Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Well yesterday Natalie had her 1st trip to the Emergency Room. On Monday when Natalie woke up from her afternoon nap, she seemed fine. She drank her milk and even smiled. At about 5pm she threw up her milk from her 5 0'clock feeding. She seemed to have drank the milk fast so I didn't really think anything of it. Then I began to feed her dinner. She didn't seem as interested in her hot dog and green beans as usual. At about 5:15 she threw up again. Unfortunately, this was only the beginning. She continued to throw up about every 15 minutes and in between these "adult-like projectile" vomits she would have dry heaves and her stomach would contract. She was so miserable. I had called the nursery at the hospital to see what they thought and Walgreen's and CVS pharmacies too and they all said it was more than likely a 24 stomach bug and "This too shall pass" (BTW... I HATE that phrase :) ). Natalie was so uncomfortable but around 7:10 and after about 12 vomitting episodes and 3 baths she fell asleep. I thought the nurses and pharmacists were right so I felt relieved. At about7:45 she woke up. She seemed OK at first then, somehow out her tiny little body came more vomit. Chris and I decided we had enough. I called my mom and mother in-law whom both said to take her in. During one of these calls, Natalie threw up AGAIN!
We finally made it to the ER at 8:15. We were greeted by a friend from church and ER nurse who took us to triage and got the ball rolling for us. We were almost immediately sent back into a room to see a doctor. *Disclaimer- here is where my ranting will begin
This doctor was about 5 feet tall and seemed a little odd to me. He was repeating himself and just acting weird. He took the usual doctor test of the ear and mouth and eyes and then left the room. He then returned and said he would like to take some tests to see what is going on. Poor Natalie had to get blood taken and then have a strep test taken. She hated both of these. After about 1 hour the results from the lab work came in. The doctor came into the room and said, "Well after looking at the labs, I cant really put my finger on what is going on. I am not sure but I THINK it is NOT meningitis." (Enter Kellie Klingsick and the panic button) Wow... i was just floored. Meningitis had NEVER crossed my mind. The doctor continues "well she doesn't have a fever and she is turning her neck really well so it is more than likely not meningitis but I am not positive. I hope I didn't just worry you more." I think this comment should be entered into a "worlds dumbest statement" contest. It would win. In the mean time Chris is holding Natalie and just rolling his eyes in disgust of this guy. Chris said, "Thank man!" Chris knew I would be worried.
After another hour he came in and said, "Yeah I just don't know so why don't you follow up with her pediatrician tomorrow and just go from there". WOW!!!! Really... you went to med school and passed the test and all to tell me this! I was pretty mad. He did give her some rubbing lotion that would make the nausea go down as well as an anti-biotic to help with the bacterial infection. We got home at about 11:45. The good news was at this stage Natalie was so thirsty she finally drank pedialite and went right to sleep.
This morning Natalie woke up and was very thirsty. She drank several doses of pedialite and juice. We had to call and try to get in to see our pediatrician and the earliest they could see us was 1 so we arrived at 12:30 to get blood work done. Poor Natalie was so hungry and just overall tired and worn out by this time. The lab techs just couldn't seem to get a feel for her vein so they ended up poking her 3 times before they got any blood. After about 2 hours waiting for the pediatrician and the lab results we were told... "It is just a 24 hour bug"! Wow... I knew it! I feel so bad for Miss Natalie but really, I did all of this, didn't sleep at all due to a "meningitis" scare, took 1/2 day off to come to this pediatric appointment and your response is "It is a bug"! It is a good thing I just got up and walked away...
Through all of this I have learned why parents always say "The 2nd and 3rd ones take care of themselves". This statement obviously being about the 2nd and 3rd child. Let me tell you, our next little kiddo will just have to deal with it.
Bottom line... WHAT A Waste of time the ER, Doctor's office and overall medical experience is!

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