! We had a wonderful New Years Eve of relaxing and reflecting on our 2013! The rest of our January has been spent working on our New Years Resolutions such as weight loss, organization, more blogging (As today is February 5th and I am just getting back into it... oops) and lots more family time. 

Family Fun in the park!

Their faces are just priceless!

Both of our districts had snow days in January... very odd since we are in HOUSTON! But nonetheless we got an extra day to spend AT HOME with our kiddos! God provides blessings all the time, even when we don't expect it! 

The past 3 months have been marvelous and I cannot wait to see what else is in store for the Davis family in 2014! 

God is Good... All the Time! 

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