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The Day That Changed My Life FOREVER 
January 27, 2015 

It was my senior year of college and I was pushing through the year to finish my 136 hour, 5 year, degree in just 4 years. I had my blinders on and I was ready to get out into the real world and teach, something I had been DYING to do and could literally not wait to have my own band and classroom.

It was late November/ early December and I was the leader and music director for the 3rd- 6th grade Children's Choir at Bethel Baptist Church in Norman, OK. I had spent the previous 2 years serving an internship with the Music Minister and had played key roles in the church such as Orchestra Director, music Secretary and much more but this was my first "rodeo" with little kids choir. After a few months I told Bro. Jerry Billingsley, the Music Minister, that I needed a "bouncer" so-to-speak to help control some of the rowdiness that is 3rd -6th graders.

Bro. Jerry and his wife had been looking and eventually they found a young single named Chris Davis who sang in the choir and asked him to come and help me on Sunday evenings. I will never forget the day he showed up. He was quite tall and lanky and his height seemed to quite down the kids and maybe even scare them. He helped me keep them under control for several weeks and we started talking more and more before and after each choir session. He began to look for me on Sunday mornings and even come and listen to the orchestra rehearsals to see me. Chris introduced me to all of his friends from the Singles Department and I enjoyed most of them. The singles went out to eat each Sunday afternoon for lunch and Chris invited me to several of these in which I took him up on the offer.

That Christmas of 2004 I remember telling my mom and dad about Chris but I told them that I didn't think the feeling was "mutual". When we arrived back in Norman from our Christmas vacations we picked up right where we left off and I could tell at that point that they could be something there... I just wasn't sure what it was. In mid- January Chris asked me out on a date on Sunday night at church and of course I said yes!

I was so excited for this date that my roommate, Ashley F, and I were screaming as I told her about the upcoming date... not to mention on the actual date night she went back to our sorority and spread the word like crazy. It was so nice to have such a supportive roommate and sisterhood to dream about the upcoming date (and eventually re-live the past 1st date) with. Love you girlies!

Thursday, January 27th came it was the day of our 1st date. Chris picked me up at my Norman apartment in his very nice AND CLEAN SUV. He came to the front door, took my arm and escorted me to the car where he then opened the door for me. We traveled to the other side of Norman to eat at Charleston's Restaurant. He was a true gentleman from beginning to the end of that meal. He pulled out the chair for me, stood up when I went to the restroom, and practically buttered my bread for me (Well, he tried to but I don't like butter... but I remember him trying to and me being swept off my feet by that gesture). After dinner we went to a movie to watch Meet the Fockers, which turned out to be a filthy movie and quite possibly the WORST first-date movie EVER. I can remember the experience like it was yesterday. Both of us were so embarrassed and even more so since we were on a date. Despite the embarrassment we were still holding hands by the middle of the movie and by the end of the movie we were laughing about the whole experience.

He took me back to my apartment where we sat out in in SUV for a few minutes while my roommate, Ashley, watched from the 2nd floor window. We laughed about the movie and reflected on the meal. He told me "I really enjoyed your company tonight and I would love to do it again sometime, just a different movie" and we both started laughing. He escorted me to the door where he give me a simple peck on the cheek and asked when we could go out again. I told him absolutely and we planned it for the following weekend.

I came in and almost immediately fell over from being weak in the knees... I know what you are thinking "Oh good grief" but really, I was head over heels at this point. I ran upstairs and replayed the whole evening to my roommate Ashley who was also giddy with excitement. Chris sent me an email that evening that stated how much he enjoyed our date and how he was looking forward to the following weekend.

The very next Sunday we were sitting in the congregation holding hands and acting like we had been dating for months. We went out the following weekend and the rest, as they say, is HISTORY. We continued to date for another 6 months and on July 31, 2005 Chris Davis asked me to marry him right there at Bethel Baptist Church where we first met and started dating. We got married on March 11, 2006 at Bethel Baptist Church and we have been together and living happily ever since.

Chris outside of Bethel Baptist Church in Norman in June of 2014. 

As I sit here and reminisce about that day and all of the emotions that went with I can not help but be grateful to God for this whole experience. I was and am so lucky to not only have found my one true love but also found him at such an early age. And now here I am 10 years later with the most amazing life a girl could ask for. I have a wonderful, loving husband who not only provides for me financially but emotionally as well. I have THE 2 most beautiful children in the whole world and they are thriving and doing remarkably well. I live in a gorgeous home and have more than what I need on a daily basis. My husband, family and I travel frequently and are truly blessed beyond measure! I could NOT BE HAPPIER at this current time. It is on a day like this that I am reminded how blessed I really am!

Thank You, Lord for these and many more continued blessings! I owe it all to You!

God is good... ALL the time!

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