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A December to Remember

December 2014 

December is always a time of great joy, love and reflection but this year seemed to be jam packed full of memorable events in all of our lives. I am so grateful to God for these and many other opportunities! I am sure to not forget this December for years to come! 

Saturday, December 6
 Painting with a Twist with some of my greatest friends and my wonderful sister Allison! This is always a great time of fun and fellowship with some of my best girl friends but this time it included Allison, who have never been before! It was awesome!
"For Unto us a child is born".
My final product... not my best but not my worst!
I love PWAT!

Sunday, December 7
Natalie is baptized by her Poppy. This was a memorable experience to say the least and my heart runs over with pride and joy for a new birth in His Kingdom! Natalie also performed in her first AWANA program this evening and did a FANTASTIC job!

This was such an emotional time for us all but I just count it all joy! 

She LOVES to sing!

Monday, December 8
Luke is sick! He started showing signs of sickness on Saturday evening while we were playing games with family. We tried to give him meds at that point and he puked them up. Then on Sunday he was so sick that I had to hold him during our "New Birth Lunch" with the family and was running a fever! I took him to the doctor on Monday and thought for sure he had the flu or worse but he had "Upper respiratory infection" or a common cold! Unfortunately, that meant no antibiotics to kill it off and we were stuck with suppositories! He continued to be sick and not able to go to school for another 5 days. Then, unfortunately, Natalie got sick the following week!

Poor Luke was "sicker than a dog"- yet still only a "cold". 

Thursday, December 11
"Christmas Cookies and Holiday Hearts" 3rd Grade Christmas program at my school and one for the record books! For the first time since arriving in Texas, during this performance I felt like not only was I "home" but I was making a difference in these students' lives.

The cake my awesome and amazing supportive teammate, Tammy Schneider, gave to me in congrats for my concert! I LOVE my job!

Sunday, December 14
Mims Christmas Celebration and Natalie sings "Happy Birthday Jesus". This was yet again another Mims Christmas to remember. Natalie Grace sang a solo with the AWANA Choir and did an AMAZING job! She is just like her mama... a PERFORMER!

Gigi Shirley and Natalie after her performance! She did SO WELL!

Celebrating her performance after the concert! 

Monday, December 15
Chris was nominated for Teacher of the Year at his school. Keep in mind this is ONLY his 4th year of teaching! He truly is an incredible teacher and leader! So proud of him!

Wednesday, December 17
Natalie was able to experience the "AWANA Store" for the very 1st time AND she used the majority of her spending money on presents for her family. This was a very proud moment for me as she was only allotted 10 minutes in the room for shopping and only towards the very end did she start looking for herself. I also love the fact that LUKE was 1st on her list! She loves him so much!

Thursday, December 18 
Luke's School's Christmas Concert- He is NOT my performing child! I managed to get off an hour to come and listen to my boy perform with his dayschool for their Christmas concert. He came out very shaken up and I thought I would wave at him... BAD MISTAKE. He then began to cry and had to be held the rest of the performance. He was being held in the back so I didn't even get to see him cry through it! Poor guy!

Luke moving onto stage before the tears started flowing.

Friday, December 19
The last day of school! We were ALL very excited but especially Natalie as it was also her very 1st party at school and her `st time to watch and experiences the movie Polar Express! She loved every aspect of the day and I know she had a GREAT day!
Natalie opening her gift from Mrs. Crenshaw- I LOVE her face!

Saturday, December 20
Shop til we drop with Gigi Shirley and Poppy! Since Natalie and Luke were headed to Arp with my parents for the week, mom and dad decided to come to The Woodlands to shop instead of meeting in our usual 1/2 spot of Buffalo, TX! This was so much fun because we were able to get the kids picture taken with Santa, have a great lunch with the family and then try to finish any last minute shopping we had! Gigi Shirley and Poppy left for Arp with the kids around 5pm and Chris and I headed to the Movie Theater! Finally, a well deserved date-night!

I love this picture! Natalie's beautiful smile makes it all worth it.
Poor Luke, he does NOT like Santa!

Sunday, December 21-Tuesday, December 23 
A Golden Trip to Lake Charles. Chris and I headed to the brand new Golden Nugget Casino and Resort in Lake Charles for a get-away trip. This was an AWESOME trip for us, despite all of our losses and we cannot wait to get back!

Chris and I celebrating each other at The Golden Nugget!
This was such an AWESOME place! If you ever get a chance to go and visit... DO IT!

Merry Christmas from Louisiana!

Tuesday, December 23
Gift opening with the Davis kids! Even though Natalie and Luke were in Arp with Gigi Shirley and Poppy, we headed over to Dan and Jackie's (Chris's parents) to open the gifts from all of the kids (Chris's brother, sister-in-law and sister). Chris, D'Ann and John got the most awesome gift from Jackie, a homemade photo album full of baby pictures, kid/ school pictures and so much more! It was awesome to just sit and look through everyone's book! We waited to open Natalie and Luke's gifts until they got back from their trip!

Some of the cool and unique gifts from the Davis Family!

Wednesday, December 24- Christmas Eve 
Cajun Food and LOTS of presents. Chris and I left for Arp around 10am and made it to my parents house by 1:15pm. As soon as we got there Natalie was ready to make Cookies for Santa! Then that evening we had a Cajun feast full of crawfish etoufee, crawfish pies, blackened chicken and Banana Fosters cake. This was one of the best meals of the season and I thoroughly enjoyed it! After dinner we opened the massive amounts of presents from Gigi Shirley, Poppy and Auntie Allie. The kids both were not feeling well but had a great time nonetheless.

The cookies for Santa have been made!

Natalie and Luke are ready for presents!

Everyone got new PJs from Natalie. She thought everyone should open gifts in their PJs so she got EVERYONE a new pair!

The MASSIVE amount of gifts at my parents house!

The Banana Fosters cake Allison made for our Cajun dinner! Wow... It was so good!
I am still craving it right now!

Thursday, December 25- Christmas Day
Happy Birthday Jesus! The day started off with the most unique "Happy Birthday Jesus" party I have ever seen. My mom made a very special breakfast and decorated the house and especially the dining room with birthday decorations for Jesus. We sang "Happy Birthday Jesus", read the Christmas story and all about Jesus' birth and gave Jesus birthday gifts of prayers for our lost friends as we all listed friends who we knew needed Jesus. Easily one of the best experiences of the Holiday week! Thanks mom for doing this!

Happy Birthday Jesus Breakfast... I think this will be our new tradition! LOVE IT!

Saturday, December 27
I need a jump! We were all crammed in and packed to head back to Conroe when as we started the car it would not start. Sure enough it was the battery and we needed a jump from my dad. Luckily, my dad's car was able to give us a jump and we were able to get home but we NEVER STOPPED! As soon as we got home and Luke woke up from his nap we opened the gifts from the 4 of us that didn't make sense to travel with. Natalie and Luke loved opening more gifts! Then that evening we went to Gigi and Grandpa's house (Chris' parents) to have Natalie and Luke open their gifts from them. Thanks Gigi and Grandpa!

Luke with his new Fire Truck!

Natalie and her new PERSONALIZED Frozen blanket from Gigi Jackie! 

Monday, December 29
Cousin time! As John, Leeanna and Madisyn made their way back to Conroe from Texas City we headed over to Gigi and Grandpa's for another round of opening gifts with the kids! It was special to see Natalie give her gift to her cousin Madisyn! We had a great dinner and evening of family time!

He is so curious about her but never misses an opportunity to hold her! I love it!

She is IN LOVE with baby Madisyn and wants to hold her ALL THE TIME!

Wednesday, December 31 
Goodbye 2014... Hello 2015! As we look back on the amazing year we have had I cannot think about all the blessings that are headed our way in 2015. It may be hard to top 2014 but I have high hopes!

Our celebratory New Year's Eve dinner- Cajun stuffed Chicken! Yummy!

Thank You Jesus for these many blessings and the many to come! Thank you for the small things, the little things and so much more! I owe all of these blessings and memories to YOU! 

God is good... ALL the time! 

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