Thursday, September 16, 2010

Reality TV Summer 2010

Chris and I are really hooked to reality TV right now. We like all of the popular shows like:
America's Got Talent (AGT)
Big Brother (BB12)
Amazing Race
There are others but these are our favorites. This summer the reality TV shows did not let us down. America's Got Talent was really good. I enjoyed watching all of the acts and performances of the contestants. In fact, I am formulating a talent show at my school based off of this show. However, on the finale last night the announced the winner and I was SHOCKED! Included in the finale was a crazy male "lady gaga", a not so special soul country singer, an awesome fraternity group that did a light spectacle show and a 10 year old female opera singer. I have been amazed by Jackie Evancho, the 10 year old. I cannot believe that she can sing like that. I have also really enjoyed Prince Poppy-cock (The Male "Lady gaga") and knew he would go far. However, the results proved that Michael Grimm (The Soul Singer) won. Of course last year on AGT a singer won and I thought the variety act should have won. I was really upset.
Last night was also the BB 12 finale. I have only been watching Big Brother for about 4 summers but this has been my favorite thus far. I really liked all of the drama and for the most part, I liked all of the house guest. In the finals were 3 "Brigade" members and I really liked them all but Lane was my favorite. He always had the FUNNIEST Diary Room comments such as:
"$10,000? Do you know how many cases of beer that would buy?" ( I am not a drinker at all but I thought that was funny)
"It took forever... it was like waiting for the end of a Harry Potter movie" (Best ever)
I really wanted him to win but the other "Brigade" member won. The most shocking thing of the BB12 finale was that "America's Favorite" player was Brittney! REALLY?!?!?!? I really did not like her. Sh was so whiny! Ahhh.. drive me crazy.
I am ready for the fall shows. We DVRed Survivor and will watch soon and Apprentice starts tonight.

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