Monday, February 17, 2014

Luke- A Recap

February 10, 2014 
"This boy is a Whirlwind of FUN" 

From the time I can remember I have ALWAYS wanted a little boy. God certainly knew what He was doing when he gave us Luke (THANK YOU, LORD). Coming from a family of 2 girls, I have never really been around boys and seen all of their WILD and CRAZY characteristics. But at 20 months old, I have just begun to see this crazy boy side!

Just in the last 4-6 months I have seen Luke start to develop a very honery personality! He will run into the kitchen and throw a toy on the floor and then smile and run away. Better yet, he will come and tell you that he has a stinky diaper by saying "St-y" and then pointed to his bottom but then run away. I smile and sometimes freak-out but everyone I know is laughing at me thinking "Yeah, he is a BOY"!

While he is not as fluent with words as Natalie was at this age, he is learning new words EVERY DAY and is now beginning to talk UP A STORM! And I am thinking "No, no go back to baby talk" because I remember when Natalie began to talk a lot and now I can't even remember her NOT talking!

He is now running everywhere instead of walking and can even climb our stairs without help. In fact, he doesnt want our help. He is going through is independent phase right now. This scares me because Natalie has yet to leave this phase so... Yikes! Y'all better start praying for me now!

He eats and eats AND EATS! I thought Chris could pack the food away... Oh no, this boy is going to run us out of house and home when he is a teenager! I guess I better start saving NOW!

Super Bowl Sunday and Luke is ready to go!

I LOVE that he likes to wear ties and bow-ties!

Sissy has turned him into a Carousel LOVIN' Machine! 

Absolutely Priceless!

Luke and Daddy spending quality "Guy time" watching TV! 

Like Sissy, he too LOVE Gigi Jackie! 

My two boys...Poor Oxford is not quite sure of him yet! 

Christmas was a glorious time with Luke but from the very
beginning he thought the ornaments were
"b-all"s! Luckily ours were the shatterproof kind! 

My little boy is losing his baby-ness!
It doesn't get much cuter than this!

God really knew what He was doing when he gave me Luke. There are days when I wonder why I wanted such a honery boy, but then I look at Luke with all his cuteness and I just melt! He will FOREVER be my "Baby Luke". Stop growing up Luke... Mommy cant take it anymore! 

Thank You, Lord for Baby Luke! 

I love you "Lukey"!

God is Good... All the Time! 

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