Wednesday, September 29, 2010

13 months earlier

This past weekend Natalie Grace turned 13 months old. She is growing up too fast. She is practically running everywhere now. She just loves to chase the dogs and scare them away with her corn popper (Thanks Auntie Allie). She also likes to play on her piano from Gigi Jackie. Her and mommy have been working on playing with just one finger at a time and she seems to be getting better. Of course she constantly gets in her car and shuts the door and then looks at you like "Ok... I am ready for you to push me". It is so cute. She loves her new toys.
In celebration of her 13 months Chris, Natalie and I went to the Oklahoma State Fair. I had 1/2 a day of school on Friday so we decided to get there early before the massive crowds of people showed up. Natalie seemed to really enjoy it. The State Fair for me has always been about 2 things... THE FOOD and THE CAR SHOW. I really enjoy the food you can eat a the Fair. I think this all started back when I was in the Pride and we would go to the OU/ Texas game. After the game was over we always were able to have about 2 hours at the fair. This is wen I began to try the weird Fair food. I LOVE the funnel cakes you get at the fair. This year I ate another one of my favorites... Fried Twinkies. These are so good yet so simple to make. Natalie and I also ate:
Craw fish Etoufee
State Fair Corn dog (cant not eat one of these)
Fresh lemonade
Real Root beer
These are all such great items to get at the Fair. However, I noticed this time around how incredibly easy these food items were to make. I keep saying... "I could rent booth space and do this!!!" Seriously... someone was selling chocolate dipped cookie dough. this was basically 3 bite size squares of Pillsbury "Break and Bake" and then they dipped them in chocolate. I saw someone else serving fried apple pie. Again.. I can make pie!!!
Overall, Natalie, Chris and I really enjoyed the fair!

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