Monday, July 7, 2014

My Graduate

Natalie's Pre-K Graduation 
May 15, 2014 
West Conroe Baptist Church, Conroe, TX 
In the midst of the end of my own school year with STAAR testing going on, concerts and programs and staff meetings galore I blinked and my little angel was done with Pre-K and ready to graduate. This year had flown by so fast and it had not dawned on me that Natalie Grace was DONE with Preschool. The past 3 years had come and gone and my little girl has grown up so much.
The last week of school she got her "report card" from her Pre-K day-school which stated she knew all of her CAPITAL and lower-case letters, the sounds they can make, numbers and was reading sight-words at above grade level. Her teachers said that she was ready for Kindergarten and would do really well. They also said she was a social butterfly and every one's friend. This made me so happy to have the "Best of both worlds" type of a child. Thank You, Lord for this beautiful blessing!
We celebrated Natalie's graduation with Gigi Shirley and Poppy (my parents), Gigi Jackie and Grandpa (Chris's parents) and Chris, Luke and I. This particular day was a HUGE day at my school as it was the day of the School-Wide Talent Show of which I was the committee chair... BUT I had to be a mom this day! I had leave work early just to get all the dinner and treats for Natalie's graduation party and Chris skipped his after-school tutorials to celebrate our graduate.
Natalie's cookie cake 

Everyone arrived around 3pm and the party began. We had a spread of deli wraps and fruit as well as a lovely Cookie Cake just for Natalie. She opened some gifts including a "Build-a-Bear" graduation outfit for her favorite bear "Rainbow Claire". This was so cute and she was able to take the bear to her graduation ceremony and show her friends.

Natalie and "Rainbow Claire" the graduate bear! 

Natalie and her friend, Aubrey with "Rainbow Claire" the graduate bear! 

We got to the church about 1 hour before the show began. This was a combined End-of-Year Spring Concert for all the children as well as the graduation ceremony for both Pre-K and Kindergarten. This was special because my parents and Gigi Jackie and Grandpa also got to see and hear Luke sing while they were here to celebrate Natalie.
Luke's Toddler class sang 2 songs including "Jesus Loves Me" and "Mama Shark". Being the mom that I am I left my seat in the audience to go up to the front to get a better view of Luke. He was very shy at first and didn't sing very much. Then he saw me at the front and started to show his true colors. He began to jump around and spin while trying to sing. Then during the "Mama Shark" song he really started to sing and do the motions. This made me so proud to see my "little guy" come out of his shell and be a BIG BOY! I am so proud of you Luke!

Luke singing... he is such a stinker! He was so shy until he saw MOMMY! Hehe! 

Then it was Natalie's turn to sing. She was already in her white graduation attire and did a fantastic job. She had been practicing her songs for a while and you could really tell. This was her best school or church performance to date! I could not have been more proud of her!

Natalie singing "Fruits of the Spirit" 

I am so proud of my Nattie Grace

After her songs were over they dismissed some of the audience and then began the graduation ceremonies. Once again, I was down in front getting a better view and pictures. Tears began to fall from my eyes as the school director called her name out "Natalie Davis who wants to be a skater when she grows up". She stopped and got her certificate and then posed almost perfectly for a picture. 

Natalie getting her Pre-K certificate 

Congratulations to the GRADUATE! 

After the ceremony we went to the reception and let the kids have cake and punch. Natalie got to see her teachers and friends one more time and then we went home. It was a wonderful day of celebrating our graduate. Thanks to Gigi Shirley and Poppy as well as Gigi Jackie and Grandpa for helping us celebrate! 

Natalie and her teachers Mrs. Becky and Mrs. Celeste 

Thank you to both sets of grand-parents for coming and helping celebrate Miss Natalie. 

The proud family! 

In just a few short months our graduate will be attending KINDERGARTEN. If you thought there were tears flowing today, just wait til August! In fact, the very 1st day of school is Natalie's 5th birthday! Where has the time gone?

Thank You, Lord for giving me Natalie Grace and for allowing ME to be her mommy! I am beyond blessed and I cannot believe how much she has grown up! I love you, Natalie Grace! 

God is good... ALL the time!

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