Thursday, July 24, 2014

Stay-cation 2014

June 26-28, 2014
Houston, TX with Gigi Shirley and Poppy 

Sometimes there is nothing quite like a "STAY-cation". The excitement of finding things to do in your very own backyard. My mom and dad (Otherwise known as Gigi Shirley and Poppy) had some extra days vacation after long months of May and June so they offered to take our kids on a small excursion to Dallas or Houston. This led us all to come up with an idea of a "STAY-cation". We decided we would create our own mini-vacation in Houston with all 6 of us. It turned out to be just what we all needed! 

Thursday, June 26th 
We met Gigi Shirley and Poppy in downtown Houston at Minute Maid Park for an Astro's game. This is a tradition of ALL Klingsick vacations no matter where so this was a no-brainer! This was an afternoon game and it was also $1 hot-dog game! This was awesome because we all got to really enjoy the baseball experience with Hot-Dogs, popcorn and another Klingsick tradition of Peanuts and M&Ms! 

Chris and I outside Minute Maid Park!

Poppy and Gigi Shirley with Natalie and Luke behind home plate!

Gigi Shirley loves taking her grand-kids to baseball games!

Since it was an afternoon game we learned that day-cares (from what seemed like ALL OVER THE STATE) came with flocks and FLOCKS of kiddos! Not necessarily my favorite type of baseball game audience but that's OK! We started out in an upper deck section on the 1st base side but quickly moved down as the heard and herds of brightly colored daycare shirts came flocking to our section. The nice gentleman manning the section entrance smiled as I told him "I deal with kids EVERYDAY as part of my job and I just 'aint' doing it today." In fact, he even pointed me in the right direction for our own little section with NO kids! God bless that nice man! I just don't think I could have taken thousands of kids screaming and yelling and spilling their drinks. Meantime in our new lower section, my kids were screaming and yelling and occasionally spilling! Hehe... but they are MY kids! 

I think Gigi Shirley had the most fun of us all! 

My little family of four! I love them so much! 

Baseball- A Klingsick Family tradition!

The game was over and we headed back up to Conroe to spend the evening at our house. We had a special Stuffed Pork Tenderloin from Buc-cee's that we made for dinner that evening and it was delicious! We also played the Wii for several hours before going to bed! 

Friday, June 27th 
We had planned on going to the beach a day while my parents were in town but the weather radar made it seem like it was going to rain and storm all day. We debated not going to the beach but we decided to risk it all and go ahead and go! It was a good thing we went because it didn't rain at all while we were there... BUT it was incredibly windy and this made the ocean waters beyond manageable at some times. The tide came into the beach in such a way that it poured into the chairs and area where people were sitting. It was a good thing that there were MASSIVE amounts of seaweed to block our area! In fact, I had never seen so much seaweed just sitting on the beach in my life! It was disgusting and nobody, especially Luke and I, liked it!

Natalie LOVES the ocean! 

Luke... Not so much! Daddy had a tag-along all day! 

But Natalie and I had a LOT of fun fighting the seaweed and the choppy waves!

Natalie is definitely our "Water Baby" as she thoroughly enjoyed running into the waves and swimming in the ocean. Luke, on the other hand, didn't like it at all and spent most of the morning in either mine, Chris's or Gigi's arms. In fact, he even fell asleep on Gigi's shoulder and took a nap ON THE BEACH at one point! Poor little guy just doesn't like the beach scene! Hopefully, he will grown out of this!

This was our "beach" for the day! Ewwww... is all I have to say! 

We ended the beach day with some awesome excitement as we all got to ride down this amazing inflatable water slide right there on the beach. I had seen this type of thing before but never spoiled Natalie enough to let her do it... BUT Gigi Shirley and Poppy were in town so SPOILING was inevitablee! 

This was a 3-4 story high slide that was hosed down with water and was INCREDIBLE! We all 6 got to ride down the slide and we all LOVED it (Well except Luke, he HATED it). We had 10 turns down the slide and I think we would all have agreed that we could have gotten the "All-Day Pass" and had the time of our lives! Thank you Gigi Shirley and Poppy for SPOILING US ALL!

Natalie going down the slide for the first time! She was in love!

Mommy and Luke going down the slide!
Once again, Luke did NOT like this water activity! 

Gigi Shirley liked the water slide too!
In fact, I think she liked it so much she wanted to go get 10 more rides! 

We went home and had a Deep Fried Turkey... sounds weird I know but we had an extra turkey in our deep freezer and it just seemed like the perfect time to eat it with additional people in town. I think I like eating the Deep Fried Turkey more in the middle of summer than I do in November! Once again, Chris did a FANTASTIC job! 

Saturday, June 28th 
We had originally planned on going to the Houston Zoo today but we also wanted to see "what else was out there" in Houston. On our way back from Galveston the day before I saw a sign for an "All-Day Ride Pass" at Traders Village. We looked them up online and decided we wanted to try them out! I am so glad we did. This was like a miniature fair right in the heart of Houston! AND their All-Day Ride pass was $9.75! Natalie, Luke, Gigi Shirley and I all got the ride pass and it really paid off. They had nearly 15 rides ranging from toddler age to teenager age. Luke really only liked the carousel, mini car and airplane rides, while Natalie, Gigi Shirley and I all rode the other 14 rides all day! Once again, Natalie is also my "roller coaster baby" but Luke did have fun!

Gigi Shirley and Luke on the carousel.
Luke on the mini-planes! 

Natalie liked the Mini-Cars too! 

Gigi Shirley and Natalie on the Tilt-a-whirl!
My kiddos and I on the carousel! 

Raising her to ride the GOOD RIDES early! She LOVED it! 

We spent the best part of the morning and early afternoon at Traders Village (Some parts in the rain) until about 2 pm when we decided to head back toward Conroe so we could eat dinner at our favorite restaurant Babin's before my parents had to head back to Arp for church on Sunday! This was an incredible value and I think we will go back there again during the summer and especially in the fall when it is cooler! It was a great find! 

We came home and all cleaned up before we headed to Babin's for a special dinner! This was really special because it is always fun to share our favorite restaurant and eating experiences with the ones we love! Thank you Mom and Dad for helping us celebrate! 

Gigi Shirley and Poppy with the kiddos outside of Babin's! 

I love my family!

This was an awesome weekend of FUN and I am so glad we decided to create a "STAY-cation" in Houston AND that we got to share this time with Gigi Shirley and Poppy! It was a lot of fun and just what we all needed! I hope this can become a SUMMER RITUAL! Thanks again to my parents for sharing this weekend with us! We all love you both! 

God is good... ALL the time! 

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