Saturday, August 14, 2010

Weekend thoughts

Thanks to my beautiful and creative sister Allison, I have nearly completed my classroom. This will be the most creative and unique classroom I have EVER had. I have gone out of the "box" so to speak and gone with a baseball room in the music classroom. I know, I know... this is not common since "athletics and band don't get along". I love baseball and I want to express my self in my room. I will post pictures soon.
I went to my first day back yesterday at school and had a great time. It seemed much smoother and less boring than usual. I was able to get alot done actually while I was up there. It was also great to see other teachers I have not seen all summer. Everyone seems to have lost weight. Why cant I lose some??? I have been trying to diet and exercise but I am going to step it up a notch! I am bringing out all the stops. I will be smaller and weigh less by September 18th. This is the day of my grandma's wedding (Sounds kinda weird but I am totally excited) and that is the next major thing in my life.
I am going to enjoy the rest of my weekend off before the busy week arrives!

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