Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My 24 hours of waiting... best lesson in patience EVER!

One year ago today I was sent to the hospital to be induced. I was originally due on August 4th and after carrying my baby for an additional 3 weeks, my doctor decided it was finally time to go ahead and induce me. When Chris and I got to the hospital, I was exactly 43 weeks pregnant.
We arrived at 7am and were sent to a holding room while other patients who were there for scheduled C-sections were taken care of. Around 8 or so Dr. Trotter came in and said that the medication for induction was not at the Shawnee hospital and they would have to send someone to get it. There we waited yet again. The medicine arrived in the 10 o'clock hour and it was administer immediately.

After about 4 hours, I was not making any progress. At one point Dr. Trotter thought about sending us home and then come back later in the week. Fortunately, we did not do this. I pretty much had a "Kellie" fit as my mom would call them and said "No, I will not leave this hospital without a baby!" Both my -in-laws and my parents had driven 6 and 7 hours to see this and we were not leaving without a baby. So... at about 5 pm, Dr. Trotter broke my water. Then the story really begins.
I basically continued down the same path and didn't progress very much if at all. I was able to get the "Meds" and that made it a lot easier to rest but still nothing. After about 23 hours or so of actual delivery, the nursing staff and Dr. Trotter monitor my blood pressure as well as Natalie's heart-rate. My blood pressure was dropping way off and poor little Natalie was STUCK inside. She had twisted diagonally inside and was not able to move. Her heart-rate fell WAY TOO LOW for about 2 minutes. Dr. Trotter came in and said, "I think we will need to have a C-section". This was something I NEVER wanted to do so I was very upset. He left the room and as Chris comforted me, we prayed. Less than 90 seconds later he came in all dressed up and I asked "OK, when are we going to do this? Tomorrow..." He smiled and said, "NOW!" The nurses took everyone out of the room and then got Chris and I ready...

After 24+ hours (Well... really 43 weeks and 1 day) of waiting... Dr. Trotter cut me open and got her out in less than a minute. There she was... my beautiful and perfect Natalie Grace.
She is the most perfect gift from God. More on her later!

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