Thursday, January 1, 2015

Kindergarten... Update #2

December 2014 
1 semester down... 1 to go! 

Where has the time gone. My baby has grown up SO MUCH in the last 4 months. Just 4 months ago she had just turned 5 and was still a baby in my mind. Her mind has taken off on a whirlwind of learning. She has gone from only reading minimal sight words to being able to read entire books during our bedtime story-time. Her thoughts and actions, too, have grown up so much and I am having such a hard time dealing with how much she has grown up.

Natalie is still doing remarkably well inside her classroom. We received her 2nd 6 weeks grading period report card and she made improvements and has already achieved and mastered several objectives. She also seems to be very interested in science which brings a smile to my face because that was never my strong suit or even of any real interest to me. She also seems to really enjoy reading and loves to try to sound out and read new words. I assumed this would take much more enthusiasm on my part to get her to try but she WANTS to read and strives to learn more each and every time we work with her and on a nightly basis during story-time.

Natalie's most recent report card. 

Natalie is once again a little social butterfly and the highlight of not only her homeroom Kindergarten class but of the entire Kindergarten student body as well. Part of this could be that she is "Mrs. Davis' daughter" but she lights up the room no matter where she is. She has become very good friends with a couple of other "Teacher kids" and they all run around and play together before and after school. The assistant principal kids too have taken Natalie under their wing and watch out for her all the time. Needless to say, she is doing fine socially!

Natalie and one of her best friends, Bella, at their Christmas party!

It was during this last 6 weeks period that Natalie accepted Jesus as her personal Lord and Savior and has completely changed emotionally and spiritually. Her actions have become less self-centered and more service centered. She asked if we could give a girl in her class some of her clothes and shoes because she wears flip-flops and shirts with holes in them everyday. The next weekend we went through her stuff and brought an entire bag to school for this sweet girl. The amazing part about this is NATALIE came up with the idea and brought it all to fruition. She really does have a heart of gold!

Natalie never ceases to amaze me as she continues to grow not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well. I know that this schooling situation is not what I dreamed it would be for her but she certainly is making the most of it and seems to be growing just fine.

Natalie at her Christmas Party- December 19th

Natalie and Mrs. Crenshaw- She really is amazing! 

Once again, I am having a hard time accepting the fact that my little baby is now a little girl and is growing up more and more each and every day, right before my eyes! I know as we start this second semester and the downhill stretch she will continue to shine! I love you Natalie Grace and I am incredibly proud of you!

God is good... ALL the time! 

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