Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday Luke

Terrible Twos
June 12 & 14, 2014

Thursday, June 12th 
Today is Luke's 2nd birthday and we celebrated it by spending time outside and opening gifts before his party on June 14 with all the family. It's hard to believe that 2 years ago this little boy came into the world and blessed us so much. It has been a FABULOUS 2 YEARS and I thank God EVERYDAY for my little boy!
We started the day off with a trip to the doctor's office! Poor little guy had to get his 2 year old Well Check. This was an interesting visit because we learned that Luke was no longer considered short and FAT. He weighed in a 27 pounds and 36.5 inches tall. He was in the 96th percentile for his height and 44 percentile for his weight. These percentages were reversed at previous check-ups so we were shocked that he had grown this much. During this visit he also had to get his 2 year old shots so this kinda put a damper on his morning... BUT he was back to his normal playful self by lunch time.

Luke getting ready for his check-up 
We went over to Gigi Jackie's house for a little bit and then came home and made dinner. We opened some small gifts from Mommy and Daddy as well as had some cupcakes. At Luke's first birthday he didn't really like the cupcake but this time he scarfed it down!

Luke with his new blanket from Coach Schneider 

Luke eating his birthday cupcake. 

Saturday, June 14th 
The real celebration began on Saturday when Gigi Shirley and Poppy, Gigi Jackie and Grandpa, Auntie Allie as well as Grandma Pat and Mike came to help celebrate Luke's birthday. It was a baseball themed party and most everyone wore baseball attire including Luke. He has been a huge BASEBALL kick recently so I thought this seemed fitting.

All decked out for the party! 

The baseball theme decorations.  
We had a great BBQ with hamburgers, hot dogs, fruit and an amazing Baseball Cookie Cake for Luke. After lunch we let Luke open the rest of his gifts. He got some amazing gifts from everyone but his favorite was probably the dump truck mommy got him or the golf set Natalie got him. Luckily, Poppy and Uncle Mike were here to help him learn how to swing the golf clubs. He also loved the Flap Book that Gigi Jackie got him and he LOVES his CARS swing that Gigi Shirley and Poppy got him!

The baseball birthday cake. Everyone LOVED it. 

Getting ready to sing Happy Birthday! I love his face! 

Luke opening gifts. 

He loves his CARS swing! 
After opening gifts we put Luke down for a nap and then I spent some time talking with Grandma Pat and my mom while Natalie read her FROZEN book from Gigi Jackie. After some fellowship time we played the Wii and challenged each other to things like bowling and golf. We are a very competitive family and had lots of fun trying to beat each other.

Grandma Pat and I enjoying time together after the party. 

I love you Grandma Pat. 

Auntie Allie and Luke after the party! 
After Luke woke up we decided to go to dinner before Gigi Shirley, Poppy, Grandma Pat and Uncle Mike had to head back to East Texas. We chose our favorite restaurant, Chuy's. Everyone ate lots and even Grandma Pat liked it. Luke was so happy on his birthday that he was able to get 2 Push-pops after dinner. Then we took some great family photos before they left. This was special because anytime we get to see Grandma Pat we take several pictures since she lives so far away and we hardly get to see her. This was VERY special!
This was a VERY special few days and we are so lucky to have been able to celebrate Luke with not only my parents AND Chris's parents but also Grandma Pat and Uncle Mike. Thank You, Lord for these blessings! Cannot wait to see what happens between now and Luke's 3rd Birthday! I love you, Luke Davis!
God is Good... ALL the time!

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